The team

Founder and Head of Erudito licėjus

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Nerijus Pačėsa, the ISM University has become an indisputable standard of higher education and the pursuit of gifted graduates. During this period, the ISM University Community began to focus on qualitative change in secondary education – initiated and successfully implemented education programs “Students’ University” and “Teachers’ University”. The Master’s Program for Educational Personnel, Leadership in Education, which turned to be especially successful, was started under Nerijus Pačėsa leadership. All these initiatives were influenced by Prof. Dr. Nerijus Pačėsa conviction that the role of school in forming a sustainable society is the most important, and teachers must be strong moral authorities and constantly developing professionals.

The idea of ​​the Erudito licėjus has been contemplated and matured for several years, with the aim of creating a school that reveals and shapes the key competences, necessary for students’ future happiness and success, surrounded by inspirational people and a joyful environment, where passion for learning and the highest achievements can flourish.

Deputy Director of General Affairs

Laima Pačėsienė, Deputy Director for General Affairs. Graduated from German philology studies at Vilnius University and earned a Master’s degree in English. Later, at Vytautas Magnus University, she acquired a Master of Business Administration degree. Laima is a creative person who is interested in design, art, music, design solutions that create an attractive and comfortable learning environment. Laima Pačėsienė seeks to ensure that the aesthetics of the classes and other spaces would meet the needs of each child. The environment in which students spend most of their day is very important in shaping a personality. It is important for students to feel good while studying, relaxing, as well as engaging in activities after lessons.

Laima thinks that all children are unique.

Deputy Director for Education

Ass. Prof. Dr. Vilija Dabrišienė, Deputy Director for Education, started her career as a math teacher but her desire to learn and grow induced her pursue for Master and Doctoral studies. Having defended her dissertation in social sciences area (education) she managed to harmonize both pedagogical and scientific work at Kaunas University of Technology with a teacher’s job at school. While being a head of Students Education Centre at KTU, Vilija gained experience in management. There she was a coordinator of Enhanced Studies Group and established an Academic Help Centre for students facing with difficulties in learning. Nevertheless, school is the strongest Vilija’s love. Even not working at school she demonstrated constant interest in the processes happening there. She has established KTU schoolchildren laboratory, has arranged lectures for KTU children university. Vilija is a math teacher – expert, an author and co-author of more than 15 tutorial guides and textbooks of mathematics both for secondary and high schools. She led the team of authors in preparation of new math textbooks Tempus for 11-12 forms. Vilija is interested in difficulties arising from studying mathematics. She had a training course at Loughborough university (UK) and Lund university (Sweden).

Vilija’s motto – the most important thing in teacher’s work is not the capability to speak, but being able to talk and listen to the others.

Deputy Director for Informal Education, Teacher of Economics and Business

Kristina Celiešiūtė, Deputy Director for Informal Education, Teacher of Economics and Business, started her pedagogical career in 2011. New challenges arising from the reform of education fostered her interest in entrepreneurship education in which she has been involved up to now. In 2006 she acquired Master’s degree in education science at Vytautas Magnus University, since then she has mainly been engaged in formal and informal schoolchildren education, particularly in business areas, as well as in international and local project activities.

Business concept has changed and currently we perceive it not only as an activity focused on commercial benefits but also as a personal growth of an individual, his capability to work in a team, being able to find appropriate arguments and express a flexible reaction towards changing circumstances and situations. School is an environment where children discover themselves, strengthen their abilities and gifts. It is a starting point where an independent life of a young person begins. Consequently, we, teachers, must encourage children to find and recognize themselves, their uniqueness and strengths at the same time educating their competences.

Kristina’s motto – each child is both unique and gifted.

Manager of International programs

Julie Ly Chu, a visual thinking as an after-school activity teacher, developed her professional skills in various surroundings; Taiwan, where she came from, Thailand, where she studied at a variety of international schools and the United Kingdom, where she completed her higher education. At the University of Bristol, having written a work on social exclusion and human trafficking, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in sociology. Julie did her master’s degree in school counselling. She graduated from the University of Oxford, specializing in the international education, student welfare and child-oriented education. Julie has an experience in minority care, teaching students with special needs, rehabilitation and pedagogical research in non-governmental organizations around the world.

Pedagogical motto – education is what remains after forgetting what has been learned at school.

International Class Teacher

Sara Spivey, International Class Teacher. Having worked around the world for many years Sara has been exposed to many different cultures and teaching and learning philosophies.  Her BA specialising in English Literature and Language.
She believes her global journey both in business and education has defined, for her, the best aspects of each to develop a skill set for learning that has proven to be extremely successful over the years.  She is delighted to be joining the team in September 2019 to enhance the International experience for students. Her aim is to integrate both the Cambridge and national curriculums hand in hand with a more holistic approach to learning. A collaborative, inquisitive, unlimited attitude for students to continually explore and search for reasons, processes and results. Thus allowing the students to discover how their learning is actually relevant to the real world.
She worked for several years in medium and large sized international schools in Egypt, then spent another 2 years working in the Cambridge International system in Italy, as a qualified Cambridge exam invigilator at a Cambridge exam centre and covered all levels, primarily First Certificate up to Proficiency level. Whilst there she established a writing workshop which was a first for Rome, being well received, as she is also a published author of one novel and 5 short story compilations for her publisher in London, which she still does from time to time and has presented in Egypt, Milan and Rome. She also spent a year teaching at LUISS University, ranked number 2 in Italy teaching English, Business English and Business Management to graduates of Law, Economics and Social Sciences. One of her students wrote this to her after completing a course. ‘You made me think about myself, who I am and how I deal with others’ then went on to quote one of her favourite sayings, ‘You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you.  And then you meet one person and your life changes’, this is what happened to me, and it’s all about you’.  This is what Sara believes teaching should be all about.

4th class teacher

Daiva Jankauskienė, a teacher with 27 years of work experience in primary education. After graduating from the Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education at the Pedagogical Institute in Šiauliai, she received a master’s degree in Education in Kaunas University of Technology. Participated in the British Exibition of Education and Training Technologies (BETT) and qualification seminars in London. Daiva is interested in IT innovations for teaching and learning. In the process of learning, tools such as SMART interactive whiteboard, Mouse Mischief are used.

Daiva says that it’s never too late to study, develop, and grow, so she learns together with her students.

4th Class Teacher

Loreta Raižienė, 4th Class Teacher with 26 years of experience in primary education. After graduating from Šiauliai University, she received a degree in primary education pedagogy, later continued her studies in social educology at Kaunas University of Technology. Loreta is interested in information technologies and integrates them in teaching processes.

Loreta believes that nobody was sucessful in the beginning in his life. During the process of growing a child must learn –  it is normal to make mistakes, lose and fight. This is only a bridge which helps us to defeat the barriers and achieve our goals. Persistance and endeavours in order to achieve our goals are more significant than perfection.

3rd class teacher

Jurgita Vyšniauskienė, graduated from the university, where she acquired a specialization of primary school pedagogy and methodology. She has been working as a teacher for more than 25 years. In 2014, she acquired a social pedagogue qualification at Kaunas Technological University. Jolanta has worked with children who had been temporarily deprived of parental care. A few years ago, she returned to the profession of her dreams – an elementary school teacher. “In my life, human relationships are very important to me,” says the teacher.

Jurgita believes the most important thing for the child at school is to feel well.

3rd class teacher

Dovilė Koklevičienė, teacher of the second form. She graduated from University of Educational Sciences where she got primary teacher´s qualification. She has 16 years experience working as a teacher with small children and teenagers. She thinks that education and personal development occupies the main place in teacher´s work.
She thinks that if you seek , you achieve what you wish. You just need to wish and improve.

2nd class teacher

Rūta Gudynienė, a pre-school teacher. After graduating from the KTU Economics and Business Administration, she is currently studying primary education. Much attention is paid to the development of children’s citizenship, using a variety of educational environments: theatre and museums visits, participation in state celebrations, concerts, events.

It is important to have strong values:
1. Faith in God;
2. Hope that every day we can do something to make Lithuania better;
3. Love for the family and everyone around.

2nd Class Teacher

Aušra Liu, with 30 years of experience as a teacher, graduated from Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education and Music at Šiauliai University. She also acquired a social pedagogue qualification at Kaunas University of Technology. Aušra is interested in art, history, music and Oriental philosophy. She upholds the ideas of humanistic pedagogy, focuses on educating children emotional intelect.

Aušra believes that a teacher creates a pedagogical process and changes the surrounding world in such a way that a child could reveal his own genuine individuality, find the space to develop his real nature and could grow as a free and creative personality.

Pre- school Teacher

Justina Pečiulaitė, a senior pre-school teacher. Having completed professional bacherlor‘s studies in pre-school education pedagogy at Kaunas College, later acquired a Bachelor‘s degree in the same area at Vilnius University of Education. Justina has 10 years experience working in this field. In the process of education She applies mobile technologies which highly motivate children and make them involved eagerly. She also strongly focuses on the education of children emotional intelect.

Justina believes that a child discovers the world investigating it with a help of all his senses – as a result, we must create the environment which could ensure this pursuit.

Techer assistant

Rita Juozelskienė, teacher assistant. She graduated from Panevezys A. Domasevicius medical school. She was working in Kaunas clinics and raised  qualification in different courses and seminars. Since 2005 was working in kindergarten,,Vyturelis” as a nurse with children having visual disturbances. Rita has also masseur qualification. Since 2015 was working as a teacher assistant with children having visual and complex disturbances and later as a teacher.

Rita thinks that first every child is a human and all his talents and skills will open up during his life.

English Teacher

Nino Bitchiashvili – an English teacher at Erudito Licejus with five years of teaching experience. She has taught English in different countries such as Georgia, Spain, Greece and Lithuania. She is currently acquiring her degree in Political Science at Vytautas Magnus University. Nino is very passionate about teaching and learning different languages. She is fluent in three languages and is presently mastering   two more.  She reckons that the biggest responsibility for a teacher is to open up a “pathway of thought” in children’s minds and inspire them to the fullest. She believes in treating them seriously from the younger age and has individual approaches developed for each and every student.

Nino believes, that the root of the world “education” stands for the idea to “lead”, meaning that for her, education is leading out of what is already there in a pupil.

English Teacher Methodologist

Rasa Margevičienė – English Teacher Methodologist. Rasa graduated from Vilnius University Kaunas Humanitarian Faculty where she studied English Language and Literature and got English Philologist speciality. She has 23 years pedagogical experience, 18 of them she was working as an English teacher with primary students at J.Jablonskis Gymnasium and ,,Papartis” primary school. Together with 4th class students took part in Kaunas English Contests where they got first places.In 2007 Rasa was elected to Kaunas Council of English Teachers.She helped to organise tasks for English contest. From 2007 was working in Ireland where she was observing Irish cultural life, parenting of Irish children. Later 5years she was working pedagogical work in kindergarten in Norway where she was interested in Norwegian lifestyle, their patriotism, respect for each other and especially respect for children. Rasa came back to prove that Lithuania is the best country to live and only we can make it well known in the world.

Rasa thinks that every child is a personality and we have to find the key to his heart and help him in his life.

English teacher

Vitalija Kvasilienė, an English teacher-lecturer with eleven years of experience in teaching English to different age groups; PTE exams assessor. Vitalija received her Bachelor of English Philology qualifying degree in Vytautas Magnus University and obtained her Master’s degree (cum laude) in Linguistics at Vilnius University. She also acquired her teaching certification from Vilnius Pedagogical University. As a student, in addition to delivering private tutorials in Spain, she participated in the Erasmus programmes and studied at the University of Jaén (Spain) and the University of Extremadura (Spain). Vitalija has been teaching English in American English School (AMES) in Kaunas for 10 years. She regularly attends teacher training workshops and seminars held for English teachers and does not miss the opportunity to go on educational trips to the UK each year.

Vitalija believes that the more languages a person knows, the more windows to the world for him/her open.

Teacher of Lithuanian language

Irena Grinkevičienė, Lithuanian language teacher, methodologist. Having graduated from VU KVF she became a teacher of Lithuanian language and literature. Irena has been working at school for 34 years. She admits the importance of lifelong learning, and the best teachers for her are students. Irena organized many performances, trips, discussions about books, much time has been spent with students enjoying and crying together.

Irena believes that only through cooperation and communication it is possible to achieve positive relations and the most important achievement is happy children.

Teacher of Lithuanian Language

Ilona Vitkauskienė, a teacher of the Lithuanian language, graduated from the Lithuanian University of Education and became a teacher of Lithuanian language and literature. For 21 years she worked as a Lithuanian teacher, a deputy director of a gymnasium and a leader of an international Scout organization. Later she acquired a Master’s degree in Public Administration at Kaunas University of Technology, was involved in the analysis of good experience sharing at Kaunas schools. After a while Ilona was offered a position in the Department of Education in Kaunas municipality. From 2008-2018 she was responsible for competitions, Olympiads, teachers lessons observation in the city, also assessed teachers seeking to get higher qualification categories. In her daily routine Ilona seeks to put creative thinking into practice.

Ilona believes it is necessary to listen to a child carefully, to encourage his curiosity and to develop his personality with no limits in order to achieve his life dreams.

Math teacher

Jolanta Zalubienė, a mathematics teacher methodologist with 25 years of experience in teaching mathematics at school. At Vilnius University, she acquired a specialization of mathematics lecturer. Jolanta is the author of the publication “Ideas of Project Works in Mathematics”, co-author of the textbook “Tests and Additional Material for Self-study of Mathematics for Class 11″, co-author of the new mathematics textbook “Mathematics Tempus for Class 11.” She is the lecturer of “Šviesa” publishing house and shares her experience conducting seminars for teachers.
The teacher thinks that high achievements are not only when her students take prizes at the city’s Mathematics Olympiads or receive high grades in mathematics state examinations, but also when they discover mathematics in various areas of life. Jolanta and her students have organized exceptional and interesting creative workshops, participated in conferences.

Jolanta believes that all children are gifted, we just need to notice their talents and encourage them to unfold.

Teacher of Information Technology and Robotics

Tomas Stasiukaitis, teacher of information technology and robotics. He teaches how to apply technologies for practical tasks in life. A teacher with a master’s degree in Informatics not only works with children. Most likely, you have heard that in 2016, the Christmas tree of Kaunas was first connected to the Internet, and anyone who wanted could manage and change positions of Christmas tree decorations. It was our teacher’s job. Tomas Stasiukaitis has mostly worked with adults and older children, this year he is teaching all students, starting from the first grade.

Tom believes it is possible to achieve everything, and it depends only on our effort how long it can take. Everything comes true if you believe it.

Teacher of Physics

Edita Bitvinskaitė, a physics teacher – methodologist with 23 years of experience. In 1995 she graduated from Vilnius University of Education and acquired a qualification as a teacher of physics, astronomy and IT. After the studies Edita worked at Onuškio secondary school in Trakai region for11 years. Since 2007 she has been working at Jonas Jablonskis gymnasium in Kaunas.

Edita believes it is important to work so that your lessons would inspire children to like your subject – physics, as a result, they would manage to see and hear it in the surrounding world.

Teacher of Geography and History

Justina Mieželė is a member of the “Renkuosi mokyti” program. From 2008 to 2016 Justina taught history and geography for 5-12 grades at St.Matas gymnasium, and geography for 9-12 grades at KTU gymnasium. Justina graduated from Vytautas Magnus University, she completed bachelor and master studies in sociology and pedagogical studies.

Justina says that there are not the same lessons and the same children and that there is no child that would not care about the surrounding environment. At the lessons, Justina helps students find problems and their solutions. It motivates to teach at school, where the child is in the centre of learning process.

Chemistry and Biology teacher

Džiuginta Gaigalienė, teacher of Chemistry and Biology. She started her pedagogical work in 1991 when she graduated from University of Educational Sciences. She takes place in different international trainings for Science teachers that emphasize integral teaching and the use of virtual labs. She is very proud of her profession because she has opportunity  to convey her knowledge to others and from children you can learn about positive attitude to life, learn to dream. She says: My students are my accelerators. She wants that children don’t think about Science as a complicated subject but treat it as a part of their world.

Džiuginta thinks that communication and cooperation could help to develop everyone’s personality and grow.

Music teacher

Neringa Brukštienė, a music teacher and professional pianist. She graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre with two master’s degrees of performing arts and pedagogy. Neringa worked at Kaunas State Musical Theatre, as a vocal concertmaster. She is working as a piano teacher and concertmaster at Kaunas 1st Music School, also teaches pre-school children at Yamaha Music School.

Neringa believes that we are all creative personalities, but creativity needs to be discovered and nurtured. Only a purposefully working person can achieve his greatest goals.

Religion and Music teacher

Aurika Kajokaitė, Religion and Music teacher. In 2010 she graduated from Lithuanian music and theatre Academy and got the specialty of general music didactics. She has 11 years experience working as a teacher at school and in other institutions. She has music senior teacher category. Raises qualification by taking part in seminars, educational projects, conferences, camps, festivals, contests, organizes different events, is involved in volunteers programs.

She thinks that : In the process of human value education it is necessary to impersonate individuality, to promote artistic self-expression and through the musical experience recognize the deepest heart desire.

Teacher of physical education

Darius Daugininkas – teacher of physical education. Graduated from Lithuanian Sports University where he studied sports and physical education program. He has Master`s degree in sports psysiology and genetics. His work experience started in kindergarten “Mazylis” as a physical education teacher. The winner of Lithuanian Sports University program “Sports for Everyone”. Sports is an integral part of his life. Most interested in volleyball, table tennis, track-and-field athletics, but has tried almost all kind of sport. He thinks that good teacher must be a universal personality.

Darius thinks that every child is unique and must be able to have opportunity to create his own template while studying at school. Sport helps to create personality and character. More peace of mind, more movement, more excellent personalities.


Rūta Žiaunienė – psychologist. She became interested in Psychology when she was learning at school. Ruta graduated from Vytautas Magnus University where she was awarded a Bachelor of Psychology Degree. Later she was awarded Masters Degree in Health Psychology. Ruta was constantly looking for new opportunities and in 2016 got a Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner Certificate in International Coach &Trainer Association. 6 years she arranges preventive camps for teenagers together with Lithuanian Health Psychologists.

Rūta thinks that environment and people the child meets become an example for him. Our aim is to be the best example.

Teacher of Chinese Language and Culture Class

Julie Ly Chu, as a native speaker of Chinese Mandarin, having taught Chinese Mandarin as a Second Language to British youths since 2010, certified in 2016 with TCSOL (Certificate to Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages)— Julie is delighted to be able to share the long Chinese civilization (more than 5,000 years). The weekly classes will focus on practising daily conversations and sharing about modern culture; while exploring its splendid traditions in literature, arts, and cuisine— mastering this most widely spoken first language in the world, while having lots of fun together!

Julie believes in Albert Einstein idea, that education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

Chess trainer

Martynas Antanaitis, chess trainer, ASU graduated as an economist, was awarded a certificate acknowledging his sports achievements (chess). Chess tournaments winner. He works as a trainer at the Lithuanian Chess School and a volunteer at “Šviesos” primary school-kindergarten.

Martynas says that thinking is the most important goal of education, and chess is a perfect tool for it!

Karate kyokushin trainer

Linas Jonika, Kyokushin Karate trainer with 10 years of experience. Linas is a Bachelor of Health Education and Master of Sport Psychology at LSU. The acquired knowledge is useful working with children. Linas started doing karate at the age of 10. It is his hobby, work and passion. European Junior Champion, 1st Prize winner of Lithuanian Adult Championship, multiple prize winner, international tournaments winner. In 2010, he founded a Kyokushin Karate club Osu, which currently brings together more than 200 people from 5 to 52 years old.

Linas says that family is the greatest value.

Communication coordinator

Aistė Simaškaitė, Erudito Licejus communication representative. Aistė graduated from Vytautas Magnus university, she has got politics and public relations master’s degree. She is a positive and creative person, interested in public relations and their influence on the modern constantly changing society. She thinks that if we want to present our country, its culture and recent events, we must do it in an attractive and interesting way. Active participation in the project work of non-governmental institutions made that understanding only stronger. Social networks are a perfect tool to make communication more interesting and available. Aistė believes that innovative, informative communication of the organization helps to create warm relationship, which brings good results.

Aistė thinks that effective communication is an effective way to reach the goals and bring success.