Modern education

Erudito licėjus follows the Scandinavian Integrated Education philosophy, focuses on active and team-based learning methods, teachers’ competences and professional skills. Our school teachers seek to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of students, the joy of cognition and discovery. The teachers create inspirational conditions and situations that allow students to experience success of learning and performance. The learning day consists of three lessons, 75 minutes each, organised in different learning environments, with enough attention to the topic and the inclusion of students.

Integral education

Exceptional education features are comprehensive, meaningful, and coherent. We organize education as a unified system, without breaking into separate, unrelated teaching subjects. Integrative educational axis is a child. We look at every problem, fact, phenomenon from the students position and experience. The perception and thinking of primary school students are inseparable. Therefore, the content of the curriculum must be integral and consistent with the characteristics of certain age groups.

Erudito Licėjus team

Children are educated by professional teachers. Teachers are knowledgeable, interested in educational innovations, research, modern educational methods and the use of technology for learning. In-service teacher trainings and workshops for employees are constantly organized, so ensuring the progress of the educational institution’s competences. The team is headed by a former rector of the ISM University dr. Nerijus Pačėsa.

Safe and convenient location

Gruodžio Street, located in the heart of the city, is convenient to reach. It is easy for parents to pick up the kids straight at the school door. In addition, there is Kaunas First Music School, Juozas Gruodis Conservatory, Boys Choir Singing School “Varpelis”, Kaunas Music Theatre, and the Historical Presidency.

Focus on a healthy lifestyle

Erudito Licėjus students will not only learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle but will also be able to experience these benefits in practice. The movement helps to think; therefore the content of the teaching is inseparable from physical activity, children are encouraged to exercise, walk, and rest properly. The team will ensure the supply of fresh and healthy food, taking into account the individual needs of each child. Experts and parents of children are included in the food quality assessment.

A suitable environment for learning

After the reconstruction of the building, the premises are adapted for pre-primary, primary and basic education. Children will study in classrooms, multifunctional spaces, modern library, physical activity space, use a closed, spacious schoolyard. The learning environments are designed in such a way that the interior enriches the educational process.

The school leaders invest in the learning environment and modern furniture solutions. Students will have access to ergonomic VS Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken GmbH & Co. KG furniture company. It is a company that develops modern school furniture solutions for schools around the world, including the US (the world’s largest export market). VS School Furniture Company has been given GS European Quality Mark, LGA Security and Quality Certification, GREENGUARD Certificate, which confirms that the furniture meets strict standards.

At least once a week, students change their learning environment. The educational process is transferred to various educational environments such as museums, galleries, art representing spaces, parks, and enterprise visits. Changing the learning environment is very important in education.

Implementation of innovations

Today’s education is inseparable from the technological environment, so all classes have smart boards, projectors. Students use tablets and an interactive library. Modern educational content is provided by e-learning systems, cloud technologies and high-speed wireless internet. But not everything is based on innovation, books and reading culture have an important role in Erudito Licėjus education.

Community atmosphere

Students strengthen their individual skills and learn how to create and work in a team. They evaluate their activities, learning outcomes and learn how to set their learning goals. Parents of children are actively involved in community activities: trips, educational events, games and birthdays. In addition, every month, parents are invited to discuss the educational outcomes. The mission of the Erudito Licėjus team is to create a happy and active community.

Extra-curriculum education at Erudito Licėjus

Basic extra-curriculum activities do not require continuing education. Children can freely choose the activities they want to try. This extra-curricular action plan is special because children can try all possible activities, thus developing their decision making skills.

Basic tuition fee (from 3pm to 6 pm) – 70 €/month or 10 €/afternoon (snacks included).