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8th Erudito Licėjus’ Birthday: Traditional Best of the Year Nominations and Record-Breaking Number of Students’ Nominated Teachers

Over the course of 8 years, much has happened, worth remembering, immortalizing, discussing, and evaluating: the ‘Erudito’ Lyceum anniversary is a great opportunity for that. This year’s celebration stood out with a record number of teacher nominations—altogether, 40 students in Vilnius and Kaunas nominated teachers recognized for various merits. Traditionally, staff competed in 6 categories for the 6 best nominations: Most Initiative, Most Professional, Most Civic-Minded, Most Eco-Friendly, Friendliest, and Most Positive of the Year.

Together with the Erudito Licėjus’ founder and director, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nerijus Pačėsa, we celebrated that over the 8 years, we have become a leading private school, with branches in Vilnius and Kaunas, boasting more than 10,000 modern learning spaces, where over a thousand students from Lithuania and over 20 countries around the world study, and more than 160 employees work. We are exceptional in that we can offer national and international Cambridge and International Baccalaureate programs from grades 0 to 12.

We are a team that looks in one direction, constantly improving and setting ambitious plans, aiming for excellence in education and boldly implementing educational innovations. It has become a tradition during the Erudito Licėjus birthday to award the best staff of the year.

The Erudito Most Initiative teachers, who independently seek solutions, take initiative, propose innovations and solutions, listen to other opinions, and seek consensus, became Dalia Valaikienė, the national primary class teacher and IB PYP coordinator, and Rūta Petkevičiūtė, the international relations and partnerships and junior IB coordinator, and mentor for international students.

The Erudito Most Professional teachers, who have very high quality standards, aim for long-term and sustainable results, are punctual and dedicated, and infect others with their example, became Indrė Douglas, the International Baccalaureate English teacher, and Jurgita Maironienė, the Lithuanian language and literature teacher.

The Erudito Most Civic-Minded teachers, who are not afraid to commit and take responsibility, care for others, initiate civic actions and projects, represent the Erudito Licėjus excellently in the public sphere, became Jūratė Babickienė and Rūta Gudynienė, primary school teachers.

The Erudito Most Positive employees, who see not a problem but an opportunity, whose good mood and broad smile brighten even the gloomiest day, and whose jokes cause a wave of laughter, became Gabrielė Kondratavičiūtė, marketing project manager, and Alex Prabu, Cambridge program mathematics teacher.

The Erudito Most Eco-Friendly teachers, who not only sort their own waste but also encourage others to be interested in ecology and help us all create a more sustainable world together, became Justina Rinkūnienė and Armanda Klimavičiūtė, technology teachers.

The Erudito Friendliest teachers, who you want to share your worries and joys with, knowing you can trust them, and in times of trouble, seek their help, became Gabrielė Orlovskaja, administrator, and Julija Grėbliūnaitė, mathematics teacher.

This year, the list of nominated and awarded teachers nominated by students was impressive. The Vilnius Student Council awarded 33 diplomas, 18 of which went to International Baccalaureate teachers: Peter Venables, recognition theory and English teacher, Chris Lashley and Jessie Slingerland, business and economics teachers, Robert O‘Leary, English teacher, Thierry Taberna, computer science and information technology teacher, Kevin Morice, recognition theory and mathematics teacher, Indra Douglas, for innovative thinking and ideas, Ignasio Scarlata, a teacher trying to keep up with time, Peter William Jackson, and Jens Vandevyvere, English teachers, Jurgita Makuškaitė, biology teacher, Meida Keršytė, Lithuanian language and literature teacher, Richard Coombs, geography, history, and global perspective teacher, Brian Brackrogui, International Programs Coordinator, and Anna Novikova, Communication Star.

The ‘Softest Teachers’ nomination went to Agnė Andreliūnaitė, Lithuanian language and literature teacher, the funniest teacher was declared Julius Mališauskas, religious teacher, the friendliest was mathematics teacher Vaiva Kuzmickytė, the teacher ‘phone friend’ history teacher Aistė Oškinytė, the ‘teacher with the most beautiful name’ biology and natural science teacher Meilutė Jurevič, the ‘grammar guru’ English teacher Erika Daukšienė, the softest nickname giver, mathematics teacher Dalia Akopianienė, the master of expression, art teacher Asta Kiršienė, the brightest smile award went to music teacher Violeta Serbintienė, the quietest class gatherer, ethics teacher Rasa Najulytė-Patamsienė, the best runner nomination went to physical education teacher Frank van Lieshout, the tastiest pancake maker, French teacher Chloé Boyaval, the biggest risk-taker, mathematics teacher Marius Zakarevičius, always experimenting with new methods and competencies, so his lessons are always interesting.

The Kaunas Student Council decided that the most interesting lessons belonged to physical education teacher Eduardas Straigis. This teacher also received nominations for the biggest motivator and the most athletic teacher. The most stylish teacher became Alex Prabu, the most beautiful handwriting was recognized for Lithuanian language and literature teacher Jurgita Maironienė – this teacher also received the nomination for inspiration. The friendliest teacher chosen by the students was the music teacher and event host Odilija Luciukaitė, the funniest – English teacher Deividas Marušauskas. The most creative teacher – technology teacher Armanda Klimavičiūtė, who won the statue for the Year’s Most Eco-Friendly Employee. The teacher-friend and most reliable teacher was Rūta Petkevičiūtė.

We thanked the entire Erudito Licėjus community for looking in one direction, warm emotions, dedication, kind sharing of experience, and the desire to grow and improve together!

Moments from the 8th Erudito Licėjus Birthday