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Anne Potesta: Useful top tips for future preschoolers and 1st graders

With over 13 years of expertise, Miss Anne Potesta, Erudito Licėjus’ International Admissions Manager, offers valuable tips for parents whose children are starting Preschool or 1st grade this year.

Here are her top tips:

Getting Dressed:

Help your child develop independence in dressing themselves by opting for slightly larger sizes in school clothing, making it easier for them to manage. Velcro fastenings on shoes can also simplify the process. Learning to dress and undress not only fosters independence but also enhances logical thinking and motor skills.

Going to the Bathroom:

Encourage your child to handle their own hygiene routines, such as washing hands and using the toilet, at home. Familiarity with these tasks in their home environment will make it easier for them to adjust to doing so at school.

Eating Meals:

Practice using knife, fork and spoon and drinking from a cup independently during mealtimes. Setting challenges, like cutting food into bite-sized pieces, can make the process more engaging for your child.

Reading and Writing:

While your child may still be at the mark-making stage, 1st grade is where reading and writing skills begin to take shape. Encourage reading together and ask questions about the story to stimulate imagination and creativity. Trust that their writing skills will be nurtured by their qualified 1st grade teacher.

Purposeful Play:

Engage your child in purposeful play activities that develop fine motor skills, such as threading pasta or using tongs to transfer small objects. These activities can be done in the kitchen or bath and are effective in preparing your child for reading and writing.

Getting Outside:

Outdoor play is crucial for honing gross motor skills, which in turn support fine motor skills needed for writing. Encourage activities like climbing, swinging, and running while also fostering an appreciation for nature and listening skills.

Anne’s main advice for parents on their child’s first day at school is to trust in the professionalism of the staff and the exceptional learning environment provided by the school. While it may be challenging to leave your child at first, know that they are in safe hands.

For more information about Erudito Licėjus Pre-Primary and Primary School, including upcoming open events, parents can contact Anne for a personal consultation and school tour or by phone +370 657 427 25.

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