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Ask IB graduate!

Do you dream of studying in the International Baccalaureate Program (IBDP), but have doubts? Not sure how to prepare for the entrance exam? Not sure what future prospects await you after completing the IB program? Or maybe you’re just wondering if all lessons are held in language, or if there is time for leisure?

We invite you to dispel all doubts and take part in a consultation with International Baccalaureate graduate Gabrielius Šemberas!

Gabrielius – IB preparation and CAS coordinator, entrepreneurship and economics lesson coordinator, graduated from the IB program with high marks. He also has extensive educational experience in multicultural educational institutions. Multiple top marks in the English language Olympiads opened the door to Gabrielius in the field of education, where he engaged in private spoken English courses, entrepreneurship education and consulting for IBDP, A-level programs.

Date: March 27-31.
Time: from 5 to 6 pm.
Remonte consultation duration: 30 min.
Pre-registration is required.