Assoc. Prof. Nerijus Pačėsa congratulates on International Education Day
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Assoc. Prof. Nerijus Pačėsa congratulates on International Education Day

Modern education is based on close cooperation between the main participants in the educational process – teachers, students and their parents – and not only between these groups but also within them. Reflexive teaching, involving the use of experienced based learning, is strengthened by cooperation and positive dialogue; it helps the student to realise their ambitions, and allows teachers to creatively change and improve the teaching and learning schemes they have developed. This creates a circle of positive change that enables student and parental engagement and makes the teacher’s creative powers and ideas meaningful.

A microclimate conducive to personal growth and a professional environment enriched with healthy development challenges are very important for creating such an environment. It is created through a motivating mission and values that “live” and are constantly “experienced”. Here, managers have an important role to play, which must be in line with the values of the organization, demonstrate the right attitudes and results, discuss them regularly with employees, and create a culture of cooperation, respect and trust.

With a clear philosophy of education, motivating culture and relationships are transferred to the educational process. Teachers become disseminators of the philosophy and culture of school education. Following the paradigm of modern education, teachers need to focus on inclusive education, focusing on knowledge acquisition rather than learning, treating error not as evil but as opportunity, fostering mutual respect, and providing frequent feedback. It has a positive effect on students’ motivation, responsibility and independence, which are essential factors for inclusive learning.

Students need inspiring examples, so the Teacher must demonstrate a strong foundation of values and competence, high emotional intelligence, constantly seek and apply new forms of education, learn, improve and share. Creating such an educational environment and culture must succeed in achieving the most important goal of young people education – to inspire them with an intellectual curiosity that will last all the life.

I wish this to all those who teach and who learn on the occasion of the International Day of Education!