Verslumo projektų pristatymas Kaune ir Vilniuje
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Business projects presentation

One of the main features of Erudito Lyceum is projects. Each project integrates at least three subjects, but in all projects students are given complete freedom to study a topic that is relevant and interesting to them. Presentations of the first Business project took place today.

Entrepreneurship is a creative search for opportunities that allows you to create a product or service, improve an existing one or find opportunities for innovation. The variety of products and services is very large: cookies, ice cream, mobile phone applications, games, pages, employment platforms, ways to solve various social problems, youth employment portals, etc. This time, the project evaluation committee was made up of students’ parents, who chose nominations for the best projects. And while the commission decided who was the worthiest, children learned more about projects and entrepreneurship from the founder of Erudito Lyceum Nerijaus Pačėsa and associate professor of ISM University of Management and Economics Prof. Dr. Lineta Ramonienė.

We are proud of our students, who create a successful and boundless future with their ideas and work.