Istorijos mokytoja Aistė Oškinytė

Aistė Oškinytė

History Teacher

Aistė has completed her Bachelor’s degree in History and acquired a teaching qualification. In 2016, she undertook archaeological practice in Italy. Upon her return, she continued her Master’s studies at VDU School of Education, where she earned a Master’s degree in Education Science. Aistė has been teaching at the school for 5 years, preparing students for state graduation exams. In 2022, she defended her senior teacher qualification degree, and at the end of the year, she completed STEAM studies. The teacher has contributed to the NŠA initiative by preparing a methodological publication containing several of her lesson plans for civic education classes. Aistė has conquered the Camino Lituana path, covering a distance of 477 km. Last year, she also completed the Spanish Camino de Compostela path, walking a total of 847 km. Aistė cannot imagine her life without hikes, nights in the forest, and the comfort of a tent.

Aistė believes that there are no mistakes that cannot be corrected. If something didn’t work today, it will work tomorrow!