erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja matematika pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate

Alex Prabu

Cambridge Secondary Programmes Mathematics Teacher

Alex was born in British Columbia, moved to India but grew up in the USA and spent most of his time living with people from different cultures and ethnicities. He studied for one year in Tokyo as an exchange student when he was in 8th grade which was a wholesome experience. In 2016 Alex finished his Bachelors in Electronic and Information technology Engineering in Asia. He worked in a startup in Silicon Valley before moving to Lithuania for his Master’s degree. In 2020 Alex finished Engineering degree in Mechanical and Elemental Physics. He has also had a lot of experience teaching kids as he has worked in many volunteer camps for RED CROSS.

To Alex teaching is therapeutic. He loves of getting to learn something new each day not only from books but also from his students and their experiences. Being in Lithuania has been a blessing.

Alex believes in Discipline and freedom of expression, finding a beautiful harmony of balance in these. Also he also truly believes that we have a lot to learn from this current generation and pass on the values from ours to theirs.