erudito licėjus pagrindinis ugdymas matematikos mokytoja vilnius

Dalia Akopianienė

Mathematics Teacher

Teacher Dalia, who has 12 years of experience in pedagogical work, graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University, obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics and a teacher’s qualification. She graduated from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences with a master’s degree, completed a study programme in management and administration of educational institutions and obtained a master’s degree in business and management. The teacher has acquired the qualification category of a senior teacher of economics. Dalia studied a mathematics subject module at Vytautas Magnus University for 1.5 years. During the lesson, teacher Dalia looks for methods and ways to interest students in the subject, encourages students to cooperate, develops the ability to evaluate their own and friends’ work, to be their friends’ teachers and encourage creativity.

Dalia believes the Latin saying „Discere ne cesses! (Engl. Don‘t stop learning!)“