Erudito licėjaus Kauno komandos pagrindinių klasių anglų kalbos mokytojas

Deividas Marušauskas

English Teacher

Deividas Marušauskas graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University where he received his Bachelor’s degree and the qualification of English language teacher. He has been continuously teaching general and different kinds of professional English to students of all ages since 2001. For him, teaching is undoubtedly a meaningful vocation and a way of life.

If you asked those around him what Deividas is like, they would respond with such words like professional, dynamic, communicative, socially active, punctual, and responsible. He always strives to adapt his teaching style and materials to the student’s personality type, abilities, goal pursued, as well as time constraints to achieve the desired goal.

Deividas believes that his lesson is not taught to such and such a class, but rather to different individuals with their own abilities and talents. Therefore, they must be trained with this in mind. “A lesson is great fun, yet purposeful and meaningful way of spending time to achieve certain goals” – says Deividas.