Gintarė Klimienė

Geography Teacher

Having grown up in Germany, studied in Australia and lived in Canada, Gintarė fell in love with geography by seeing the ever-changing but relentlessly alive face of the Earth. Long-term international experience not only raised her as a global citizen, but also directed her towards global problems, of which she feels the greatest passion for studying climate change. Having completed her master’s studies in hydrometeorology at Vilnius University, Gintarė continues to follow the path of justice for climate as a young climate ambassador in the international “Climate GameON” project. According to her, climate change, as society’s biggest challenge, teaches us to find a balance between our needs and nature’s capabilities. Gintarė integrates a sustainable lifestyle into the themes she teaches, so her lessons are topical and inspiring moments when navigating the daily challenges of the planet, looking for simple, everyday solutions on an individual level.

Gintarė believes that geography is the most universal tool that helps to discover oneself in the vastness of the world, to lose stereotypes and to open the door to the limitless possibilities of every young person to fulfill their potential.