Gražina Jurevičienė

Primary School Teacher

Teacher Gražina, with 19 years of work experience, a bachelor’s degree in education, and a teacher qualification in elementary education pedagogy, obtained from Vilnius Pedagogical University. Over the past several years, she has been nominated as the “Most Innovative Elementary School Teacher.” She constantly enriches her knowledge and experience by participating in ERASMUS+ projects, collaborating and gaining insights from partners in Paris, Avignon, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Romania, North Macedonia, and Israel. Gražina is thoroughly familiar with the methodology and practice of “Institutional Pedagogy,” which focuses on tailoring a child’s learning at their own pace. She applies some of the “Institutional Pedagogy” methods while working with her classroom students. She has a strong interest in the education of gifted children and draws on her experience from the Ron Vardi Gifted Children Center in Israel, as well as working as a lecturer at Vytautas Magnus University’s International Lithuania and Israel Education Center “Gifted.”

Gražina believes and follows the words of Mother Teresa: “Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love. Life is too short to be selfish.”