„Erudito“ licėjaus anglų kalbos mokytoja Indrė Douglas

Indrė Douglas

IBDP and Secondary School English Teacher

Ms. Indrė is originally from Lithuania. She graduated from University of Leeds with a Bachelor’s degree in History and Classical Literature. In her studies she was reading, analysing, and interpreting all kinds of English, Ancient Greek, and Roman texts. Just before graduation, she wrote an academic paper about an early medieval source, which was a great experience and a good way to practice what she has learned at the university.  After studies Ms. Indrė worked as a translator in the UK and then had the opportunity to join a start-up company, where she trained various people and teams. This experience has allowed her to learn how to transfer knowledge in an effective and engaging way. Finally, she decided to continue pursuing her teaching career by working as an English teacher. To work as a teacher has been her lifetime dream, so Ms. Indrė is happier than ever. Currently she is deepening her knowledge of literature, language and history by studying for a Master’s degree in Classical Studies at Vilnius University. Ms. Indrė is interested in literature, art, and history. Also, she is keen on the issues of the environment and human rights. She tries to volunteer and help others whenever she can.

Indrė believes that through kindness and understanding our world will become a better place.