Pradinių klasių mokytoja Jurgita Steponaitienė

Jurgita Steponaitienė

Coordinator of Primary Education Program and Primary School Teacher

Jurgita is a primary school teacher methodologist, mentor of junior teachers, accredited lecturer of the Thinking School organization. At the Institute of Individual Psychology, she acquired the competence of the manager of the parenting skills program “Parents Group”. In the educational process, she works with the SEKU program (development of social-emotional competences) and accumulates new experience in the implementation program of the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee. Jurgita is also engaged in the individual activity “Saviraiškos kelias”, where together with children and teenagers she creates, communicates, discovers and enjoys experiential activities in nature.

Jurgita loves nature very much, so she spends a large part of her free time observing, exploring and relaxing in it. Travels, books, cooking and tasting confectionery at home relaxes and inspires to continue working.