Šiuolaikinių technologijų mokytoja Justina Rinkūnienė

Justina Rinkūnienė

Modern Technology Teacher

Justina graduated in international and intercultural communication at the Mykolas Romeris University and simultaneously worked at the School of Robotics. Now the teacher is an organizer of extracurricular activities for the development of STEAM competences and consults as well as conducts classes in schools to strengthen STEAM skills. Moreover, Justina has created the methodology “Discovering creative improvisation”, is a lecturer of creative improvisation training. Organized and adapted the “Pre-k for all” program for use in Lithuania, and later conducted training for education workers, introducing them to the use of the “Pre-k for all” program.

Justina believes that it is necessary to strive to cultivate a creator who will look for a solution when a problem arises, and who will accept challenges boldly and creatively. That is why in the lessons she pay great attention to children’s emotional well-being and the creative process.