Katalin Baldi

Katalin Baldi

Science Teacher

Katalin is thrilled to teach at Erudito as a Science and ESS (Environmental Science and Societies) teacher and to get the chance to help students understand the world around us better. She is passionate about environmental education and the future of our planet. Coming from academia, as it involves decades of research and lecturing at universities, might seem a bit of an carreer path. Katalin gained her M.Sc. in Geology, her Ph.D. in Earth Science working with environmental reconstruction and finally my teachers’ master’s degree in Science and Environmental Science at ELTE Budapest. She worked and lived as a researcher in Austria, Netherlands, and Hungary.

During her proffesional developement she had the opportunity to travel to many countries, and try herself in multiple positions e.g. working on research vessels on the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean or helping exploring for oil and gas as a geologist. She was open to this carreer path as learning about the world around us the best done by fully experiencing it all „hands on”. She plan to bring real environmental problems and practical thinking into my classroom bridging with other subject’s knowledge learnt in school and out of school. The holy grail of her teaching is to share her own strong inner motivation to learn about the natural world around us.

Baldi taught over a decade at ELTE university in Hungary, while enjoying the most to teach abroad as visiting professor in Bratislava (Slovakia), Praha (Czechia), Angers (France). She started focusing more and more on her teaching skills and fell in love with the IB program and decided to try a carreer in international teaching in high schools. She taught at the International School of Budapest (ISB) as an ESS (IBDP) and Geography (IGCSE) teacher in 2023.

“I am a lifelong learner and am always ready for a new challenge”, says Katalin. She has a multicultural family, with bilingual children and grandchildren. “I am enthusiastic to meet bilingual children in the class room.” In her free time she likes outdoor activities, biking, hiking, but collecting minerals and fossils is also something she loves to do.