Anglų kalbos mokytoja Mari Chopikashvili

Mari Chopikashvili

English Teacher

Mari Chopikashvili is a primary school English teacher who came from Georgia. Mari graduated from Georgia’s Tbilisi University with a degree in English Philology, and received a Master’s degree in Vytautas Magnus University. During her studies, she did internships in Spanish and Polish schools, where she got to know different education systems.
Mari started her teaching career in the 4th year of university. She accumulated her knowledge of pedagogical work by working with preschoolers and primary school students, and also works as a private teacher for adults. At the previous international school where she worked and currently at Erudito Lyceum, Mari teaches English according to the Cambridge program.

Mari believes that communication between children and teachers and encouraging them to express their thoughts orally and in writing is a successful way to learn English.