Neringa Budrytė

Primary School Teacher

At Vilnius University, Neringa obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences, followed by a Master’s degree in Geography from Vilnius Pedagogical University. Later, she completed primary education studies at Vilnius University. Neringa accumulated her pedagogical experience by working as an primary school teacher at a progymnasium in Vilnius, and in informal education, she led a mathematics club for gifted children. Neringa believes that honesty, sincerity, and optimism are foundational values that guide her not only in her personal life but also in her role as an educator. In education, she places great emphasis on each child and believes that with them, she can establish strong relationships based on trust, openness, and mutual respect. She always seeks solutions that help students achieve their goals. It is crucial for teachers to foster a sense of community and create an environment where students feel supported. Neringa closely aligns with Erudito licėjus educational philosophy, thus applying critical thinking methods in her lessons.

Neringa believes that by staying positive and focusing on opportunities, we can overcome even the toughest obstacles.