Rasa Solovejienė

Primary School Teacher

Rasa is a senior primary school teacher with over 18 years of pedagogical experience. She graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University, specializing in primary education, earned a Master’s degree in Education from Vilnius University, obtained a profession of decorative ceramics craftsman from Vilnius Technology and Business Vocational Training Center, and became a professional makeup artist from the Makeup Academy. Rasa gathered experience working as a preschool education teacher, elementary education teacher, and informal education leader. She successfully integrates IT into her lessons, embraces challenges and innovations. In the educational process, she encourages students to learn through experience, aiming for each child to experience success and personal growth. During her leisure time, she enjoys traveling, discovering unseen places, reading books, and with her husband, raising and breeding tropical beetles.

Rasa believes that while teaching others, we are also learning. Seneka