Remigija Karalienė

Lithuanian and Literature Teacher

After graduating from Vilnius University with a degree in Lithuanian language and literature, she worked as a teacher in several schools in Vilnius with pupils in grades 5-12, preparing pupils for various tests (PUPP, VBE, NMPP). In 2013, she qualified as a method teacher.  She enjoys working with students not only in the classroom, but also in extracurricular and non-formal education activities – for some time she was leading clubs “Playing with words”, “Playing theatre”, creating mini-performances, literary compositions, organising exhibitions of creative works, etc. with her students. The exhibition of old books organised by the teacher was included in the “Discover” series of the 6th grade literature textbook as an experiential task “The oldest book of the family, the family, its history”. For two years in a row, the pupils prepared by the teacher won prizes in the Vilnius City Artistic Reading Competition. She strives to be sincere, understanding and patient in her interactions with students. She shares her knowledge and experience with her colleagues at conferences.

Remigija believes that only those who do nothing make mistakes.