Zeno Madarasz

Zénó Madarasz

Mathematics Teacher

Originally from Budapest, Hungary, began his higher education at the University of Nottingham, where he completed an integrated Master of Mathematics degree in four years. He then returned to Budapest, where he undertook his mathematics teacher training at Eotvos Lorand University, completing his Master of Education degree in two semesters. During one of these semesters, he taught at one of Hungary’s top secondary schools for mathematics. Driven by a desire to deepen his understanding of mathematics, he decided to pursue a PhD in Mathematics, which he completed at Bowling Green State University in the USA in 2023.
Following the completion of his studies, Dr. Zénó embarked on an enriching journey in international education in Vietnam, where he gained experience as an IB educator. He is committed to fostering inquiry-based learning and cultivating thinking classrooms. Moreover, he strives to empower students to explore, question, and critically analyze mathematical concepts.

He truly believes that mathematics can be enjoyable for every student and works to find a common voice with everyone in his classrooms.
In his free time, Dr. Zénó is an avid collector of vinyl records. He also frequents his local bouldering gym and visits gyms wherever he travels abroad.