Erudito licėjus MO Muziejus partnerystė mecenatas draugystė bendrystė
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Erudito Licėjus becomes MO Museum Major Partner

Developing the key competencies of the 21st century – creativity, critical thinking, the ability to collaborate and communicate – is one of the key goals of MO Museum. Erudito licėjus, which has become major partner this year, will continue to help museum achieve them. Along with it, museum will create a new joint educational activity, which will help to improve teachers’ competencies, and develop synergies between formal and non-formal education.

A partnership that began with an exhibition for children

In 2021, MO Museum paid special attention to children: for the first time, Children’s Night in the museum took place, we invited campers in the summer and families to Family Sundays every week. And for the first time in Lithuania we presented an exhibition for children entitled “Lake full of stars”. This exhibition was presented by MO Museum together with the biggest sponsor of the exhibition – Erudito licėjus.

According to Milda Ivanauskienė, the head of MO Museum, one of the most important criteria for a successful partnership is shared values. “All MO educations for children are designed to develop children’s ability to think critically, argue, collaborate, and develop imagination and creativity through experience. Erudito licėjus applies the same skills-based approach in its programs, therefore this partnership has become very organically integrated into the activities of MO,” says M. Ivanauskienė, the head of MO museum.

We are glad that this successful partnership of the previous year has led us to continue the cooperation this year as well – Erudito licėjus has joined the ranks of major partner of MO Museum.

Founder and director of Erudito licėjus Assoc. Prof. Nerijus Pačėsa is glad that in this partnership he discovered the same values and attitudes towards modern education through experience.

“Experiential, integrated education gives a child the essential key to unleashing his or her creative powers. Therefore, for there to be a lot of activity, student involvement and tolerance in educational process, we must provide opportunities for teachers to constantly improve and create. MO Museum’s educational activities and exhibitions open new perspectives and can complement our innovative education programs. Therefore, the idea to talk about joint activities came very naturally, as soon as we started a short-term friendship last year,” says N. Pačėsa, founder of Erudito licėjus.

Plans for this year: Development of educational sessions and focus on teachers

This year, plans of MO Museum and Erudito licėjus include the creation of joint educations for students of Erudito licėjus, support of the exhibition Kaunas-Vilnius: Overthrowing the Mountains, and the development of teachers’ competencies through new experiences.

MO Museum is a space where teachers can meet, interact, and create collaborative activities. There are currently more than 2,500 teachers in MO Passport Community, which is being developed by MO Museum. Teacher’s passport is an individual and free membership, which gives the opportunity to attend MO exhibitions for free. Members of MO Passport Community are invited to a conference at the MO Museum every fall, receive MO Museum newsletters, be the first to learn about updated educational programs at the museum, receive up-to-date information on MO trainings, conferences for teachers, or other cultural education activities. Kaunas and Vilnius teachers’ community of Eruditas licėjus will be able to use these experiences and share their best practices in modern education.

“We have no doubt that this will have tangible benefits in development of interdisciplinary education and meaningful cultural experiences for teachers, parents and children,” says M. Ivanauskienė, head of MO Museum.