erudito licėjus gimnazija pradinis pagrindinis ugdymas kaunas vilnius gimtadienis šventė
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Erudito Licėjus birthday – lots of smiles, laughter, and good emotions!

This April was really special for us – we celebrated Erudito licėjus 6th birthday. The party was filled with emotions, laughter, tears of joy and thankful words. Symbolically, on our 6th birthday, we had 6 nominations, the winners of which were:

Erudito most Initiative who independently seeks for solutions, takes initiative, offers innovations and solutions, hears other people‘s opinions and seeks agreement became Physics teacher Edita Bitvinskaitė and Head of Marketing and Communications Dovilė Juršytė.

Erudito most professional who has very high quality standards, strives for long-term and sustainable results, is punctual and dedicated, leads others by her example became Chemistry and Biology Teacher Džiuginta Gaigalienė and Lithuanian language teacher Inga Motiejūnienė.

Erudito most civic minded who demonstrates commitment and takes responsibility, cares for others, initiates civic actions and projects, is an excellent representative of the lyceum in the public became Lithuanian language teacher Angelina Lapinskaitė and history teacher Gražvydas Kaškelis.

Erudito most positive who sees an opportunity, not a problem. His/her good mood and wide smile can brighten even the darkest day, and a made-up joke can make everyone laugh became administrator Aistė Simaškaitė and religion teacher Julius Mališauskas.

Erudito most ecological who not only recycles rubbish left behind, but also encourages others to take an interest in ecology and helps us all build a more sustainable world together became Deputy Director of General Affairs Laima Pačėsienė and Biology teacher Marius Rakauskas.

Erudito most friendly who you don’t have a hard time expressing worries and joys to and you know you can trust, and in case of trouble, ask for help became arts teacher Jogunda Žičkutė and psychologist Virginija Rekienė.

Nominations were also created by our students, who prepared creative gifts for teachers. And they decided that the winners.

The most creative teacher – art teacher Jogunda Žičkutė; the most empathetic teacher – Lithuanian language teacher Angelina Lapinskaitė; teachers with the best sense of humor – history and religion teacher Justinas Visickas and physical education teacher Frank van Lieshout; the most stylish teachers are mathematics teacher Alex Prabu and Lithuanian language teacher Rima Kasperionytė; teacher with the best mood – English teacher Joel Mowdy; Teacher whose lessons are the most interesting is Lithuanian language teacher Rima Kasperionytė.

During the event, we also rewarded our long-term employees, who have been walking alongside Erudito licėjus for more than 5 years. These are primary school teachers Rūta Gudynienė and Daiva Jankauskienė, Information Technology and Robotics Teacher Tomas Stasiukaitis, Mathematics teacher-expert Jolanta Zalubienė and geography teacher Justina Mieželė.

After, we invited all the winners to a culinary journey with italian chef Gian Luca Demarco.

We want to thank our entire community for their warm emotions, dedication, benevolent sharing of experience, and desire to grow and improve together!

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