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Erudito Licėjus community joins #walk15 a steps challenge and announces a private challenge created specially for lyceum!

Together – Kaunas & Vilnius Erudito communities – we will pursue a goal to get around the globe by collecting 50 million steps!

#walk15 challenge provides users with dozens of engaging features that allow them to discover and create the most beautiful trails, grow environmentally friendly virtual trees, create and participate in step challenges.

#walk15 virtual trees are grown while walking. It is a feature that symbolizes the concept of our impact on the environment. Virtual trees correspond to the number of real ones we employ to process CO2 over the same distance by driving a car. By walking with the app you can discover new places. In total, the app has over 150 routes in different locations.

Emphasizing a healthy lifestyle at the “Erudito licėjus“ we inviting you to join us in this challenge!