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Erudito Licėjus ambassadors

At Erudito Lyceum, we value traditions in a special way, which is why this time, on the first day of the academic year, we have chosen the ambassadors of Erudito Lyceum for the second time.

We aim to notice and honor the progressive, active, social, friendly students of Erudito Licėjus, who cherish the values of the lyceum and are versatile personalities.  Diligence, friendliness, citizenship, independence – it was on the basis of these values that the students were elected.

This year Erudito lyceum ambassadors are: Emilė, Lėja, Barbora, Ilzė, Alikhan, Marija, Gytė, Benas, Danielė, Goda, Gytė, Gabrielius, Emily, Tautvydas, Joris, Adriana, Jonas, Ada, Beatričė, Austėja, Saulė, Fausta, Goda, Varvara & Urtė.