Erudito licėjus privati tarptautinė mokykla sporto šventė Kaunas Vilnius 2022
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Erudito Licėjus Sports day 2022!

Students of “Erudito” Lyceum started this week actively – they took part in the “Sports Festival 2022”! From an early morning, students of Kaunas secondary school classes gathered in Panemunė pinewood, and students of Vilnius primary and secondary classes gathered at the stadium of the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. With the oath, applause and whistles, the action began.

The little ones took part in relays, solved confusing tasks, and older ones tried to find out which ones are better in various competitions: basketball, football, volleyball, dodgeball, cycling or orienteering. And for the motivation booster, the Olympic champion Virgilijus Alekna himself gave an inspiring speech to everyone in Vilnius!

Thanks to the organizers of the festival Eduardas Straigis, Viltė Zubavičienė, Frank van Lieshout and Jekaterina Levicke! At the Erudito Lyceum, we teach children the principles of a healthy lifestyle and put them into practice. During such events, we see what strong, active and healthy personalities are growing in our school!

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