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5th Grade – Parents tips on choosing a School

The fifth grade is often associated with a new journey for students and their parents. It’s not only about embarking on another undiscovered voyage of knowledge and learning, but also about a new school, new teachers, and new classmates. The decision to change educational institutions can bring about feelings of anxiety for both children and parents. Children wonder how they will fit into the new school, while parents question whether they’ve chosen the right educational institution for their child.

We’re sharing the experience and advice of members of the Jotautas family, part of the “Erudito” licėjus community, on how to choose a school.

– What should you consider when choosing a school for your child in the 5th grade? What questions are important to ask school representatives?

– If we were choosing a new school now, it would be important for us to know about the student selection process and the criteria the school uses to evaluate families joining the community. We would definitely inquire about the teaching staff and what qualifications the administration values when selecting specialists. The values that the school upholds in its daily activities are also crucial. Of course, the school’s location and the cost of education are important factors as well. Ideally, neither logistical nor financial matters should cause excessive stress in family life.

-What did you do to help your child adapt more easily to the new school? What is your experience?

– Adaptation at “Erudito” licėjus was quite smooth. Class mentors play a significant role in helping children integrate into the new community. It’s wonderful that the school has a psychologist who regularly interacts with all classes, contributing professionally to creating a positive atmosphere, fostering emotional intelligence, and providing timely insights on where and when more attention is needed.

– Why did you choose “Erudito” licėjus for your child?

– We were looking for a school that offers a modern and open approach to education, one that can balance academic achievement with a strong focus on nurturing individual personalities, talents, and inner qualities. We really liked the founders’ approach in assembling the teaching team, aiming to gather professionals who are truly passionate and already experienced in their fields. The teaching staff is truly exceptional! It was also important to us that “Erudito” licėjus is centrally located, which solved many logistical challenges for our family and saved a significant portion of our daily time that we can dedicate to other activities, longer dinners, and quality family time together.

– What do you value most in our school?

– We value the well-being of our children the most. We see not only academic improvement in them but also the growth of independent personalities, good spirits, and a lack of stress. We especially appreciate the school’s collaboration with the entire community. It’s always responsive to emerging questions, invites discussions, and tends to be proactive rather than reactive in addressing potential challenges.

– Do you like our school community, and how do you participate in it?

– We highly value the entire school community and strive to be active members ourselves, receiving and providing feedback. Class mentors often suggest activities for class parents and children, during which we spend time in an engaging and enjoyable way, connecting, and setting an example of community for our children. Community activities are diverse, ranging from events within “Erudito” licėjus to kayaking, theater outings, nature trips, cooking dinners together, and much more.

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