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Model United Nations Club

Erudito Licėjus English and Global Perspectives teacher Brian Davis took the initiative to set up an after school extra-curricular activity – Model United Nations (MUN) club. In this club, students simulate the UN, learn about diplomacy, debating etiquette and try to solve current global issues which can be political, legal, social and environmental.

How does MUN club work?

  1. Before every conference, each student is assigned a country, committee and a global issue to research.
  2. A student who represents a country is known as a delegate. The delegates within one delegation all represent the same country but in different committees.
  3. Students have to get into the character of the country that they are representing and be aware of the country‘s position on various global issues. They also need to have some general background knowledge of the country –  its political, economic and social background.
  4. Using this information, delegates have to submit a document known as a “policy statement” or a “position paper” to the conference organizer.
  5. At the conference, the delegates go to their assigned “committee room” and negotiate with delegates from other schools to try and find potential solutions that would solve the assigned global issue.
  6. After negotiating some solutions, delegates create a “resolution” that other countries sign – if they agree that the solutions solve the global issue for their country.
  7. Every resolution is openly debated in the commitee, where delegates have the opportunity to speak for or against them.
  8. After delegates have finished debating the resolution, they vote for or against it. If the resolution passes, then all of the delegates clap.

Why should you participate in this club?

Being a member of this club will provide you with the skills needed for professional work life and for your future ahead. It is worth taking part in this club because:

  • You will make new friends. By participating in MUN club you will have the opportunity to meet students from international schools globally. This academic activity is a great way to meet like-minded people and work together to solve global issues.
  • An asset for your university applications. Universities pay attention to students‘ extra-curricular involvement but particularly tend to be fond of MUN students. MUN is renowned for its difficulty levels and high quality hence admission officers view MUN students as exemplary.
  • It is a useful experience. By taking part in MUN club, you will improve your communication skills by sharing ideas and making decisions. Critical thinking, research and public speaking skills are improved on too. Public speaking practice is the most important element of MUN.
  • Trips. Having joined this club, you will have the chance to attend conferences in Lithuania and Europe.

How do I become a member of MUN Club?

The club is open to 7-12th grade students. To express your interest in getting involved, please contact Brian Davis using one of the following emails:

Where and when does the club take place?

In Vilnius – in the classroom 317, on Mondays from 3 to 4 pm.