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Moments from the Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year

The academic year is in full swing, a perfect time to remember the moments of the Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year. On September 1st, in Vilnius and Kaunas, more than a thousand members welcomed the “Erudito” licėjus community – a strong and large community consisting of 900 students and 150 teachers from Lithuania and various countries around the world, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Greece, Georgia, India, Spain, the United States, Kazakhstan, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Turkey, Ukraine, Germany, and more.

The gathering was greeted by Dr. Nerijus Pačėsa, the director of the “Erudito” licėjus, Brian Philip Brackrog, the director of international programs, and the IB diploma program graduates Saulė from Vilnius and Martyna from Kaunas “Erudito” licėjus, who delivered an emotional speech that moved many to tears.

A touching moment for the students was the annual “Erudito” licėjus Year Ambassadors Award Ceremony that takes place every year during the school’s opening. The ambassador pins were presented to the “Erudito” licėjus students who embody the values of the lyceum – being progressive, active, community-oriented, and friendly. The pins were fastened by Gintarė Aldonytė, the director of the Vilnius branch, and Alina Juškienė, the deputy head of education.

The audience was entertained by musical performances by teachers and students (including a rap performance by students!), and the “Erudito” licėjus chef, Gian Luca Demarco, treated everyone to delicious handmade ice cream. However, the greatest joy was the camaraderie and smiles shared among the attendees – they hugged and congratulated each other, exchanged summer experiences and emotions. The journey of the new academic year, filled with knowledge, friendship, and challenges, has begun!

Moments from the Opening Ceremony:

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Saulė’s Speech