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Admission to the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme has started

The first admission round to the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme at “Erudito licėjus” has already started and is ongoing until June 16, 2021.

The International Baccalaureate programme is a two-year (grades 11-12) secondary education programme.

Why one should choose the International Baccalaureate programme at “Erudito licėjus”?

  • The IB programme is offered by 5,000 schools in 158 countries worldwide
  • The content of the programme focuses on the integration of knowledge, activity and responsible learning, and forms a globally-minded person.
  • The programme fits in perfectly with the educational philosophy and values ​​of “Erudito licėjus”. Inclusive and experiential education methods, team project activities, and writing skills are applied during the learning process.
  • The programme promotes language learning.
  • The programme provides a strong foundation of academic knowledge and skills for university studies.
  • An international baccalaureate diploma is equivalent to a high school diploma.
  • The IB graduation diploma is bilingual, which opens opportunities to choose university study programmes in Lithuania and the world.
  • A strong knowledge and experience base is a great asset when competing in the global job market


Grades 11-12 I Age 17-18

The following eleven IBDP subjects are offered to choose from:

  • Group 1 Students in Language and Literature: English Language Literature and Lithuanian Literature;
  • Group 2 Language Acquisition: English B and German B;
  • Group 3 Individuals and Societies: History and Business Management;
  • Group 4 Sciences: Computer Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry;
  • Group 5 Mathematics: Application and Interpretation (AI)
    and Approaches and Analysis (AA); 
  • The DP Core subjects: Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), Extended Essay (EE) and Theory of Knowledge (TOK). 

DP students are required to choose six subjects and the combination of the DP subjects that “Erudito licėjus” offers leads to many university study paths. Possible career choices include Business Management, Computer Science, Engineering, Journalism, and Medicine, among others.

Admission stages:

  • Submission of the admission form:
  • Interview with a school representative;
  • Passing a test of knowledge, skills and perception;
  • Evaluation of results;
  • Signing the contract.

Tuition fee:

7900 € / year, paying 10 instalments per year;

7800 € / year, paying 2 instalments per year;

7600 € / year, paying 1 instalment per year.

Tuition is fixed for the entire 2-year study period.

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