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The lyceum starts a new tradition: the first ambassadors of “Erudito licėjus” are announced

“Erudito licėjus“ has an important mission to create and build a happy and active community. The lyceum pays special attention to traditions – every year Academic Year Opening, the Day of Cakes, the birthday of the lyceum is celebrated, a special attention is paid to national holidays. This year, the school is launching another new tradition – the Ambassador Programme of Eruditas at the Academic Year Opening event.

The award of Ambassador of Eruditas is dedicated to pay respect to performing, active, social and friendly students of “Erudito licėjus” who foster values of the school and demonstrate the traits of a diverse personality. Based on these values, the students were elected to become ambassadors of the lyceum.

A total of 18 Ambassadors of Erudito licėjus were elected in Kaunas and Vilnius, who received the Ambassador Badges created especially for this award. During the celebration in Kaunas and Vilnius the following lyceum students were awarded – Airista Kiznytė, Emilija Daugėlė, Liepa Kuzabavičiūtė, Tautvydas Griškus, Joris Jovaiša, Mario Gonzalez – Rivera, Sima Miliūnaitė, Viktorija Morkūnaitė, Simona Šakytė, Vainius Sakytė, Vainius Bliumin, Mėja Motiekaitytė, Augustas Bazilius, Andre Koževnikova, Meda Gutauskaitė, Kajus Zakaras

We congratulate the ambassadors of the lyceum and believe that the first ambassadors will be a great example to the whole school community.