Erasmus + projekto „Schools United by Science“ susitikimas nuotoliniu būdu
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Online meeting of the Erasmus + project “Schools United by Science” partner schools

Partner schools participating in the Erasmus + project “Schools United by Science” had an online meeting-discussion “Rights and Responsibilities” on October 29. Each partner school prepared presentations on the rights and responsibilities in their country, school and family. The young people presented what is specific to each country, shared their experiences, how they see it in their home countries, schools and families.

About the project:

“Schools United by Science” is an international project in partnership with schools from Turkey, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania. When cooperating, teachers share innovative teaching methods and best practices.

This project covers areas of STEM and language learning. Special attention is paid to integrative, complex and experiential education – this is what is important part for a modern education. Each month of the project is devoted to certain targeted educational activities and integrated lessons. Although due to COVID-19 contact meetings have been postponed, the project partners meet with the teams remotely and present their thematic works and tasks.

Project no. 2019-1-RO01-KA229-063097_3