erudito licėjus projektai socialinis projektas verslumas menas pristatymas
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Presentations of the 4th long project took place at Erudito Licėjus

At Erudito licėjus, we develop a personality that excels in its achievements and desires to learn and be able to create. Therefore, the learning system includes projects that help to develop many personal qualities – critical thinking, creative thinking, the courage to act, take responsibility, work responsibly and, of course, not be afraid to take risks.

Projects are an exceptional principle in the education of Erudito licėjus

One of the highlights of Erudito licėjusis the year-round projects for the secondary school classes. We believe that students must learn entrepreneurship, creativity and social responsibility while still in school, so Erudito licėjus incorporates this kit into education, expanding the field of learning. Projects are used for this.

Students in grades 5-10 carry out five long-term projects a year, lasting 6 weeks each: entrepreneurship, quantitative research, literature (source) analysis, art and social initiatives. These projects are done by all secondary school classes from 5th to 10th grade, divided into different groups. During the presentation, we try to bring students from different classes together, thus fostering a sense of friendship and cooperation, and often older students can advise younger people not to make mistakes, and what went well.

The topics of the project reflect today’s issues

Just before the Easter break, students presented the 4th social initiative project, which goal is to develop a young person’s sense of responsibility, citizenship, and social sensitivity by creating a real initiative. “The idea must not be a one-day campaign, but initiative should affect the society, raise awareness, responsibility, lay the foundation for others,” says Kristina Celiešiūtė, Deputy Director for Informal Education, Teacher of Economics and Business.

During this social project, students explored a variety of topics: helping homeless animals, the importance of recycle litter and conscious food consumption, and being active. However, most of the projects were dominated by blue and yellow colours, and children talked about the Russian-induced war in Ukraine and its aftermath. “With this project, we try to promote children’s independence, develop critical thinking, help them learn to define their goals, take responsibility and look for ways to solve problems,” says K. Celiešiūtė.

 When students return after the Easter break, they will start preparing for the last, art project, which will be carried our cooperating with MO museum.