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Presentations of the art project “700 years of Lithuanian Mythology”

The fourth and last project of this school year “700 Years of Lithuanian Mythology” took place at Erudito Lyceum on April 28th. The themes of this project were developed in the vastness of Lithuanian folk mythology and its Gods and Goddesses.
Each team could choose from 7 types of art: music, dance, theater, art, literature, architecture and photography. The symbolism of the seven was not chosen by chance – this year we celebrate not only the 700th anniversary of the city of Vilnius, but also the 7th birthday of Erudito Lyceum!
Students presented various works based on Lithuanian mythology: they designed the amber castle of “Jūratė ir Kąstytis” and the wooden mill of the story “Baltaragio Malūnas” by Kazys Borutas, sculpted the Lithuanian devil – Pinčiukas, wrote a fairy tale about a kite, painted goddesses and fairies, created 3D glasses, through which can be seen sculptures, re-sung fairy tales and presented many more mythological creatures in various forms.
The last project of this year is even more special in that the best works selected by the MO Museum and Erudito Lyceum commissions will be presented at the MO student conference on May 12!
We are extremely proud of the inventive students and their creative presentations!