Projektų pristatymai
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Presentations of the source analysis project “My roots – my strength” took place at Erudito Licėjus

One of the main features of Erudito Lyceum is project activities. Each project integrates at least three subjects, but all projects give students complete freedom to explore a topic that is relevant and interesting to them. Today was the third presentation of the projects of this school year.

The third project, entitled “My roots – my strength”, is designed to develop students’ cultural, civic and social competences and to develop linguistic literacy through the analysis of sources. Over the course of six weeks, the students got to know Lithuanian folklore, culturally significant historical events and traditions in various ways.

One group of schoolchildren gathered to examine folk games, legends or fairy tales, the other – Lithuanian fashion trends in the 20th century, the use of medicinal herbs, traditional dishes and even the appearance of basketball in Lithuania!

The project evaluation committee consisted of teachers and students’ parents, who selected nominations for the best presentations.

We are glad that the students not only got to know Lithuania better, but also improved their skills in analyzing texts, quoting and working in groups!