IB Visual Arts program
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Start Your Creative Journey with Us: Join the newly founded IB Diploma Arts program at Erudito Licėjus

Do you have a passion for creativity and the arts? At Erudito Licėjus we will offer a rigorous IB program designed to prepare you for a wide array of creative university disciplines and professional careers.

Whether your interests lie in design, media, or fine arts, our program will help you develop the necessary skills and portfolio to excel in your academic and professional endeavors.

Why Choose Our IB Arts Pathway?

  • Expert Faculty: Learn from experienced and passionate teachers who are dedicated to your artistic and academic development.
  • Cutting-Edge Facilities: Enjoy access to modern facilities and resources that will enhance your learning experience.
  • Portfolio Preparation: Graduate with a professional portfolio that showcases your best work, essential for university applications.
  • Exclusive Partnerships with MO: Benefit from our partnership with the MO Museum in Vilnius, offering unique opportunities for exhibitions and collaborations.

Explore Exciting University Subjects with IB Arts

Our IB Arts curriculum connects seamlessly with many popular and creative university fields, including:

Graphic Design: Visual communication and digital media.

Architecture: Building and structure design.

Fine Arts: Painting, sculpture, and traditional art forms.

Film Studies: Filmmaking and film analysis.

Fashion Design: Clothing and accessory design.

Animation: 2D and 3D animation techniques.

Interior Design: Designing interior spaces.

Photography: Technical and artistic aspects of photography.

Marketing and Advertising: Designing advertising campaigns.

Illustration: Creating images for various media.

Multimedia Arts: Combining various media forms.

Art History: Study of art’s development across cultures.

Creative Writing: Enhancing storytelling through visual elements.

Theater and Set Design: Designing for theater, film, and TV.

Industrial Design: Designing everyday objects.

Sign up for our IB entrance test today and join our exceptional IB Diploma Program.

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