erudito licėjus kontekstinė diena pagrindinis ugdymas edukacija pažintis
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Students in secondary classes spent time in a contextual day

From the high towers of Panemunė Castle to the low canyons of Akmenė reminding us a little bit of Mars, Erudito licėjus secondary school students spent time in the contextual day.

Erudito licėjus believe that one of the three essential resources for a child’s learning is experience. Everything what is learned in the classroom has correspondences with real life. Therefore, on the first Friday in May, students of grades 5-10 spent time outside the school!

  • Kaunas 5th graders visited animal shelter, where they learned about tolerance for every life, what is responsibility, empathy. They also had to deal with their emotions, learn to manage and understand them. Later, everyone traveled to Trakai – they got acquainted with the alpacas and enjoyed kibinai.
  • The 5th graders of Vilnius went to Druskininkai. Rain changed plans a bit, but children went to the Salt Studio, where they made various art products. Later they visited the up-side-down house, M. K. Čiurlionis Memorial Museum (where the artist lived!) and admired panorama of Dzūkija from the Merkinė mound.
  • 6th graders of Kaunas cooperated with classmates of Vilnius and came to visit them! Together they went to the dungeons of the capital, toured the old town, and visited the museum of ecclesiastical heritage. And guides were students themselves – good job everyone!
  • Another class of Kaunas 6th graders went to Estonia! They toured the city of Tartu and the next day, while returning to Lithuania, travelled to the capital of Latvia, Riga. They visited the zoo and enjoyed the largest and most diverse collection of motor vehicles in the Baltic States at the Riga Motor Museum.
  • The 7th graders of Kaunas followed the example of the 6th graders and decided to move the contextual day to another country – our neighbour Latvia. They visited the candy factory, learned how to pack it correctly, visited the town of Kuldiga and mysterious sand caves.
  • In Vilnius, 7th and 8th graders went on an educational trip to Žemaitija. Children visited the Venta Regional Park Visitor Center and had an education around the most famous places of Papilė town (S. Daukantas monument, monkey bridge, fourteen-year-old July). They later went to a clay quarry reminiscent of the canyons of Mars, and the trip was crowned by a search for fossils in Papartynė.
  • Kaunas 8th graders got acquainted with Panemunė and Raudonė castles. Climbing the mounds required a lot of effort, but they restored their strength when they went to see alpacas! And everything was crowned by the production of fried ears and their sweet tasting.
  • The 9th graders of Vilnius visited Kaunas, where they learned more about M. K. Čiurlionis and other cultural personalities. They have arrived in the European Capital of Culture! And students of Kaunas grades 9-10 went to Anykščiai, where they visited the legendary Siaurukas Museum, walked along the Bird Trail, and tried virtual reality glasses. Vilnius students visited the cinema, where they had a contextual lesson combined with English.

We don’t need to ask students if they liked the day – from the morning they, together with the teachers, share their impressions, thank each other for the given moments together and are already waiting for the next contextual day!