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Students of Erudito Licėjus – engineers of the future: Their multifunctional glasses case recognized among the best in technology competition

At Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH), the 7th final event of the remote educational program “Engineering of the Future” gathered 250 teams (over 700 students) from 65 Lithuanian schools. The smart inventions, solutions, and products presented by young talents amazed both scientists and guests. The multifunctional glasses case created by the team of Kaunas “Eruditas” Lyceum students (project supervisor Džiuginta Gaigalienė) was recognized as the best project in the product modeling category.

Edita Karosienė, coordinator of the “Engineering of the Future” program initiated by VILNIUS TECH, was delighted that so many talented, inventive, and creative students are participating in the program, showing interest in global innovations, technologies, and engineering, recognizing societal problems, and seeking innovative ways to solve them. In total, 251 projects were presented at the season closing event, and the jury selected the most innovative, creative, and interesting projects. They competed in the following categories: Android app development, Future City (sustainable living environment, sustainable building, environmental protection), biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence applications, design technologies and innovations, mobile filmmaking, product modeling, investment solutions, Smart Greenhouse, casting technology parts production, robot prototype creation, digital manufacturing, practical construction, modern car, business plan development, virtual reality technologies, virtual currency: bitcoins, and green energy.

Multifunctional Glasses Case – A Long-Developed Idea

Kaunas Erudito Licėjus has participated in this program before: last year, students presented a green plant wall for the competition, collecting plants, measuring light, CO2 levels, and other parameters. This year, the team from Kaunas Erudito Licėjus – Ada Neščiokaitė, Kotryna Matijošaitytė, Liepa Pačėsaitė, and Pijus Morkūnas – presented an engineering design project “Multifunctional Glasses Case.”

Project supervisor, chemistry and biology teacher Džiuginta Gaigalienė, said that students spent a long time choosing the topic, looking for an idea that could be programmed and designed digitally using software, and then printed on the school’s 3D printer. They also wanted to link their creation with Erudito Licėjus and create something that could become a school souvenir for various celebrations or even an item sold in the school’s online store.

The teacher jokes that the glasses case “won” also because all team members (including the project supervisor) wear glasses. “The case is convenient because it can hold several cards, a pen, a USB stick, and, of course, glasses,” lists D. Gaigalienė, describing the product’s features. The case also includes an engineering ruler for measuring small distances. D. Gaigalienė recounts that there were several attempts. She was very surprised when students independently printed the first prototype from the drawings. The project supervisor is delighted not only with the team’s victory and the project’s recognition but also with the students’ persistent and consistent work, collaboration, and significantly improved project work and public speaking skills.

“This project prominently showcased teamwork competence,” says the teacher. “The team’s independence and persistence truly impressed me. Their great desire and motivation, persistence, are both pleasing and surprising.” The students divided their activities and responsibilities, showing strong teamwork. “Public speaking is not new for the students of ‘Eruditas’ Lyceum – they all speak and present their ideas excellently, but presenting their work to a panel of lecturers and an audience of thousands is something else,” smiles D. Gaigalienė. She believes the team handled the challenge excellently. “It’s useful not only to showcase oneself but also to observe others and draw creativity.”

Focus on Ecology and Artificial Intelligence

Students in grades 7-12 participating in the “Engineering of the Future” program create projects by choosing from 11 topics – various scientific fields of VILNIUS TECH faculties, such as electronics and robotics, business and finance, green energy, and more. Students created various inventions – an external solar-charged battery, a robot that alerts about a breach in a safe space, a solar activity meter, smart greenhouses, a robot alarm clock, and many other unique solutions.

Many new apps were also developed to help people: for example, one that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to translate information from sign language or facilitate reading and writing for people with dyslexia. Much attention was paid to environmental protection and sustainability: students studied air pollution using lichens, checked the quality of lake water, and investigated soil properties. There were also projects on the reuse of organic and inorganic materials, sustainable fashion promotion, and design solutions for various household items such as lamps and transformer furniture.