Licėjaus šeštokės laimėjo pirmąją vietą Kauno miesto moksleivių verslo idėjų konkurse
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Students of the lyceum won the first place in the student‘s competition of Kaunas city startup business ideas

In November and December, during the Entrepreneurship Week, three student teams of “Erudito licėjus” participated in the business idea competition “Virtual Startup Exhibition” 2020. Sixth grade team (Marija Laurinavičiūtė, Ona Šemiotaitė, Marta Narauskaitė, Jogailė Staikūnaitė and Mantė Beržinskaitė ) won the first place among students of 5-8 grades in Kaunas city.

The students‘ team, named “Smart Accessory”, solved a common problem – a forgotten or lost permanent ticket or student card. The students offered a leather wrist accessory that can be worn by everyone and that is visible, so you may know for yourself that all your cards you need are nearby. Accessory can be easily scanned in order to get on to the public transport or get into the lyceum.

„HandyToy“, a 9th grade student team of „Erudito licėjus“, which participated in the competition, offered toys and items for animals growing up at home or in shelters. Toys are made from old and used clothing.

Another lyceum 10th grade student team „News Talk“, has developed an application about political life and business in Lithuania. The aim of the students is to develop the critical thinking of young people, to become more actively involved in the political and civic life of the country.

Students were coordinated by economics and entrepreneurship teacher Kristina Celiešiūtė.

The competition was organized by Kaunas Teacher Qualification Center (KPKC) and the Methodological Club of Kaunas City Economics Teachers.