Erudito licėjus steigia stipendijas būsimiems švietimo lyderiams
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The Erudito Licėjus establishes scholarships for future educational leaders

Understanding the need for knowledge and professional development, Erudito Licejus joins the ISM University of Management and Economics initiative which aims to provide teachers and school leaders with quality Master’s level studies. To implement the project, Erudito Licejus has established five Education Leadership Scholarships.

The Educational Leadership program will provide strong management skills and knowledge to educational leaders, K1-12 teachers, and kindergarten/ pre-school teachers. The program is designed taking into account the needs and challenges of the education sector, and is based on the most modern teaching methodologies. The Educational Leadership program was launched more than a decade ago and has gone through major updates this year in order to reflect the latest management trends in the sector.

“The goal of the Erudito Licejus is to develop conscious, creative, critical-thinking, value-creating, responsible citizens who are guided by the right attitudes and values ​​in life. To achieve this goal, innovative pedagogues of high competencies are needed, who are able to create and apply inclusive forms, relevant content and innovative methods, and consistently develop students’ social and thinking competencies. Under my leadership at ISM University, we initiated the Master’s program in Educational Leadership. It was a very important and timely step in raising the competence of educators and education leaders up to the international level. I am convinced that these studies have become one of the best ways for teachers to develop, leading to comprehensive leadership in education and an extremely high level of professionalism. Erudito Licejus, contributing ideologically and financially to the goals of the program, seeks qualitative change in the professional development of leaders in the field of educaiton, and continuous improvement in the entire education system of the country, ”says doc. dr. Nerijus Pačėsa, founder of the Erudito Licejus.

“The teaching profession will not become prestigious itself. Therefore, we took on the initiative ourselves, revived the “Education Leadership” program and started looking for partners who care about the state education sector and the quality of pedegogy. It is important for us that we incubate alumni with strong knowledge base, who are ambitious and willing to keep learning to inter the education sector as new blood, ready to revolute the work of educaton in practice. This pedegogical revolution requires strategically minded school leaders and teachers who are innovative and motivated to go the extra mile, and we believe that the quality of this Education Leadership programme is one way to fundamentally impact our education system. We are glad to see that this project has received a lot of attention from our community of private schools – principals, teachers, parents of students. With the contribution of Erudito Licejus, together we will make it much easier to achieve real changes in our education system, ”says the Rector of ISM University of Management and Economics, Dr. Dalius Misiūnas.