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The international project of the Erudito Licėjus and the American Latin School of Chicago has ended!

The half-year long joint project of Erudito Lyceum and Latin School of Chicago ended on April 25. During the conference, three different groups presented prepared projects that respond to global world problems, encouraging cooperation and getting to know new people and their cultures. This project was also integrated into the International Baccalaureate 11th grade entrepreneurship educational subject CAS!
During the conference, the first group of students presented about the flood in Pakistan and its impact on the environment. The students have created a website where you can find descriptions of the current situation, hot spots, as well as a forum where information can be shared.
The second group presented the topic of Climate Change. After conducting the research, the students analyzed that the biggest problem in the Chicago school is the excessive consumption of paper, while in Erudito Lyceum it is electricity and water. To solve the problem, the group created posters that will be displayed in both schools.
The last group talked about the children affected by the Russian war in Ukraine and helping them. The students presented how exactly they can help the victims: conducting integration classes, spreading information in society or donating items.
Amazing presentations, detailed insight into global problems and ways to find ways each of us can contribute in small steps are endlessly fascinating and inspiring.
We believe that thanks to this project we have made new connections and also drawn the attention of young people to the possibilities of change: we need to act here and now!