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The MO and Erudito Teachers’ Creative Education Program Reaches Halfway Point: What Are the Mid-Year Results?

The project for integrating cultural competence into the educational content, launched in March by MO and Erudito Licėjus, will reach its final stage in the fall. In the meantime, let’s review the results and accomplishments we’ve achieved halfway through.

Creativity Lab

We are very pleased with the third year of the ongoing partnership and collaboration between MO Museum and Erudito Licėjus: joint educational activities, improved teacher competencies, synergies between formal and informal education, and more. More and more teachers and students are getting involved in these activities. According to Erudito Licėjus director Associate Professor Dr. Nerijus Pačėsa, the partnership with MO and the development of creative competencies help seek creative innovations in education: “This is a kind of laboratory where we create ourselves, involve our teachers, look for new forms and ideas on how to make education inclusive, original, and provide opportunities for self-expression during the learning process. This is our main goal,” says Associate Professor Dr. N. Pačėsa.

The latest MO Museum project – the program for developing and integrating creative competence into educational content – involves teachers from primary, basic, and IB classes of Erudito Licėjus in Vilnius and Kaunas. The program’s initiator, MO Museum’s education head Jurgita Zigmantė, states that this project allows for experimentation, searching for, and trying out various cultural experiences and activities that can be integrated into the educational content.

Valuable Experience and Methodological Material

The Erudito Licėjus teaching team already gained experience with education head J. Zigmantė during the spring session in forum theater, where they learned to creatively navigate complex situations, in the “Portrait Workshop” at “Skalvija” cinema and “Meno Avilys,” where they learned to create video portraits with smart devices alongside educator Gintė Žulytė, and searched for talking sculptures in the city with Italian Leonardo Dicaprio.

During the first four meetings, teachers have already gathered good experiences, learned to understand each other better, and received a lot of useful methodological material suitable for teachers of various disciplines and subjects. According to the teachers, the simulations of complex situations, in which they participated, were particularly useful. They also say that the distributed methodological material will be very useful in creatively solving various emerging challenges in the future. We look forward to the continuation of the project in the fall!