Erudito licėjaus Kembridžo Kauno komanda pradinių klasių mokytoja

International Cambridge Programme Teacher

Deimantė Pužaitė-Baser

Having accumulated six years of teaching experience, Deimante is ready to share her experience with the students of “Erudito licėjus”! For several years, the teacher worked at a private IB accredited school “Arı” in Ankara, Turkey and prepared her students for the Cambridge YLE, KET, PET English language proficiency exams. Deimantė believes that the main task of the teacher is to help students master English speaking skills. She is convinced that students will achieve the best results if they have the opportunity to use the acquired knowledge in everyday life. Therefore, in her lessons, Deimantė applies the methods of integrated education.

Deimantė believes that curiosity leads to success.

Erudito licėjaus Kauno komanda pradinių klasių mokytoja

Primary School Programme Manager and Teacher Methodologist

Daiva Jankauskienė

Head of primary school programs, pre-school and primary school teacher methodologist with 32 years of work experience in the field of primary education. Teacher Daiva successfully completed the ISM educational leadership master’s degree in 2022, she also graduated from Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute’s pedagogy and methodology, and obtained a master’s degree in education from Kaunas University of Technology. Teacher Daiva is particularly interested in information innovations and applies them in the educational process. The teacher leads the process of implementing Qridi, a tool for evaluating students’ competences created by Finns. Participates in various exhibitions, such as the British Education and Training Technology Exhibition (BETT) held in London, seminars, conferences, and gains experience in schools in Finland and other countries. Daiva organizes national conferences, competitions, gives presentations and shares experience.

Daiva believes that it’s never too late to study, develop, and grow, so she learns together with her students.

Erudito licėjus Kauno komanda pradinių klasių mokytoja

IB PYP Coordinator and Primary Class Teacher Methodologist

Rūta Gudynienė

Teacher methodologist Rūta has been working at “Erudito” licėjus since the first days of its foundation. In 2021, Rūta was chosen as the favorite primary school teacher of “Erudito” licėjus in Kaunas. Teacher has a bachelor’s degree in primary education pedagogy and a master’s degree in education. She also holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Master of Business Administration from KTU. Much attention is paid to the development of children’s citizenship by exploiting non-traditional educational environments. Believes that the competencies of creativity, critical thinking and collaboration are the key to future success.

Rūta believes that every child is a Person with unlimited opportunities who only needs to be shown the right path, guided by it and given opportunities to act.

Erudito licėjus Kauno komanda pradinių klasių mokytoja

Primary Class Teacher Methodologist

Loreta Raižienė

Primary class teacher methodologist with 26 years of experience in primary education. After graduating from Šiauliai University, she received a degree in primary education pedagogy, later continued her studies in social educology at Kaunas University of Technology. Loreta is interested in information technologies and integrates them in teaching processes.

Loreta believes that nobody was sucessful in the beginning in his life. During the process of growing a child must learn –  it is normal to make mistakes, lose and fight. This is only a bridge which helps us to defeat the barriers and achieve our goals. Persistance and endeavours in order to achieve our goals are more significant than perfection.

Erudito licėjus kauno komanda pradinių klasių mokytoja

Primary Class Teacher

Dovilė Koklevičienė

Primary class senior teacher. She graduated from University of Educational Sciences where she got primary teacher´s qualification. She has 16 years experience working as a teacher with small children and teenagers. She thinks that education and personal development occupies the main place in teacher´s work.

Dovilė believes  that if you seek , you achieve what you wish. You just need to wish and improve.

Erudito licėjaus Kauno komanda pradinių klasių mokytoja

Primary Class Teacher Methodologist

Daiva Petkevičienė

Primary education teacher methodologist. I finished the specialty course of Marijampolė Higher Pedagogical School “Education in Preschool Institutions”, later I graduated from Šiauliai University with the study program of primary education pedagogy and obtained the bachelor’s degree in education and the qualification of a primary school teacher. 2012 At the Faculty of Social Sciences of Kaunas University of Technology, I graduated from the educational technology study program in the field of education and obtained a master’s degree in education. I am interested in ICT and apply them in practice. I have been working at the school since 1992.

Daiva believes that the child must first feel very good at school, only then can he achieve the highest results within his means.

Erudito licėjus pradinių klasių anglų kalbos mokytoja

English Teacher Methodologist

Rasa Margevičienė

Rasa graduated from Vilnius University Kaunas Humanitarian Faculty where she studied English Language and Literature and got English Philologist speciality. She has 23 years pedagogical experience, 18 of them she was working as an English teacher with primary students at J. Jablonskis Gymnasium and “Papartis” primary school. Together with 4th class students took part in Kaunas English Contests where they got first places. In 2007 Rasa was elected to Kaunas Council of English Teachers.She helped to organise tasks for English contest. From 2007 was working in Ireland where she was observing Irish cultural life, parenting of Irish children. Later 5 years she was working pedagogical work in kindergarten in Norway where she was interested in Norwegian lifestyle, their patriotism, respect for each other and especially respect for children. Rasa came back to prove that Lithuania is the best country to live and only we can make it well known in the world.

Rasa believes that every child is a personality and we have to find the key to his heart and help him in his life.

Erudito licėjus Kauno komanda tikybos ir istorijos mokytojas

History and Religion Teacher

Justinas Visickas

Justinas received a Bachelor of Catholic Theology from Vytautas Magnus University and teacher qualifications. For some time, he studied to become an actor. Justinas is a presenter of events and training, and a facilitator of Christian activities for children and youth, and assistance in Camps. Throughout his almost eight years of active work, he has accumulated communication experience with people of all ages and social backgrounds – children, adolescents, the elderlies, the sick, the disabled, the homeless, and adults in crises. „Funny, communicative, with a wealth of public speaking experience“, – Justinas describes himself as a hobbyist in theatre, literature, cinema and museums.

Justinas believes, that God gave man authenticity and sincerity, which are important to cherish both in life and in artistic projects

Erudito licėjaus Kauno komanda prancūzų kalbos mokytoja

French Teacher (On maternity leave)

Viltė Norvaišaitė

French teacher Viltė is graduated from Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Humanities, Italian Studies and Romance Languages. She is currently pursuing studies in applied sociology and psychology. Viltė started his pedagogical activity from martial arts training for children. Success among children led to the introduction of French as well.

Viltė believes that every child is like a door to a perfect world, you just need to find the right key for them.

Erudito licėjus Kauno komanda priešmokyklinės klasės mokytoja

Pre-school Teacher (On maternity leave)

Justina Pečiulaitė

A senior pre-school teacher. Having completed professional bacherlor‘s studies in pre-school education pedagogy at Kaunas College, later acquired a Bachelor‘s degree in the same area at Vilnius University of Education. Justina has 10 years experience working in this field. In the process of education She applies mobile technologies which highly motivate children and make them involved eagerly. She also strongly focuses on the education of children emotional intelect.

Justina believes that a child discovers the world investigating it with a help of all his senses – as a result, we must create the environment which could ensure this pursuit.

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Music Teacher

Odilija Luciukaitė

Odilija has completed her bachelor’s and master’s studies in the performance arts (flute) program at Vytautas Magnus University’s Music Academy and obtained her teaching qualification. She has six years of teaching experience and has dreamed of becoming a teacher from a young age. She is known for her creativity, initiative, and excellent event organization skills. She can teach in an engaging and interesting way, using professional and advanced music teaching methods. She is demanding, aiming for professionalism, and nurtures her students based on the most important artistic and spiritual values.

Odilija believes that a music teacher helps her students find the song in their hearts.

Erudito licėjus Kauno komanda Fizinio lavinimo mokytojas

Physical Education Teacher

Eduardas Straigis

Eduardas graduated with a bachelor’s degree (physical education and sports) from LSU University. He later earned a master’s degree in sports performance analysis. In the summer he works in camps with children for many years. Eduardas gained professional experience both in Lithuania and abroad. In 2019, he worked in China as a school and children’s basketball coach. The teacher believes that physical activity is extremely important in our lives and only by being healthy and physically active can we achieve our goals.

Eduardas believes that it’s important to discover the connection with the children and to convey to them the right attitude towards a healthy lifestyle so that it is an integral part of life.


Pre-primary and Primary School Teaching Assistant

Agnė Aglinskaitė

Agnė enjoys working with children because each child has their own worldview. She deepens her knowledge about children’s cognition and education. Agnė’s hobbies include spending time in nature, being active during leisure time, and going on hikes.

Agnė holds onto an important belief, that the best teachers teach from the heart, not just from a book.