5-10 grades

erudito licėjus Tarptautinių programų vadovė (IBDP/IGCSE), karjeros konsultantė, IBDP/IGCSE egzaminuotoja tarptautinis bakalaureatas

Head of International Programmes (IBDP/IGCSE), IBDP College Counselor, IBDP/IGCSE Exam Officer

Marta Bobiatynska

Marta graduated from the University of Warsaw with M.Sc. in Geography, followed by a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences. She also holds a Qualified Teacher Status from Poland and the UK. Marta is involved in International Baccalaureate education since 2004. Firstly as a Geography teacher and Head of Faculty and most recently as a Head of Education and IB DP Coordinator. During her career, she worked in international schools in several countries, including Poland, Netherlands, Russia, and Armenia. Apart from that, she is also an experienced IB DP workshop leader, school visitor and examiner. Marta is looking forward to meeting all at the school and living in beautiful Lithuania, the country she has been visiting in the past on many occasions and which is dear to her.

Marta believes that “It’s worth being honest, although it doesn’t always pay off. It pays off to be dishonest, but it isn’t worth it”.

Erudito licėjus Kauno komanda fizikos mokytoja

Secondary School Programme Manager and Physics Teacher

Edita Bitvinskaitė

Physics teacher – Methodologist with 23 years of experience. In 1995 she graduated from Vilnius University of Education and acquired a qualification as a teacher of physics, astronomy and IT. After the studies Edita worked at Onuškio secondary school in Trakai region for11 years. Since 2007 she has been working at Jonas Jablonskis gymnasium in Kaunas.

Edita believes it is important to work so that your lessons would inspire children to like your subject – physics, as a result, they would manage to see and hear it in the surrounding world.

Erudito licėjus Kauno komanda ekonomikos verslumo mokytoja

Deputy Director for Secondary Education, Teacher of Economics and Business

Kristina Celiešiūtė

Deputy Director for Informal Education, Teacher of Economics and Business, started her pedagogical career in 2011. New challenges arising from the reform of education fostered her interest in entrepreneurship education in which she has been involved up to now. In 2006 she acquired Master’s degree in education science at Vytautas Magnus University, since then she has mainly been engaged in formal and informal schoolchildren education, particularly in business areas, as well as in international and local project activities. Erasmus + coordinator (strategic partnerships and school exchanges). She is also a long-term member of the Kaunas City Economics and Entrepreneurship Teachers’ Methodological Circle.

Business concept has changed and currently we perceive it not only as an activity focused on commercial benefits but also as a personal growth of an individual, his capability to work in a team, being able to find appropriate arguments and express a flexible reaction towards changing circumstances and situations. School is an environment where children discover themselves, strengthen their abilities and gifts. It is a starting point where an independent life of a young person begins. Consequently, we, teachers, must encourage children to find and recognize themselves, their uniqueness and strengths at the same time educating their competences.

Erudito licėjus kauno komanda matematikos mokytoja metodininkė

Math Teacher – Expert

Jolanta Zalubienė

A mathematics teacher – expert with 29 years of experience in teaching mathematics at school. At Vilnius University, she acquired a specialization of mathematics lecturer. Jolanta is the author of the publication “Ideas of Project Works in Mathematics”, co-author of the textbook “Tests and Additional Material for Self-study of Mathematics for Class 11″, co-author of the new mathematics textbook “Mathematics Tempus for Class 11.”
The teacher thinks that high achievements are not only when her students take prizes at the city’s Mathematics Olympiads or receive high grades in mathematics state examinations, but also when they discover mathematics in various areas of life. Jolanta and her students have organized exceptional and interesting creative workshops, participated in conferences.

Jolanta believes that all children are gifted, we just need to notice their talents and encourage them to unfold.

Erudito licėjus Kauno komanda matematikos mokytoja

Math Teacher

Julija Grėbliūnaitė

Mathematics teacher and methodologist. Julia has 36 years of teaching experience. She started her career at the University of Educational Sciences, where she acquired the specialty of mathematics teacher. Later, in 2003, she continued her master’s studies in Vytautas Magnus University and obtained a qualification degree in mathematics. In 2018, Julia attended the CLILiG @ Litauen Project Seminar organized by the Geothes Institute to teach integrated math and German lessons. “Teaching students logical thinking and applying mathematical knowledge in real life is important in math lessons, so I pay close attention to that,” Julia shares her teaching priorities.

Julija believes that it is important that students explain complex things in a simple and understandable way.

Erudito licėjaus Kembridžo matematikos mokytoja Kauno komanda

Cambridge Secondary Programmes Mathematics Teacher

Chinara Kazimli

After graduating from Bachelor of Mathematics and Informatics Education, Chinare came to Lithuania to continue her studies at Vytautas Magnus University. She has been teaching Math and Robotics for five years. She thinks teaching is the exchange of ideas, knowledge and every time we learn something new.

Chinara believes that having interest in education and being disciplined are the keys to success.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja matematika pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate

Cambridge Secondary Programmes Mathematics Teacher

Alex Prabu

Alex was born in British Columbia, moved to India but grew up in the USA and spent most of his time living with people from different cultures and ethnicities. He studied for one year in Tokyo as an exchange student when he was in 8th grade which was a wholesome experience. In 2016 Alex finished his Bachelors in Electronic and Information technology Engineering in Asia. He worked in a startup in Silicon Valley before moving to Lithuania for his Master’s degree. In 2020 Alex finished Engineering degree in Mechanical and Elemental Physics. He has also had a lot of experience teaching kids as he has worked in many volunteer camps for RED CROSS.

To Alex teaching is therapeutic. He loves of getting to learn something new each day not only from books but also from his students and their experiences. Being in Lithuania has been a blessing.

Alex believes in Discipline and freedom of expression, finding a beautiful harmony of balance in these. Also he also truly believes that we have a lot to learn from this current generation and pass on the values from ours to theirs.

Erudito licėjaus Kauno komanda pagrindinių klasių lietuvių kalbos mokytoja

Lithuanian Language Teacher

Jurgita Maironienė

Jurgita graduated from Vytautas Magnus University with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Lithuanian language philology and literature, acquired a pedagogical education, and deepened pedagogical knowledge in non-formal “Leadership Time 3” studies. The teacher-methodologist has been awarded as the winner of the “Most Innovative Teacher”, she especially appreciates non-traditional, experiential teaching methods and tries to organise the work in the classroom so that the child has the opportunity to “awaken” his senses and learning is interesting and interactive. Jurgita prepares children for national competitions, teaches Lithuanian language to children returning from abroad, organises camps, constantly works with members of students’ associations at schools, organises events, trips, projects.

Jurgita believes that raising a child is a unique opportunity to touch the future of us all. The teacher feels happy to be able to teach Lithuanian language and literature, because the lessons of this subject not only polish literacy and reading skills, instill creativity, but at the same time form a value, cultural and civic attitude.

Erudito licėjaus Kauno komanda lietuvių kalbos mokytoja

Lithuanian Language Teacher

Laura Pavalkytė

Teacher Laura has experience working with pupils and students of all ages. After graduating from Vytautas Magnus University in professional pedagogy, the teacher has accumulated a large baggage of knowledge about modern learning methods, which she perfectly applies in her lessons.

Laura believes that each student can be motivated to learn if the whole cohesive team is involved in the learning path: the student, his or her parents and teachers.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja lietuvių kalba pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate

Lithuanian Language Teacher

Lina Misiūnienė

Lina is a methodologist teacher of Lithuanian language and literature with 22 years of experience. She completed her bachelor’s studies in Lithuanian language and literature at Vytautas Magnus University, and obtained a teacher’s qualification at Vilnius University of Pedagogy. Teacher constantly improves her professional qualifications, is interested in new technologies, innovative educational methods and strives for the personal growth of each child in lesson. For Lina, the most important thing is that student feels safe in the lesson, confident in his abilities, boldly expresses his opinion and is not afraid to make mistakes.

Lina believes that a smile, a good mood and fellowship conquers everything. She admires A. de Saint Exupery’s idea: “One can only see with the heart. What is most important is invisible to the eye.”

Erudito licėjus Kauno tarptautinė komanda anglų kalbos mokytoja

English Teacher

Nino Bitchiashvili

English teacher at Erudito Licejus with five years of teaching experience. She has taught English in different countries such as Georgia, Spain, Greece and Lithuania. She is currently acquiring her degree in Political Science at Vytautas Magnus University. Nino is very passionate about teaching and learning different languages. She is fluent in three languages and is presently mastering   two more.  She reckons that the biggest responsibility for a teacher is to open up a “pathway of thought” in children’s minds and inspire them to the fullest. She believes in treating them seriously from the younger age and has individual approaches developed for each and every student.

Nino believes, that the root of the world “education” stands for the idea to “lead”, meaning that for her, education is leading out of what is already there in a pupil.

Erudito licėjus Kauno komanda pagrindinių klasių anglų kalbos mokytoja

English Teacher

Simona Survilaitė

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in English Philology from Vilnius University, she decided to further expand her knowledge of languages ​​and obtained a Master’s degree in English Linguistics at the same university. Simona has always had an interest in the international environment, so during her studies she took part in the Erasmus program and tried her best at foreign universities: she acquired theoretical knowledge of integrated teaching at a Finnish university and then went on a traineeship in Spain.

Simona believes that mistakes are learned, so doing them is not shameful.

Erudito licėjus Kauno komanda pradinių klasių anglų kalbos mokytoja

English Teacher

Vitalija Kvasilienė

English teacher-lecturer with eleven years of experience in teaching English to different age groups; PTE exams assessor. Vitalija received her Bachelor of English Philology qualifying degree in Vytautas Magnus University and obtained her Master’s degree (cum laude) in Linguistics at Vilnius University. She also acquired her teaching certification from Vilnius Pedagogical University. As a student, in addition to delivering private tutorials in Spain, she participated in the Erasmus programmes and studied at the University of Jaén (Spain) and the University of Extremadura (Spain). Vitalija has been teaching English in American English School (AMES) in Kaunas for 10 years. She regularly attends teacher training workshops and seminars held for English teachers and does not miss the opportunity to go on educational trips to the UK each year.

Vitalija believes that the more languages a person knows, the more windows to the world for him/her open.

Anglų kalbos mokytoja Kristina Tobin

English Teacher

Kristina Tobin

Kristina graduated from Vytautas Magnus University with a bachelor’s degree in Public Communication, finishing programs in International Communication Studies in Groningen (NL) and Budapest (HU). Kristina has since traveled extensively, volunteering and strengthening her English skills. After a long-extended period abroad in the United States, Kristina returned home to complete her English teaching degree, pursue a master’s degree in Public Administration at Kaunas University of Technology, and introduce her now international family to Lithuania.

Kristina believes that in working together toward common goals and that everyone has their own unique, vital part to play. Only by bridging the gaps between differing backgrounds, cultures, and languages can we pool our knowledge and experience to achieve great things.

Erudito licėjaus Kauno komandos pagrindinių klasių anglų kalbos mokytojas

English Teacher

Deividas Marušauskas

Deividas Marušauskas graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University where he received his Bachelor’s degree and the qualification of English language teacher. He has been continuously teaching general and different kinds of professional English to students of all ages since 2001. For him, teaching is undoubtedly a meaningful vocation and a way of life.

If you asked those around him what Deividas is like, they would respond with such words like professional, dynamic, communicative, socially active, punctual, and responsible. He always strives to adapt his teaching style and materials to the student’s personality type, abilities, goal pursued, as well as time constraints to achieve the desired goal.

Deividas believes that his lesson is not taught to such and such a class, but rather to different individuals with their own abilities and talents. Therefore, they must be trained with this in mind. “A lesson is great fun, yet purposeful and meaningful way of spending time to achieve certain goals” – says Deividas.

Erudito licėjaus Kauno komanda prancūzų kalbos mokytoja

French Teacher

Viltė Norvaišaitė

French teacher Viltė is graduated from Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Humanities, Italian Studies and Romance Languages. She is currently pursuing studies in applied sociology and psychology. Viltė started his pedagogical activity from martial arts training for children. Success among children led to the introduction of French as well.

Viltė believes that every child is like a door to a perfect world, you just need to find the right key for them.

Erudito licėjaus Kauno komanda prancūzų kalbos mokytoja

French Teacher

Isabelle Gaullier

French language teacher. During her years of work, Isabelle has gained an incredibly extensive and successful experience. He taught French at Vilnius Pedagogical University / Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, the French Cultural Center and the educational company “Kalba”, which has the greatest experience in Lithuania. The French teacher organizes events in the educational, cultural and social fields, organizes seminars, courses, exchange programs, engages in social activities, and carries out projects. She is interested in French and Lithuanian culture, art and history.

Isabelle believes that it is necessary to help students go beyond their boundaries, to improve and mature, to enjoy it and to feel happy.

Erudito licėjaus Kauno komanda vokiečių kalbos mokytoja

German Teacher

Goda Stelnonienė

Goda Stelnionienė received her Bachelor’s degree in Philology from Vilnius University and continued her studies at Kaunas University of Technology, where she received a Master’s degree in Education and Education Management. She began her teaching career in 1997 and during this time, two generations of students have been leaded into the wider world. The teacher is particularly interested in developing students’ emotional intelligence: “I believe that managing emotional intelligence is the key to everyone’s success,” says Goda.

Erudito licėjus Kauno komanda geografijos mokytoja

Geography Teacher

Justina Mieželė

Justina Mieželė is a member of the “Renkuosi mokyti” program. From 2008 to 2016 Justina taught history and geography for 5-12 grades at St.Matas gymnasium, and geography for 9-12 grades at KTU gymnasium. Justina graduated from Vytautas Magnus University, she completed bachelor and master studies in sociology and pedagogical studies.

Justina believes that there are not the same lessons and the same children and that there is no child that would not care about the surrounding environment. At the lessons, Justina helps students find problems and their solutions. It motivates to teach at school, where the child is in the centre of learning process.

Erudito licėjus kauno komanda Tarptautinio bakalaureato istorijos mokytojas

History and Theory of Knowledge Teacher

Dr. Donatas Šinkūnas

Donatas has solid international experience to educate students of the 21st century. He worked as a Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) and Diploma Programme (IB DP) teacher at an IB School in Bogota, Colombia. In Bogota, Donatas taught Social studies, Philosophy, and Theory of Knowledge (TOK). Also, he was in charge of the United Nations Module (MUN). The teacher received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Lithuanian (VMU) and Belgian (KU Leuven) universities. As an exchange student he also studied in Spain, Northern Ireland, and Finland. In 2019, Donatas earned a Ph.D. degree at Western University (London, Canada). The teacher is an IB enthusiast and believes in usefulness and benefits of interdisciplinary learning.

Donatas believes that ideas are man-made tools that help people cope with the world and make better decisions in life. Therefore, our students should be taught applicable principles of thinking and rely slightly less on memorization. This is in line with IB mission and philosophy.

Erudito licėjaus Kauno komanda Istorijos mokytoja

History Teacher

Dovilė Kunigonė

After graduating from Vytautas Magnus University with a bachelor’s degree in history, she further deepened his knowledge and obtained a master’s degree in Lithuanian history at the same university. Dovilė is curious, she likes to constantly learn new things and improve in various fields. Loves organizational activities. Has experience in organizing conferences, has worked in the fields of culture and tourism. In her free time, Dovilė enjoys traveling, reading books, practicing yoga, singing and playing the piano.

Dovilė believes that the teacher should encourage the student to try as many different activities as possible and not be afraid to make mistakes when making different decisions.

Erudito licėjus kauno komanda biologijos ir chemijos mokytoja

Chemistry and Biology Teacher

Džiuginta Gaigalienė

Džiuginta started her pedagogical work in 1991 when she graduated from University of Educational Sciences. She takes place in different international trainings for Science teachers that emphasize integral teaching and the use of virtual labs. She is very proud of her profession because she has opportunity  to convey her knowledge to others and from children you can learn about positive attitude to life, learn to dream. She says: My students are my accelerators. She wants that children don’t think about Science as a complicated subject but treat it as a part of their world.

Džiuginta believes that communication and cooperation could help to develop everyone’s personality and grow.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja verslumas pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate

Secondary school and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme economics, business and entrepreneurship teacher

Oleksandr Pavlenko

Oleksandr graduated from Northumbria University (Newcastle, the UK) with BA in Business Administration and Kyiv National Economic University with BA and M.Sc. in International Economics. He also has TESOL certificate from Arizona State University (the USA). Oleksandr is teaching Marketing and Digital Marketing from 2016 in Ukraine (Kyiv National Economic University and Kyiv National University of Technology and Design) and in the USA (University of Redlands). From 2021 he is involved in International Baccalaureate as Business Management teacher. Moreover, Oleksandr is CEO & founder of career guidance edtech startup Choizy and is mentor in several international startup accelerators.

Oleksandr believes that educational process should be practical, interesting, involving and built around student’s interests and preferences

Erudito licėjaus Kauno ir Vilniaus Informacinių technologijų ir robotikos mokytojas

Information Technology and Robotics Teacher

Tomas Stasiukaitis

Teacher – methodologist of information technology and robotics. He teaches how to apply technologies for practical tasks in life. A teacher with a master’s degree in Informatics not only works with children. Most likely, you have heard that in 2016, the Christmas tree of Kaunas was first connected to the Internet, and anyone who wanted could manage and change positions of Christmas tree decorations. It was our teacher’s job. Tomas Stasiukaitis has mostly worked with adults and older children, this year he is teaching all students, starting from the first grade.

Tomas believes it is possible to achieve everything, and it depends only on our effort how long it can take. Everything comes true if you believe it.

Erudito licėjaus Kauno komanda Informacinių technologijų ir robotikos mokytojas

 Information Technologies and Robotics Teacher

Vytautas Dranseika

In 2018, he is a qualifies web developer, and has been active in international IT projects. During his spare time, Vytautas travels and enjoys music very much. He counts the number of musical contests he has conquered and is proud that there is probably no instrument that he could not play!

Vytautas believes that today’s science is the technology of tomorrow. He believes that the teacher must not only provide knowledge, but also inspire young inventors.

Erudito licėjus Kauno komanda tikybos ir istorijos mokytojas

History and Religion Teacher

Justinas Visickas

Justinas received Master’s degree in history as well as a Bachelor of Catholic Theology from Vytautas Magnus University and teacher qualifications. For some time, he studied to become an actor. Justin is a presenter of events and training, and a facilitator of Christian activities for children and youth, and assistance in Camps. Throughout his almost eight years of active work, he has accumulated communication experience with people of all ages and social backgrounds – children, adolescents, the elderlies, the sick, the disabled, the homeless, and adults in crises. „Funny, communicative, with a wealth of public speaking experience“, – Justin describes himself as a hobbyist in theatre, literature, cinema and museums.

Justinas believes, that God gave man authenticity and sincerity, which are important to cherish both in life and in artistic projects.

erudito licėjus muzikos mokytoja kaunas

Music Teacher

Odilija Luciukaitė

Odilija has graduated from Vytautas Magnus University Academy of Music with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the performing arts (flute) programme as well as she obtained teacher‘s qualification. Odillija has five years of pedagogical experience – she started with teaching flute lessons and she has been working as a music teacher for the last three years. Odilija dreamed of being a  teacher since her childhood. Always communicates with a big smile, has a creative and warm personality. Actively gives concerts and organises events.

Odilija believes that when teacher is happy students are happy as well.

Erudito licėjaus Kauno komanda animacijos mokytoja

Animation Teacher

Viltė Zubavičienė

An art teacher who graduated from Falmouth University with a Bachelor’s degree in Animation and VFX. After graduating, she began the animation of the film “The Currency of Kindness” for the BBC Spotlight channel about Coronavirus Lessons. Viltė has given lectures to students about teamwork and public speaking. Also, organized events, volunteered in the Lithuanian School Union (LMS), where she was responsible for the organization, conduct, and design of the participants’ cards. Viltė also studied neurolinguistic programming, psychology, and public speaking at Toastmasters Club. Viltė hopes that she will resurrect the usual art classes for a new life through the expanses and beauty of the animation discipline.

Viltė believes that everything is as it must be.

Erudito licėjaus Kauno komanda dailės mokytoja

Arts Teacher

Jogunda Žičkutė

She is a fully artistic person, but focuses mostly on design, drawing and art therapy. Jogunda is currently studying art pedagogy at Vytautas Magnus University. The teacher dreamed of being from an early age. It is important for her that children develop emotional intelligence and creativity in art lessons. She often uses elements of art therapy in art lessons, and leads practical assignments in design classes, developing graphic design skills that may be needed in the future. Believes that the teacher must be a strong personality, therefore not only prepares for lessons but also for exhibitions in his free time. She also works as a graphic designer, illustrator, interested in painting and interior design.

Jogunda believes that “every child is an artist. The biggest problem is how to stay that way. ”(Picasso).

Erudito licėjus Kauno komanda Fizinio lavinimo mokytojas

Physical Education Teacher

Eduardas Straigis

Eduardas graduated with a bachelor’s degree (physical education and sports) from LSU University. He later earned a master’s degree in sports performance analysis. In the summer he works in camps with children for many years. Eduardas gained professional experience both in Lithuania and abroad. In 2019, he worked in China as a school and children’s basketball coach. The teacher believes that physical activity is extremely important in our lives and only by being healthy and physically active can we achieve our goals.

Eduardas believes that it’s important to discover the connection with the children and to convey to them the right attitude towards a healthy lifestyle so that it is an integral part of life.