Pre-primary school

Justina Pečiulaitė

Pre- school Teacher

Justina Pečiulaitė

A senior pre-school teacher. Having completed professional bacherlor‘s studies in pre-school education pedagogy at Kaunas College, later acquired a Bachelor‘s degree in the same area at Vilnius University of Education. Justina has 10 years experience working in this field. In the process of education She applies mobile technologies which highly motivate children and make them involved eagerly. She also strongly focuses on the education of children emotional intelect.

Justina believes that a child discovers the world investigating it with a help of all his senses – as a result, we must create the environment which could ensure this pursuit.

Indrė Grėbliauskaitė

Junior Teacher

Indrė Grėbliauskaitė

Junior Teacher Indrė Grėbliauskaitė. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Kaunas College, she received a teacher qualification at Vytautas Magnus University in 2019. Since childhood, she has been artistic and creative tackling challenges that life has presented her with.

Indrė believes that creativity is not a talent, but a way of life.

Erudito licėjaus mokytoja Simona Survilaitė

English teacher

Simona Survilaitė

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in English Philology from Vilnius University, she decided to further expand her knowledge of languages ​​and obtained a Master’s degree in English Linguistics at the same university. Simona has always had an interest in the international environment, so during her studies she took part in the Erasmus program and tried her best at foreign universities: she acquired theoretical knowledge of integrated teaching at a Finnish university and then went on a traineeship in Spain.

There is a belief that mistakes are learned, so doing them is not shameful.

Rasa Margevičienė

English Teacher Methodologist

Rasa Margevičienė

Rasa graduated from Vilnius University Kaunas Humanitarian Faculty where she studied English Language and Literature and got English Philologist speciality. She has 23 years pedagogical experience, 18 of them she was working as an English teacher with primary students at J.Jablonskis Gymnasium and ,,Papartis” primary school. Together with 4th class students took part in Kaunas English Contests where they got first places.In 2007 Rasa was elected to Kaunas Council of English Teachers.She helped to organise tasks for English contest. From 2007 was working in Ireland where she was observing Irish cultural life, parenting of Irish children. Later 5years she was working pedagogical work in kindergarten in Norway where she was interested in Norwegian lifestyle, their patriotism, respect for each other and especially respect for children. Rasa came back to prove that Lithuania is the best country to live and only we can make it well known in the world.

Rasa thinks that every child is a personality and we have to find the key to his heart and help him in his life.

Vytautas Drasneika

Teacher of Information Technologies and Robotics

Vytautas Drasneika

In 2018, he is a qualifies web developer, and has been active in international IT projects. During his spare time, Vytautas travels and enjoys music very much. He counts the number of musical contests he has conquered and is proud that there is probably no instrument that he could not play!

Vytautas believes that today’s science is the technology of tomorrow. He believes that the teacher must not only provide knowledge, but also inspire young inventors.

Erudito licėjus mokytoja Neringa Muzika

Music teacher

Neringa Brukštienė

A music teacher and professional pianist. She graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre with two master’s degrees of performing arts and pedagogy. Neringa worked at Kaunas State Musical Theatre, as a vocal concertmaster. She is working as a piano teacher and concertmaster at Kaunas 1st Music School, also teaches pre-school children at Yamaha Music School.

Neringa believes that we are all creative personalities, but creativity needs to be discovered and nurtured. Only a purposefully working person can achieve his greatest goals.

Erudito licėjaus mokytoja Raimonda Navickienė

Music teacher

Raimonda Navickienė

Raimonda graduated from the Music Academy in 1981. Since 1981 worked as a choir artist and choir artist at Kaunas State Choir. Raimonda has been working as a vocal teacher at Kaunas Juozas Gruodis Conservatory for 10 years. “We learn not for school, but for life” – these words from Seneca perfectly reflect my perception, which I often express to my students. With many years of experience as a music teacher, I can say that music, its cognition, perception and ability to control it, adorns a person and its personality. Music relaxes and liberates, and at the same time teaches concentration and discipline, which is especially relevant today among young people. I am always happy to see my students grow in every sense, and with them I still do not stop growing. Sharing is a joy of life, so I’m always looking forward to that moment, ”says Raimonda Navickienė, a sincere and extremely friendly person who will teach children music at the Erudite Lyceum.

Darius Daugininkas

Teacher of physical education

Darius Daugininkas

Darius graduated from Lithuanian Sports University where he studied sports and physical education program. He has Master`s degree in sports psysiology and genetics. His work experience started in kindergarten “Mazylis” as a physical education teacher. The winner of Lithuanian Sports University program “Sports for Everyone”. Sports is an integral part of his life. Most interested in volleyball, table tennis, track-and-field athletics, but has tried almost all kind of sport. He thinks that good teacher must be a universal personality.

Darius thinks that every child is unique and must be able to have opportunity to create his own template while studying at school. Sport helps to create personality and character. More peace of mind, more movement, more excellent personalities.

Ing Gruzdienė

Speech therapist

Indrė Gruzdienė

Indrė graduated from Šiauliai University with a Master’s degree in Special Needs Pedagogy (specialised in Speech Therapy). Indre has been working with students of all ages who encounters difficulties with speaking, reading and writing for the past 10 years.

Indrė believes that teachers form a support web to assist pupils in overcoming difficulties and achieve the best individual learning outcomes.


Teacher assistant

Rita Juozelskienė

Rita graduated from Panevezys A. Domasevicius medical school. She was working in Kaunas clinics and raised  qualification in different courses and seminars. Since 2005 was working in kindergarten,,Vyturelis” as a nurse with children having visual disturbances. Rita has also masseur qualification. Since 2015 was working as a teacher assistant with children having visual and complex disturbances and later as a teacher.

Rita thinks that first every child is a human and all his talents and skills will open up during his life.