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erudito licėjus tarptautinis bakalaureatas IB IBDP informacinių technologijų mokytojas tarptautinė komanda international team

International Baccalaureate Computer Science and Digital Society and Cambridge Primary Programme Information Technology Teacher

Thierry Taberna

Mr Thierry has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Nantes as well as a Master’s Degree in Computing from the University of Toulouse, France and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Nottingham, England. For six years he worked as a Head of Computer Science and Design, IB DP Computer Science, IGCSE ICT teacher, MYP Design teacher and Primary ICT teacher at the Bishkek International School in Kyrgyzstan before joining Erudito in 2021. Prior to that he worked as a software engineer and software developer in various companies in France. Mr Thierry is very effective in inspiring a wide range of students to improve their computer science and design skills and in guiding students through their graduating year.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja pradinė pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate pradinis ugdymas

Primary School Coordinator and Primary Homeroom teacher

Katarzyna Christop

Ms. Katarzyna is a graduate of the University of Warsaw, Poland. She has 10 years of international teaching and administrative experience in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. For the past two years, she has been leading the primary department at Silk Road International School (SRIS) in Bishkek.

Ms. Katarzyna comes from a family of teachers and believes that a good school should be a learning-friendly environment where every student feels important and taken care of. The philosophy of learning outside the classroom has always been close to her heart, so she focuses on engaging pupils in school life and outdoor learning practices. She is passionate about learning languages – she speaks Mongolian and Russian – and exploring different cultures. In her spare time, she enjoys art (painting and tattooing) and traveling far and wide.

Erudito licėjus priešmokyklinės tarptautinės klasės mokytojas Vilnius komanda

Preschool teacher of the International Cambridge Program

George Gatsios

Mr. George Gatsios is originally from Greece and has a major in primary school education from the University of Thessaly. After completing his Bachelor degree, Mr. George continued his studies and got a certification in special needs education. This year he finished a postgraduate programme called International Teacher in Mechelen, Belgium.
Mr. George has experience working in different schools (Greece, Belgium and the UK) with international curriculums, such as the IB and the IPC. He worked as an early years teacher, learning support and special educational needs teacher.

erudito licėjus tarptautinių klasių pradinių klasių mokytoja vilnius

Cambridge Primary School Homeroom Teacher

Yvette Wollinski

Yvette Wollinski is originally from Australia. She is an experienced nursery and primary school teacher who has been working in international schools for the last 15 years. Prior to her arrival to Lithuania, she has worked in China, Georgia, Russia and Portugal. Teacher holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of South Africa. Currently, she is pursuing her second degree with a specialism in International Education at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. Teacher has 3 children and enjoys running, eating, reading, and traveling.

Erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja pradinis ugdymas tarptautinis mokytojas privati mokykla

Cambridge Primary School Teacher

Alina Zorina

Ms. Alina started her teaching career 11 years ago and has been teaching primary school students for most of her professional life. She is joining Erudito lyceum in Vilnius from the British International School of Timisoara, a leading international school in Romania. Prior to that she worked in both national and international schools in South Korea, Kuwait and Ukraine. Ms. Alina graduated from the Taras Shevchenko University in Kyiv in 2005 (Faculty of Primary Education and School Management). Her experience covers the international and British curricula; she also received certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Young Learners.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja pradinė pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate pradinis ugdymas

Primary school Teacher

Meredith Wynne

Ms. Meredith recently graduated from the Elon University in North Carolina, USA as a fully qualified teacher. She is involved with elementary classroom teachers since 2018. As she says, since then, her love for teaching continue growing. Meredith thrives working in a community setting and believes it is very beneficial to bounce ideas off of many people in order to create the best possible outcomes and learning environments. She joined Erudito Licejus directly from the US and she is looking forward very much to discover Vilnius and Lithuania

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus komanda pradinių klasių mokytoja

Primary School Programme Manager and Pre-school Teacher

Virginija Matjošienė

Senior pre-school education educator with teacher methodist qualifications and 22 years of continuous pedagogical work experience. Graduated from Vilnius higher pedagogy school and in 2008 received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a teacher qualification from Vilnius University of Education. After acquiring the competence of the trainee practice mentor of pre-school and pre-school education – teacher, evaluator, counselor of student practice. Virginia focuses on the individual progress of each student by using inclusive education, which helps students experience a sense of discovery, experience, and success, acquire the basics of learning to learn and strengthen various competencies.

Virginija believes that childhood is a unique value when great foundations can be laid here and now for the abilities of freedom, autonomy, thinking, answerability, creativity.

erudito licėjus tarptautinė mokykla pradinis ugdymas priešmokyklinė klasė mokytoja pedagogas

Pre-School Teacher

Karolina Alfavickaitė

Teacher has more than 10 years of pedagogical work experience. She graduated from Vilnius College, Faculty of Arts, music pedagogy studies, and obtained a qualification in preschool education from the Lithuanian University of Education. Karolina gained experience by working as a pre-school teacher, a music teacher, and working in non-formal education as a manager of theater and music groups, camps for children. She created and directed several plays together with her children. Creativity, freedom, drive, enthusiasm, self-realization, playfulness, curiosity, desire to improve, dissemination of good experience, diligence, constant search for how to do simple things differently, dedication, responsibility – these are what Karolina has and values. Teacher constantly strives to share this with children and sees great meaning in it.

In her spare time, Karolina plays the guitar and sings Lithuanian folk songs together with the folklore ensemble “Volunga”.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus komanda pradinių klasių mokytoja

Primary School Teacher

Jolanta Derkač

A primary school teacher who obtained a bachelor’s degree in education from Šiauliai University and the qualification of a primary school teacher. With 24 years of pedagogical experience, capable of communicating and acting in an intercultural environment. Jolanta is characterized by excellent integration of smart technologies in lessons, gladly exploits, and tries non-traditional teaching methods. It is very important for the child to feel calm and safe at school. She is interested in innovation, active sports, willingly sharing his experience with the community.

Jolanta believes, that openness and trust must dominate the relationship between students and teachers.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus pradinių klasių mokytoja

Primary school Teacher

Jūratė Babickienė

Educator, pre-school and primary school teacher. Teacher Jūratė has a specialty in technology education and a teacher’s qualification at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. She graduated from Vytautas Magnus University with a master’s degree programme in education. In learning process, the teacher seeks balance by combining knowledge of science, art, culture, sports skills, perception of the world, teaching others and growing oneself. It is important how students feel at school – the child has to feel good in communicating with the teacher, classmates. The teacher believes that it is important to be able to wait for each child to answer the question asked. Then we can also talk about academic achievements. It is important that everyone feels success and joy of learning.

 Jūratė believes that children in this world should be travellers, discoverers and creators.

erudito licėjus pradinio ugdymo pradinių klasių mokytoja vilnius

Primary school Teacher

Vitalija Prasauskaitė

Primary school teacher Vitalija has a bachelor’s degree in primary education pedagogy from the Lithuanian University of Education and a master’s degree in international communication from Vilnius University, has 5 years of experience working with primary school students. Vitalija believes that the teacher’s job is constant growth and improvement, self-search and cognition. She tells her students that when they learn, their teacher also learns. Vitalija loves active pastimes that allow her body and mind to relax. She also likes reading books because she believes that reading broadens the imagination and horizons, and enriches vocabulary. Teacher’s values are honesty, duty, respect and family. During her undergraduate years, he actively volunteered in the ESN student community, helping students from abroad to adapt more quickly in our country.

Vitalija believes that anyone who learns and pursues their goals, even if they make a mistake, will be one step ahead than those who do nothing.

erudito licėjus pradinis ugdymas pradinių klasių mokytoja

Primary school Teacher

Eisvydė Jurkevičiūtė

A primary school teacher who has acquired the degree in primary education pedagogy at the Lithuanian University of Education and has 6 years of experience working with primary school students. Teacher is constantly looking for innovations and has participated in an Erasmus+ internship in Finland, a country known for being one of the world’s best education systems. Eisvydė always wants to provide students with engaging learning content, inspire, encourage and motivate. It is important for her that students can express their thoughts and emotions freely in the environment around them. In summer, she volunteers and organises various camps for children. In her free time, Eisvydė seeks inspiration while traveling. She believes that it helps to develop a person as a personality, broadens horizons, promotes self-confidence while facing unexpected situations.

Eisvydė believes that the relationship between a child, a teacher, and parents is based on mutual trust, open relationship, and respect.

erudito licėjus pradinis ugdymas pradinių klasių mokytoja

Primary school Teacher

Glorija Kliokytė

A. Einstein once said ‘Logic can only bring you from point A to point B, but imagination can bring you anywhere’. This quote is Glorija’s life moto and she says, that everyday you must not forget about creativity, because knowing other cultures can enrich your personality, grow your tolerance. Glorija has a bachelor’s degree in East Asian countries and cultures from Vytautas Magnus university and is a qualified specialist of this region. Right now she is continuing her musicology studies in Lithuania’s music and theatre academy, also learning about South Korean and Japan music evolution. In her spare time Glorija is… learning and deepening her knowledge about Korean language.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja pradinė pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate pradinis ugdymas

Primary school Teacher

Dalia Valaikienė

Dalia is a methodologist of primary classes, she obtained a master’s degree in educational sciences from Mykolas Romeris University and has 13 years of teaching experience. Dalia is an active participant of national and European Erasmus+ projects, led the STEAM kids’ group in Vilnius schools. In 2021 spring, she shared her experience in managing digital educational content while working as a lecturer at the National Education Agency. Dalia strives to encourage students to actively engage in the creation of educational experiences so that they willingly participate in the life of the classroom, school, and eventually whole country. For her, as well as for Erudito Lyceum, development and nurturing of citizenship, leadership, creativity, and competences are important. Teacher pays a lot of attention to student cooperation and team challenges that develop critical thinking. Students learn to propose and listen to ideas, to come to an agreement, to make decisions, and such skills are extremely important in the future of a person’s life.

Dalia believes that: “Learning without thinking is useless. Thinking without learning is dangerous.” Confucius

Pradinių klasių mokytoja Jurgita Steponaitienė

Primary school Teacher

Jurgita Steponaitienė

Jurgita is a primary school teacher, methodologist, mentor of junior teachers, accredited lecturer of the Thinking School organization. At the Institute of Individual Psychology, she acquired the competence of the manager of the parenting skills program “Parents Group”. In the educational process, she works with the SEKU program (development of social-emotional competences) and accumulates new experience in the implementation program of the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee. Jurgita is also engaged in the individual activity “Saviraiškos kelias”, where together with children and teenagers she creates, communicates, discovers and enjoys experiential activities in nature.

Jurgita loves nature very much, so she spends a large part of her free time observing, exploring and relaxing in it. Travels, books, cooking and tasting confectionery at home relaxes and inspires to continue working.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja pradinė pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate pradinis ugdymas

Primary school Teacher

Agnė Petraitienė

Agnė is a senior primary school teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience. At Vilnius Pedagogical University, she completed the primary education study programme and obtained a Master’s degree in Social Sciences (Education). During many years of pedagogical experience, teacher has created a lot of authentic educational content, is the co-author of the digital educational tools “Smart Robots” and EMA for the 2nd grade of the Lithuanian language. Agnė is particularly interested in digital educational technologies, she participates in the European-wide campaign “Digital Week”. Teacher pays a lot of attention to personal progress of each student and looks for the most appropriate approach to a child. Agnė is an active member of the educational community, encouraging students to express themselves, participate, strive and be happy with their results!

Agnė believes that – try and you will succeed. Learning is fun throughout life.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus pradinių klasių anglų kalbos mokytoja

English Teacher

Marina Kornilova

The teacher’s path to the English subject was unusual. The teacher is a graduate of the Vilnius Tallat-Kelpša Conservatory, majoring in violin-performer and qualified as a music teacher. While working as a music teacher, she was always interested in child psychology, she was striving for constant growth, therefore she obtained a bachelor’s degree in English philology at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and a specialty in educology. The teacher lived and worked in the USA for several years, returning to join the team at the International American School of Vilnius, where she worked for 17 years with children of all ages, including preschool classes. When working with children, the teacher takes the view that each child is unique, with great potential. The teacher is convinced that the teacher’s mission is to help the child reveal his or her unique talents.

Marina believes that in order to achieve good results, it is very important to give the child the opportunity to enjoy the learning process.


English Teacher

Mari Chopikashvili

Mari Chopikashvili is a primary school English teacher who came from Georgia. Mari graduated from Georgia’s Tbilisi University with a degree in English Philology, and received a Master’s degree in Vytautas Magnus University. During her studies, she did internships in Spanish and Polish schools, where she got to know different education systems.
Mari started her teaching career in the 4th year of university. She accumulated her knowledge of pedagogical work by working with preschoolers and primary school students, and also works as a private teacher for adults. At the previous international school where she worked and currently at Erudito Lyceum, Mari teaches English according to the Cambridge program.

Mari believes that communication between children and teachers and encouraging them to express their thoughts orally and in writing is a successful way to learn English.

Ieva Nemanytė

English Teacher

Ieva Nemanytė

English teacher Ieva completed her bachelor’s studies in English philology and pedagogy at Vilnius University. Continuing her education, the teacher is currently seeking to obtain a master’s degree in subject law in English. Being interested in different cultures and teaching methods, teacher Ieva spent part of her studies in an Erasmus+ internship in Spain, participated in an exchange program, returned to Lithuania and completed her internship in Lithuanian schools and successfully taught language in a private English language school. In the educational process, the teacher values diversity, applies practical learning, helps students to improve their communicative and linguistic skills through knowledge and cooperation.

Ieva believes that the best results are achieved by listening, knowing, developing creativity, intelligence and, most importantly, not being afraid to ask. Curiosity and questions make learning more interesting and useful!

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja lietuvių kalba pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate

Primary and Secondary School Teacher of English (Cambridge International) and EAL

Betigül Gökçekoğlu

Ms. Betigül is originally from Turkey. She has a Bachelor degree in English Language and Literature from Hacettepe University in Anakara. Additionally, she pursued her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a Teaching Qualification at Bilkent University in Turkey. Prior to her arrival in Lithuania, Ms. Betigül completed an internship as an IBDP English A and English B, as well as the Theory of Knowledge Teacher and received her International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Teacher Certificate. Ms. Betigül understands teaching as a purposeful profession. Her main aim is to create a positive and student-centered learning environment where each student finds joy as they learn. Ms. Betigül loves the outdoors and appreciates various forms of arts, especially cinema and literature.

Betigül believes that teachers should inspire students to be the better version of themselves.

erudito licėjus pagrindinis ugdymas prancūzų kalba mokytoja tarptautinė komanda

French Teacher

Chloé Boyaval

French teacher holding a DAEFLE (Professional diploma in teaching French as a foreign language) and a Masters in History from the Université de Caen Normandie, France. Teacher also had the great opportunity to do a language exchange in Germany and an Erasmus+ year in Cardiff, UK. Teacher have lived and worked in a number of countries worlwide in the UK, Japan, Switzerland and recently Ethiopia. Chloe is always happy to share her culture and her language with students from around the world as well as learning from them. Her vision about teaching French is that it must be fun. The students must be in movement, they must communicate, share their own experience. Everyone has a voice, should use it and be heard. Everyone is important and teacher uses French to encourage them to believe in themselves.

Teacher believes that the teachers have to let the students express who they are and let their personalities shine. The lesson will be richer and the students more confident.

erudito licėjus pagrindinis ugdymas prancūzų kalba mokytoja tarptautinė komanda

French Teacher

Jurgita Daugmaudytė

Jurgita completed her master’s studies in French philology at Vilnius University, and in 2002 she obtained a PHD in humanities. Interned in France, Italy, Romania. For 15 years, she taught French and Italian languages, French culture and civilization, psycholinguistics at Vilnius University. Obtained the degree of docent, published articles on linguistic and didactic topics, published teaching aids such as Lituanien de poche (Pocket Lithuanian language for French, 2005), Lisons en français (Let’s read in French, Žara, 2008), Lingvodidactic terms and Special education terms co-author of the dictionary, together with the department of foreign languages of the Université de Quatres rivières of Quebec, Canada, created a Lithuanian language teaching platform for French speakers, participated in such projects as the development of an evaluation and test system, a sociolinguistic study of urban and home languages, worked as a French language DELF exam evaluator at the French Institute. Jurgita is also a translator – she has translated books from and into French, translates films and interprets in various other fields. A special area that has given her invaluable knowledge and joy in dealing with children (and especially children with special needs) has been interpreting for many years in the field of international adoption. Jurga has 24 years of teaching experience, cooperates with language schools and various institutions, teaches at the Academy of Arts, so she shares her knowledge with students of various ages and needs – both adults and children. In her work, she aims first of all to find out the needs and interests of students, to help them reveal their abilities, to turn the learning process into a creative, pleasant and interesting activity. For Jurga, constant improvement, creative inspiration, artistic self-expression is an important driver of life, so she studied Art Therapy, Interior Design, Writers’ Academy and other courses. Jurga’s life includes a lot of music (she sings in a choir, plays the piano), creative writing, travel and photography, she likes to decorate, restore, create a beautiful and harmonious environment, loves nature and strives to live sustainably. Out of love for people, Jurga volunteers at Caritas and other organizations – it’s a wonderful way to sincerely share not only your available spiritual and material resources, but also to grow together and improve in community.

Teacher believes that communication, mutual listening, promotion of students’ self-expression, awareness and creativity are important in the learning process.

Prancūzų kalbos mokytoja Brigita Misevičiūtė

French Teacher

Brigita Misevičiūtė

Brigita studies the language and culture of francophone countries at Vytautas Magnus University and is interested in the professions of pedagogy and translation. Currently also doing a remote translation internship at L’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie. She also volunteered at the Caritas, where she interacted with children, helped with homework and went on various trips together. In addition, Brigita has graduated from a music school. In her spare time, she is interested in a healthy lifestyle, reads books, does handicrafts and makes jewelry. Brigita is happy that she already has the opportunity to teach while studying in the 4th year at university, because it encourages her to be even more interested in pedagogy, improve and learn together with children. It is important for teachers that children would feel confident at school and would not be afraid to express their opinion and be themselves.

Brigita believes that the real teachers are children, from whom one can learn curiosity, understanding, creativity and many other invaluable experiences.

erudito licėjus mokytoja informatika pedagogas pradinis ugdymas informacinės technologijos

Information and Modern Technology Teacher

Jūratė Valatkevičienė

Teacher of Information and Modern Technology, who has 20 years of experience in pedagogical work, has completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and also mathematics and computer science at the then Vilnius Pedagogical University. Jūratė is a Logo enthusiast, one of the pioneers of the Logo competition – Olympic and informatics and also informatics competition “Bebras” in Lithuania. Jūratė is a co-author of many textbooks.

Jūratė believes that the teacher’s job is to show the student the paths and opportunities, to support and encourage them to take the first steps.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus komanda tikybos mokytojas

Religion Teacher

Julius Mališauskas

In 2002 he graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University and acquired a bachelor of religious sciences. After successfully starting as a teacher, Julius continued to improve his knowledge and in 2011 acquired the Qualification Category of Senior Teacher. Julius is currently a member of the Methodological Group of The Teachers of Nicholas, All Saints, parish teachers, and st. Chairman of the Theresa Parish Teachers Methodological Group. They believe that the search for the meaning of life is specific to everyone and everyone is looking for what is filling. In his lessons, it is most important for him to find a connection with the student so that the student feels safe, open, and critical in the lesson.

Julius believes that whatever you do, do it from the heart.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus pagrindinių klasių muzikos mokytoja

Music Teacher

Violeta Serbintienė

Violeta Serbintienė – music teacher methodologist with 32 years of work experience in pre-school, primary and secondary education. The teacher obtained her qualification as a choir leader and music teacher at Klaipeda University. As a lover of theater, dance and music, teacher Violeta combined these art branches into the musical genre. The musicals “Please love my Lithuania”, “Your Anna”, “We play love according to Shakespeare” and many others created by the teacher were noticed and evaluated in republican theater competitions, shown in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, the Presidency, Trakai Castle, the Martynas Mažvydas National Library and other Lithuanian stages. The teacher is also active in international projects – in the Erasmus + project “Life on stage”, street performances created by the teacher and her students were shown in the squares of Madrid, Spain. Teacher Violeta also creates digital educational content – e-lessons used by the Lithuanian music teachers.

Violeta believes that believing in the child’s abilities, mutual respect and mutual responsibility, courage to be oneself, creativity are the most direct path to learning success.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus komanda pradinių klasių muzikos mokytoja

Music Teacher

Dovaldė Ulčinaitė

After graduating from the performing arts – jazz vocals – at Vytautas Magnus University Music Academy, Dovaldė has been working as a vocal, piano and music teacher for three years. She is graduated the composition from Jazz Academy in Lithuania. In teaching students of all ages, the teacher seeks daily positivity and shares it with others. Dovaldė is also a participant in several popular musical TV shows as well as a backing vocalist. The courage to stand on the stage and the excellent communication skills gained during the concerts, enables Dovaldė to teach her students by applying a holistic approach. During the lessons, the teacher strives for each child to overcome their fears, internal barriers and free themselves in a variety of senses.

Dovaldė believes that every child has an infinite desire to act, and the teacher must help to turn it into action.

Fizinio ugdymo mokytoja Ieva Morkienė

Physical education teacher

Ieva Morkienė

Ieva Morkienė is a physical education specialist who graduated Vilnius Pedagogical University, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in sports and a teacher’s qualification. Later, she completed Master’s studies in Management and Business Administration at the Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education as well as obtained Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in the United Kingdom. She has been working in the field of sports for many years, both in Lithuania and in foreign countries, and is not only a physical education teacher, but also a personal trainer for adults. The teacher constantly deepens and expands her knowledge.

Ieva believes that physical activity should be a pleasant activity especially for children. The goal of her endeavors is to get children interested in moving while playing and to teach them to move correctly. In teacher’s opinion, sports should be daily routine, way of life, regime, and most importantly, health promotion.

Plaukimo treneris Dominykas Spudvilas

Swimming coach

Dominykas Spudvilas

Dominykas Spudvilas is a swimming coach and teacher with a bachelor’s degree in sports education and natural sciences. Also a graduate of the International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program (ICECP) in Delaware, United States of America. He currently has 7 years of teaching experience. Dominykas is a former professional athlete, swimmer, member of the Lithuanian swimming team, record holder, multiple champion and prize winner.

Dominykas believes that everyone should know how to swim, and it is best to learn as early as possible.

erudito licėjus Kembridžo pradinių klasių programos mokytojo padėjėja

Cambridge Primary School Co-Teacher

Olga Taberna

Ms Olga has a Bachelor’s degree in Russian philology from Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University and a Master of Law from Kyrgyz State Academy of Law. She has taught Russian Language and Literature to high school students at one of the local schools in Bishkek and Russian as an additional language in International schools.