5-10 grades

Marta Bobiatynska

Head of International Programmes (IBDP/IGCSE), IBDP College Counselor, IBDP/IGCSE Exam Officer

Marta Bobiatynska

Marta graduated from the University of Warsaw with M.Sc. in Geography, followed by a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences. She also holds a Qualified Teacher Status from Poland and the UK. Marta is involved in International Baccalaureate education since 2004. Firstly as a Geography teacher and Head of Faculty and most recently as a Head of Education and IB DP Coordinator. During her career, she worked in international schools in several countries, including Poland, Netherlands, Russia, and Armenia. Apart from that, she is also an experienced IB DP workshop leader, school visitor and examiner. Marta is looking forward to meeting all at the school and living in beautiful Lithuania, the country she has been visiting in the past on many occasions and which is dear to her.

Marta believes that “It’s worth being honest, although it doesn’t always pay off. It pays off to be dishonest, but it isn’t worth it”.


International Baccalaureate and Cambridge (IBDP/IGCSE) Programmes Head Science Teacher, Students’ Projects Coordinator

Ash Ellis

Ash Ellis is a Lead chemistry and physics teacher with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Ash has two BScs degrees which shows her thirst for knowledge and Postgraduate Diploma Secondary Education and Subject Knowledge Enhancement Science/Chemistry at University of Plymouth.  Ash is a prestige member of UK charted teachers, with a proven track record of helping students achieving extraordinary results. She joined this prestigious group by studying the science of learning, where through research they are improving teaching practices in educational environments. She has taught a variety of age groups and topics including, GCSE, IGCSE, A Level Chemistry, A Level Physics and Cambridge International A Level Physics.

Ash believes in training and encouraging the new generation to become lifelong learners and preparing them for the unknown future. “Nothing happens until something moves” – Albert Einstein.


International Baccalaureate and Cambridge (IBDP/IGCSE) Programmes Mathematics Teacher

Dr. Ozhan Akdag

Dr. Ozhan Akdag has 20 years of experience by teaching mathematics in International Baccalaureate (MYP and DP) and Cambridge (A-level and IGCSE). Teacher graduated from Ataturk Technical University and worked in many international schools and latest in Denmark and Czech Republic. He founded and managed Robotics and Project creating clubs at schools where he previously worked. Dr. Ozhan Akdag wants to create a robotics club in “Erudito licėjus” too and wants to join some competitions with students. Dr. Ozhan Akdag is pleased that by teaching children mathematics, he encourages students to achieve the highest results.

Dr. Ozhan believes that the Mathematics is not somewhere out of our life, it is around us and touches our life every second


International Baccalaureate and Cambridge (IBDP/IGCSE) Programmes Information Technology Teacher

Thomas Anthony Morrison

A computer science teacher, holding his bachelor’s degree in Computing Science and Marketing from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Edge Hill, Lancashire, England. After spending several years in business and driven by a desire to share knowledge with others, Thomas discovered a teaching vocation and began working at school. Thomas is well versed in his field and has been a computer science teacher for nine years in International Baccalaureate and Cambridge programmes around the world, including accredited schools in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Italy, England. The teacher works with both primary and secondary school students. Technology is changing rapidly, so during summer vacation in his native Ireland, the teacher shares his knowledge and conducts hands-on STEM programming sessions.

Thomas believes that by sharing with others, we always get a return. The teacher likes to see how students progress and learn because that’s how we all learn.


Secondary School Programme Manager and History Teacher

Gražvydas Kaškelis

He is an ethics teacher who received a bachelor’s degree in history in 2008. Actively participates in international projects in The Netherlands, Poland, Latvia. Interested in education news, apply the latest teaching methods. Gražvydas participated in the process of assessing the achievements of standardized pupils and developing self-assessment tools for general education schools and is a lecturer in various seminars. The teacher is interested in sports, nature, photography. He is pleased with the knowledge he has with the interests that can convey to the younger generation. Actively travels, has organized a dozen student excursions abroad, visiting science centers or interesting historical objects.

Gražvydas believes, that one of the most important things is to engage the student in the subject, and then learning becomes easier.


A Lithuanian Language and Literature Teacher

Inga Motiejūnienė

Lithuanian language and literature teacher with 24 years of pedagogical work experience. 1997 graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University, Faculty of Lithuanian Studies, and since 2001. Inga was awarded the qualification category of a senior teacher. The teacher is a PUPP evaluator, has been elected chairman of the school council on several occasions, and has led the teachers’ methodological group. Participates in consultations on the evaluation of teaching aids and Lithuanian language textbooks. She has been preparing tasks for Lithuanian language olympiads for students of national minority schools for five years. Inga participated in the EU project “Living Reading” aimed at improving students’ reading skills. During the project, she improved her knowledge about fast, inclusive reading, the use of ICT and virtual learning environment, and the creation of texts using IT tools. She also worked as a journalist in the editorial office of Žolynų magazine. Inga’s students participate in various educational competitions, olympiads, social actions, project activities. “Modern children are curious, it is important for them to explore and try. Research activities involve, reveal students’ talents and abilities, learning becomes interesting and effective. I remind my students that language opens up many ways and opportunities for a person, ”says the teacher. – I. Kant wrote: “The Lithuanian language is very important and it is the key to all the secrets of the world.” “

Inga believes that meaningful, innovative teaching (s) can be a pleasure.

Rima Kasperionytė

A Lithuanian Language and Literature Teacher

Rima Kasperionytė

Lithuanian language teacher, having graduated from the Bachelor’s and Master’s studies in Lithuanian Philology and started writing a dissertation in the field of philology. The teacher belongs to the literary prize commission of the writer G. Kanovičius, she has also published fiction texts as well as scientific and journalistic articles. In addition to Lithuanian studies, she is interested in Judaic studies, completed her internship in Israel and taught Hebrew language to  1-9 grade students for a couple of years. The teacher is an active user of visual and performing arts.

Rima believes  famous Lithuanian writer Juozas Tumas-Vaižgantas sometimes signed in his letters: “Totis viribus! (With all one’s might!)”


A Lithuanian Language and Literature Teacher

Ernesta Galdikienė

A Lithuanian language and literature teacher with a senior teacher qualification category, during her 13 years of work experience has worked in Lithuanian and international schools. Teacher Ernesta graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University with a bachelor’s degree in Lithuanian philology and a master’s degree in literary studies. The teacher regularly prepares students for both local and republican competitions, educates young journalists, used to publish a school newspaper with them, organises inter-school debates and other events, and is an evaluator of the Secondary Education Achievement Test (PUPP). The teacher always sees the learning process as a field of possibilities – an opportunity to help others grow and improve on a daily basis, and at the same time, an opportunity to be a part of the future for herself. It is important for teacher Ernesta that every student in the lessons feels safe and important and knows the ways in which they can learn and improve.

Ernesta believes ​​famous pedagogue and educator Meilės Lukšienė: “To educate means to transfer culture and prepare a person so that he can participate creatively in it – not only to consume cultural goods properly, but also to increase them.”


Mathematics Teacher

Marius Zakarevicius

Mathematics teacher methodologist with 15 years of pedagogical experience. He obtained the professional qualification of a mathematics teacher after graduating from Vilnius University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. In their activities, they are constantly looking for ways to improve their qualifications, gain new experience, so they do not shy away from participating in projects related to improving the quality of education. Marius had to test his strength while working in the team of authors preparing the textbook “Mathematics for You 12th grade”, the task “Mathematics for You 11th grade”, the publication “Mathematics Tasks for 5th grade”. Has been involved in projects for the development of interactive learning objects for gymnasiums, digital teaching aids and methodologies for their use. Marius is interested in the dynamic mathematics program Geogebra, is involved in the activities of the Lithuanian Geogebra Institute, and is also a member of the organizing committee of the Baltic & Nordic Geogebra Network.

Marius believes that “keep in mind that I am good and I am lucky, you are good and you are lucky.”

Nino Bitchiashvili

English Teacher

Nino Bitchiashvili

English teacher at Erudito Licejus with five years of teaching experience. She has taught English in different countries such as Georgia, Spain, Greece and Lithuania. She is currently acquiring her degree in Political Science at Vytautas Magnus University. Nino is very passionate about teaching and learning different languages. She is fluent in three languages and is presently mastering   two more.  She reckons that the biggest responsibility for a teacher is to open up a “pathway of thought” in children’s minds and inspire them to the fullest. She believes in treating them seriously from the younger age and has individual approaches developed for each and every student.

Nino believes, that the root of the world “education” stands for the idea to “lead”, meaning that for her, education is leading out of what is already there in a pupil.


English Teacher

Greta Kaikarytė

English teacher, translator, editor, obtained a bachelor degree in English philology at Vilnius University. She is the winner of Sir Stanley Wells Fellowship, who graduated with honours from the Shakespeare Institute, Birmingham University. Greta has a strong personality, is able to think critically and creatively, rationally solve problems and build a relationship with the intercultural community. Ir is extremely important for Greta to create an equal dialogue with children, to know them as growing individual personalities, to share and inspire love for literature and science.

Greta believes, that openness, trust, self-reflection and mutual feedback in the educational process are among the most important values.

Karolis nuotrauka

English Teacher

Karolis Sinskas

English teacher and translator Karolis Sinskas, 2011 graduated from Kaunas University of Technology with a degree in English translation and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English Philology. 2016 He graduated from Kaunas University of Technology with a master’s degree in international business.

After testing himself in different activities in Lithuania and London, he started his career as a teacher in 2019. at the language school UAB Kalba.lt, when he realized that not only works but also learns while teaching. English began to be taught to preschool children in kindergartens, taught and continues to teach English to adults in groups and individually, and in 2020. In September, he joined the team of teachers of the Public Institution Robotikos Akademija. Karolis is very happy that at the Erudito Lyceum he will be surrounded by an even larger group of smart, curious children, young people and colleagues who want to learn.

Karolis believes that every child, regardless of his or her social or financial situation, has the right to a quality education, to be heard and understood, and that his mission is to help and promote learning, to achieve the best results, to develop creative, energetic, free and challenging people.


English Teacher

Joel Mowdy

Joel Mowdy graduated with high honors from Hofstra University with a Bachelor degree in English Literature. He has also earned a Master of Fine Arts in Fiction from the University of Michigan. He is a published author with more than fifteen years experience teaching English (Language and Literature) as well as other humanities subjects at international schools on three continents. Writing is his passion, and he strives to impart the good writing habits his students need to be successful on their life-long learning journeys.

IMG_3409-200x300 (1)

Teacher of French

Gintarė Baciuškienė

French teacher, who has been working in education for 15 years, has completed her Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in French and didactics and has a teacher expert qualification category. Gintarė is demanding and seeking improvement, so she regularly participates in various trainings in Lithuania and France, she is a member of a team of various national projects, conducts methodological training for Lithuanian teachers, is an evaluator of international DELF/DALF exams, and since 2020 vice-president of the Association of French Language Teachers and Teachers. Teachers are a very important environment based on collaboration, teamwork, and partnership, where pupils use the language naturally and easily in various activities.

Gintarė believes, that each student must experience success in the lesson in order to gain confidence in their abilities.


French Teacher

Indrė Skramtai

The teacher has a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Vilnius University, where she also obtained a Master’s degree in French Philology and a qualification in interpreting. France, the French language, culture, books, music have surrounded her since early childhood. Since high school, Indre has been a laureate of many French language competitions and Olympiads. During her studies, she studied at various universities in Paris, Angers and Strasbourg. She worked as a freelance French-Lithuanian interpreter in the public and private sectors. Trained at the European Commission’s Interpretation Directorate in Brussels and at the European Court of Justice’s Interpretation Directorate in Luxembourg. Being a mother of two kids, she became convinced that working with children and their education was one of the most meaningful activities, so she joins the Erudito licėjus teachers’ team with joy and inspiration.

Indrė believes that family gives children roots and school gives the wings.


French Teacher

Veslav Kuranovic

A French teacher with a number of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, he is currently a PhD candidate. Veslav Polyglot – speaks 10 languages ​​(English, Polish, Lithuanian, German, Russian, French, Italian, Chinese and Arabic) and has written 30 articles in scientific publications in the field of education. The teacher did an internship in China and participated in an Erasmus + educational visit to Bologna, Italy.


Physics Teacher – Methodologist

Aida Griškienė

The physics teacher is open to innovation, constantly improving in both subject and pedagogical fields, and encouraging students to observe and explore nature. Aida has even 24 years of experience in teaching physics at school. Graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University in 1996 and obtained the qualification of a physics and astronomy teacher also graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University with a master’s degree and obtained a master’s degree in natural sciences and a qualification of a gymnasium physics-astronomy teacher. The teacher is a co-author of the methodological article Spreadsheet’s Scope of Application in School Physics. The article was published in the publication “Information technologies at school” (2006) of the selected articles of the 2nd International Conference “Informatics in School: Development and Perspectives”. 2015 internship at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (France, Switzerland). Prepared methodological material “History of Atomic Structure and Elementary Particle Research”, which can be found in the activities of the National Agency for Education (former UPC) “Educational GARDEN”. Aida willingly shares her experience, reads presentations at LFMA (Lithuanian Physics Teachers’ Association) conferences. She is a member of this association and a member of the LFMA Vilnius branch board. She has released four student shows that keep in touch with former students and even their parents.


Chemistry and Biology Teacher

Kristina Žekonytė

Kristina is determined to show her students not only the difficult and exact side of chemistry, natural sciences, but also to help them understand how wonderful it is to know what is going on in the human body, nature, technological processes. After obtaining bachelor’s and master’s degrees in natural sciences, Kristina in 2004 awarded the qualification category of a senior teacher. Since 2012 she has been participating in the evaluation of the works of the State Chemistry Exam, and since 2017 Kristina is a senior evaluator. Successfully prepares students for chemistry olympiads. The teacher is proud of 2018. after receiving a letter of thanks from the VU Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences for their interest in chemistry and excellent preparation of students for studies at Vilnius University. Kristina participates and represents Lithuanian chemistry teachers in seminars organized by Baltic chemistry teachers in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Kristina believes that the only way to be truly happy is to work what you enjoy most and enjoy what you do.

M. Rakauskas

Biology Teacher

Marius Rakauskas

The teacher graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology and obtained the qualification of a teacher at Vytautas Magnus University. He is currently studying a Master’s degree in Inclusive Education: Socio-Educational Industries. The teacher has worked as a homeroom teacher and has experience working with 5-12 grade students as well as with students with learning difficulties. Marius applies active teaching methods, various information technology tools and platforms, and principles of universal design to education in the learning process, in order to involve all students in the class and experience learning success. He is interested in the biological diversity of Lithuanian organisms, and also has a collection of invertebrates that he is constantly increasing. Marius believes that nature, biology is an integral part of every human life, so to understand what is going on in nature and in our body processes are very important. Marius thinks that if a teacher goes to work with joy, a smile on his face, he believes in himself, then the students will trust him as well.

Marius believes that the experience of learning success is very important in the learning process, which increases students’ motivation, self-esteem, relationship with teachers, develops competencies, abilities and allows them to move forward.


Geography Teacher

Mantas Karanauskas

A geography teacher who has worked as a senior geography teacher in grades 6-8 for the last seven years. Mantas is responsible for student self-government and actively organizes the activities of the Young Travelers Club. Mantas is convinced that he not only teaches children, but also learns a lot from them.

Mantas believes that experience and joyful moments do not come from being on top of a mountain, but from the time spent climbing a mountain.


Geography Teacher

Raimonda Kaulavičienė

Geography teacher Raimonda has a bachelor’s degree in geography, a master’s degree in environmental policy and administration as well as completed a study programme in school pedagogy. The teacher is extremely fond of travel, books, movies and geography subject. The science of geography encompasses a variety of natural, cultural, historical events, and the teacher’s goal is to show students how wonderful and full of miracles our world is, and we are each responsible for its future. 

Raimonda believes that the school does not prepare students for life, but on the contrary – the school is already an important part of their lives.


Information and Modern Technology Teacher

Jūratė Valatkevičienė

Teacher of Information and Modern Technology, who has 20 years of experience in pedagogical work, has completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and also mathematics and computer science at the then Vilnius Pedagogical University. Jūratė is a Logo enthusiast, one of the pioneers of the Logo competition – Olympic and informatics and also informatics competition “Bebras” in Lithuania. Jūratė is a co-author of many textbooks.

Jūratė believes that the teacher’s job is to show the student the paths and opportunities, to support and encourage them to take the first steps.


Ethics and Theatre Teacher

Asta Baukutė

After graduating from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, with a bachelor’s degree in drama and a master’s degree in theatre, Asta has accumulated particularly extensive and significant experience in theatre, television, cinema and education. Asta has many years of pedagogical experience working with children of all ages in schools, leading theatre groups and studios, as well as creativity and theatre camps. The mother of four children constantly strives to inspire the younger generation to be themselves through constant self-search, discussing the principles and essence of tolerance. Asta teaches children communication, public speaking, emotion cognition and expression, cooperation, reflection skills, which are especially important for students’ spiritual, emotional and intellectual development.

Asta believes that that only by not being afraid to take risks and overcoming all fears can one create and be oneself.

Frank Van Lieshout

Physical Education Teacher

Frank van Lieshout

Physical education and wellness teacher comes from the Netherlands. From a very young age he was highly passionate about sport, outdoors and nature. He obtained a university degree in physical education and qualified to be a sports pedagogue. During 10 years of experience he has worked in sport clubs as well as different schools from traditional schools to outdoor and nature based schools and schools for children with special needs teaching children from the age 4- 21 years old.  Frank likes running, trail running and also obstacle running. He also has participated in both European and  World championships. Besides teaching in a school he also teaches adults an active lifestyle in the sport community he has founded in Vilnius (Sportive locals). His vision as a physical education teacher is to help children find the joy in doing sports by introducing children to as many different sports as possible including the new trends and non-traditional sports. Teacher believes that the foundation of success comes together with happiness and positive energy. 

Frank believes that “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you“.


Art and Technologies Teacher

Veronika Guželytė

Art and technologies teacher Veronika Guželytė is a product designer – art teacher born and raised in a family of teachers and musicians. She is a graduate of National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Art as well as Balys Dvarionas’ decennary music school jazz unit. After graduating from school, she planned a professional saxophonist career at the Riga Academy of Music, but decided to turn to the design path. She has a bachelor’s degree in design from the Vilnius Academy of Arts and a school teacher’s qualification from Vilnius University. Veronika did an internship in Lithuanian, Indian and German schools. An active representative of intercultural education, fostering creative – intercultural activities together with Lithuanian and foreign schools. The educational process is guided by Design Thinking, Lean methodologies and various creativity techniques. Veronica is a member of the Stanford University K12 lab d.school community. In 2021 the teacher was awarded a scholarship from the Asia-Europe Foundation for the development of an intercultural exchange programme for Lithuanian and Indian schools.

Veronika believes that design and creativity are universal tools that we can learn to use to create a better world.


Religion Teacher

Julius Mališauskas

In 2002 he graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University and acquired a bachelor of religious sciences. After successfully starting as a teacher, Julius continued to improve his knowledge and in 2011 acquired the Qualification Category of Senior Teacher. Julius is currently a member of the Methodological Group of The Teachers of Nicholas, All Saints, parish teachers, and st. Chairman of the Theresa Parish Teachers Methodological Group. They believe that the search for the meaning of life is specific to everyone and everyone is looking for what is filling. In his lessons, it is most important for him to find a connection with the student so that the student feels safe, open, and critical in the lesson.

Julius believes that whatever you do, do it from the heart.

Violeta Serbintienė

Music Teacher

Violeta Serbintienė

Violeta Serbintienė – music teacher methodologist with 32 years of work experience in pre-school, primary and secondary education. The teacher obtained her qualification as a choir leader and music teacher at Klaipeda University. As a lover of theater, dance and music, teacher Violeta combined these art branches into the musical genre. The musicals “Please love my Lithuania”, “Your Anna”, “We play love according to Shakespeare” and many others created by the teacher were noticed and evaluated in republican theater competitions, shown in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, the Presidency, Trakai Castle, the Martynas Mažvydas National Library and other Lithuanian stages. The teacher is also active in international projects – in the Erasmus + project “Life on stage”, street performances created by the teacher and her students were shown in the squares of Madrid, Spain. Teacher Violeta also creates digital educational content – e-lessons used by the Lithuanian music teachers.

Violeta believes that believing in the child’s abilities, mutual respect and mutual responsibility, courage to be oneself, creativity are the most direct path to learning success.


Music Teacher

Dovaldė Ulčinaitė

After graduating from the performing arts – jazz vocals – at Vytautas Magnus University Music Academy, Dovaldė has been working as a vocal, piano and music teacher for three years. In teaching students of all ages, the teacher seeks daily positivity and shares it with others. Dovaldė is also a participant in several popular musical TV shows as well as a backing vocalist. The courage to stand on the stage and the excellent communication skills gained during the concerts, enables Dovaldė to teach her students by applying a holistic approach. During the lessons, the teacher strives for each child to overcome their fears, internal barriers and free themselves in a variety of senses.

Dovaldė believes that every child has an infinite desire to act, and the teacher must help to turn it into action.