5-10 grades

erudito licėjus Tarptautinių programų vadovė (IBDP/IGCSE), karjeros konsultantė, IBDP/IGCSE egzaminuotoja tarptautinis bakalaureatas

Head of International Programmes (IBDP/IGCSE), IBDP College Counselor, IBDP/IGCSE Exam Officer

Marta Bobiatynska

Marta graduated from the University of Warsaw with M.Sc. in Geography, followed by a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences. She also holds a Qualified Teacher Status from Poland and the UK. Marta is involved in International Baccalaureate education since 2004. Firstly as a Geography teacher and Head of Faculty and most recently as a Head of Education and IB DP Coordinator. During her career, she worked in international schools in several countries, including Poland, Netherlands, Russia, and Armenia. Apart from that, she is also an experienced IB DP workshop leader, school visitor and examiner. Marta is looking forward to meeting all at the school and living in beautiful Lithuania, the country she has been visiting in the past on many occasions and which is dear to her.

Marta believes that “It’s worth being honest, although it doesn’t always pay off. It pays off to be dishonest, but it isn’t worth it”.

Erudito licėjaus Kauno ir Vilniaus Tarptautinio bakalaureato matematikos chemijos mokytoja

International Baccalaureate and Cambridge (IBDP/IGCSE) Programmes Head Science Teacher, Students’ Projects Coordinator

Ash Ellis

Ash Ellis is a Lead chemistry and physics teacher with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Ash has two BScs degrees which shows her thirst for knowledge and Postgraduate Diploma Secondary Education and Subject Knowledge Enhancement Science/Chemistry at University of Plymouth.  Ash is a prestige member of UK charted teachers, with a proven track record of helping students achieving extraordinary results. She joined this prestigious group by studying the science of learning, where through research they are improving teaching practices in educational environments. She has taught a variety of age groups and topics including, GCSE, IGCSE, A Level Chemistry, A Level Physics and Cambridge International A Level Physics.

Ash believes in training and encouraging the new generation to become lifelong learners and preparing them for the unknown future. “Nothing happens until something moves” – Albert Einstein.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus komanda pagrindinių klasių istorijos mokytojas

Secondary School Programme Manager and History Teacher

Gražvydas Kaškelis

He is an ethics teacher who received a bachelor’s degree in history in 2008. Actively participates in international projects in The Netherlands, Poland, Latvia. Interested in education news, apply the latest teaching methods. Gražvydas participated in the process of assessing the achievements of standardized pupils and developing self-assessment tools for general education schools and is a lecturer in various seminars. The teacher is interested in sports, nature, photography. He is pleased with the knowledge he has with the interests that can convey to the younger generation. Actively travels, has organized a dozen student excursions abroad, visiting science centers or interesting historical objects.

Gražvydas believes, that one of the most important things is to engage the student in the subject, and then learning becomes easier.

Erudito licėjaus Tarptautinio bakalaureato komanda biologijos mokytoja

International Baccalaureate  Programme Biology Teacher

Jurgita Makuškaitė

Jurgita graduated from Vilnius University with a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and Ecology. She has also completed PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) studies at Middlesex University and received a qualified teacher’s status (QTS) in the United Kingdom. Jurgita has taught Biology, Chemistry, and Physics GCSE in Secondary Schools in London for the past three years. She gained invaluable international experience in teaching English National Curriculum for Science. Jurgita enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills with students and believes that perseverance, open-mindedness, positivity, and resilience are among the most important values needed for the students to be prepared for the challenges of this precious century.

Jurgita believes that “Teachers can open the door, but you must enter it yourself.”

erudito licėjus tarptautinė komanda tarptautinio bakalaureato kembridžo programų verslumo mokytojas IB IBDP

IBDP Business and Management, Economics and Theory of Knowledge Teacher, College Counsellor and Team Leader for the Entrepreneurship Programme

Christo Steyn

Christo earned a Master of Business Administration Degree, Bachelor of Arts Degree specialising in Education, Higher Education Diploma, and Certificates IV in Information Technology and Training and Assessment. He has eight years experience as a Principal/Director, four years’ experience as Head of Department and more than ten years experience in hands-on teaching across all levels from Early Years to University level. Christo gained his experience across the world in South Africa, Australia, China, Portugal, Russia, Hong Kong, Georgia, and Ukraine! He has qualified Teacher’s status in Australia, Germany and the UK.

Christo believes in holistic education, intending to make learning a process of self‐improvement.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja lietuvių kalba pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate

A Lithuanian Language and Literature Teacher

Roberta Poškaitė

Teacher Roberta  obtained her bachelor’s degree in Lithuanian philology and a pedagogy qualification at Vilnius University in 2016, and later a master’s degree in educology (education policy) and has been working as a Lithuanian language teacher for the six years. Roberta has participated in the programme for gifted children and other programmes for the application of modern teaching methods. In the educational process, personal connection with each student, getting to know them and accompanying them is important to Roberta, and she reveals the intricacies of the Lithuanian language and literature by relating them to the everyday life of the students. Roberta herself constantly strives to improve and learn, she is interested in psychology, art, literature, theater, she cannot imagine her life without painting and movement.

Roberta believes that every experience and every person is a gift.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja lietuvių kalba pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate

A Lithuanian Language and Literature Teacher

Magdalena Protaitė

Magdalena has a bachelor’s degree in Lithuanian philology and a master’s degree in literary anthropology and culture at Vilnius University and is currently studying school pedagogy at the same university. She has many Lithuanians in the family – Magdalena represents their third generation. Having grown up in Kaunas, she was a prize winner of the city’s Olympiads and a participant and laureate of national competitions. Having experience in individual additional education – several years of work practice with older students, preparing students for PUPP, VBE and those entering various gymnasiums.

Magdalena believes that the most important thing for a student is the respect and trust felt from the teacher, and for the teacher – to be able to talk about the most complex things simply and without losing a sense of humour. She would like to prepare at least one student for the subject Olympiad, and to interest others in literature, not as an obligation, but as a way of getting to know the world, history and oneself.

Lietuvių kalbos mokytoja Vida Grigaliūnaitė

A Lithuanian Language and Literature Teacher

Vida Grigaliūnaitė

Teacher Vida Grigaliūnaitė graduated Lithuanian language and philology studies at Vilnius University. After graduating, she worked at the Culture School, and for the past 30 years, Vida has been teaching children at the National M.K. Čiurlionis School of Arts. While working in this institution, the teacher “tamed” music, dance, art. She is convinced that the work of a teacher is special, requiring to be a psychologist, a philosopher, an orator, and a creator.

In the last year, the teacher edited more than 10 business books. In her free time, she attends concerts and theaters and especially likes to travel.

Vida believes that a valuable book shapes a person – life does the rest.

Lietuvių kalbos mokytoja Agnė Andreliūnaitė

A Lithuanian Language and Literature Teacher

Agnė Andreliūnaitė

Agnė Andreliūnaitė is a third-year student at Vytautas Magnus University, currently studying Lithuanian language and literature pedagogy. She excels at university and wants to learn as much as possible. Agnė decided to study Lithuanian language and literature pedagogy, because she had a wonderful Lithuanian language teacher who became her authority.

Growing up in Telšiai, she repeatedly participated in artistic reading competitions and won prizes. She has experience in individual additional teaching with students of grades 2-8, whom she helps to fill gaps and “tame” Lithuanian language.

Agnė believes that it is necessary to become a friend of schoolchildren, to create a cozy learning environment so that students feel good and have as much motivation as possible to study.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja lietuvių kalba pedagogas IB tarptautinis

Head of Mathematics ; teacher of IB Maths & TOK

Kevin Morice

Mr Kevin is Irish and has always enjoyed challenges. After studies in statistics in France and computer science in Germany, he decided to become a teacher to explore the world while sharing his passion: numbers were created to better understand our lives. In his spare time, he enjoys riding horses, the perfect combination of form and function, as well as some other unsafe sports. After working in Austria, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan, he will join the international maths department of Erudito in August 2022 for a novel experience.

Kevin believes that when one door closes in life, another always opens. It’s important to look for the new door rather than focus on the old.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja lietuvių kalba pedagogas IB tarptautinis

Cambridge Mathematics Teacher

Konul Jafarova

Ms. Konul studied the “Mathematics teacher” bachelor’s programme at Caucasian University in Baku, Azerbaijan. After graduation, she worked as a Mathematics teacher at several international schools in Baku, Azerbaijan for 4 years. 

After departure from her home country, Ms. Konul studied at Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania and obtained a master’s degree in  “Educational Management”. Most recently, she worked as an IB DP and Cambridge Mathematics teacher at another school in Vilnius. 

Ms. Konul believes that her role is not only to teach Mathematics to students but also to continuously improve her approaches to teaching and learn from students’ different perspectives on problem solving.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus komanda pagrindinių klasių matematikos mokytojas

Mathematics Teacher

Marius Zakarevicius

Mathematics teacher methodologist with 15 years of pedagogical experience. He obtained the professional qualification of a mathematics teacher after graduating from Vilnius University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. In their activities, they are constantly looking for ways to improve their qualifications, gain new experience, so they do not shy away from participating in projects related to improving the quality of education. Marius had to test his strength while working in the team of authors preparing the textbook “Mathematics for You 12th grade”, the task “Mathematics for You 11th grade”, the publication “Mathematics Tasks for 5th grade”. Has been involved in projects for the development of interactive learning objects for gymnasiums, digital teaching aids and methodologies for their use. Marius is interested in the dynamic mathematics program Geogebra, is involved in the activities of the Lithuanian Geogebra Institute, and is also a member of the organizing committee of the Baltic & Nordic Geogebra Network.

Marius believes that “keep in mind that I am good and I am lucky, you are good and you are lucky.”

erudito licėjus pagrindinis ugdymas matematikos mokytoja vilnius

Mathematics Teacher

Dalia Akopianienė

Teacher Dalia, who has 12 years of experience in pedagogical work, graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University, obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics and a teacher’s qualification. She graduated from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences with a master’s degree, completed a study programme in management and administration of educational institutions and obtained a master’s degree in business and management. The teacher has acquired the qualification category of a senior teacher of economics. Dalia studied a mathematics subject module at Vytautas Magnus University for 1.5 years. During the lesson, teacher Dalia looks for methods and ways to interest students in the subject, encourages students to cooperate, develops the ability to evaluate their own and friends’ work, to be their friends’ teachers and encourage creativity.

Dalia believes the Latin saying „Discere ne cesses! (Engl. Don‘t stop learning!)“

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja lietuvių kalba pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate

Mathematics and information technology teacher

Jolita Verseckaitė

Teacher Jolita has been teaching mathematics and information technology since 2004, so she has already gained solid pedagogical experience.

She obtained a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a specialty of mathematics and IT teacher at Vilnius Pedagogical University. Jolita’s range of activities and interests is truly inspiring. Teacher participates in various Erasmus+ projects, studies and conducts classes according to CLILL and STEAM methodologies, is involved in the activities of the mini FabLab of Vilnius. Jolita cooperates with various organizations: Lithuanian Mathematics Teachers Association, Technology Teachers Association, “Meškėnų Laboratory”, “Robotics School”, etc. And in 2022 in June, Jolita acquired the HTML/CSS and .NET programmer specialty at CodeAcademy courses and intends to pass this knowledge on to her students during formal and informal educational activities. She also participates in the “Culture Ambassadors” project, where she teaches her subject in classes through phenomenon-based learning and problem-based learning to develop students’ critical thinking.

Jolita believes that one educational subject – mathematics, chemistry, or physics – does not exist in the surrounding world, so we must see their synthesis in everything. The most important thing in lessons is to discover, research, ask questions and learn to answer those questions with arguments.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja lietuvių kalba pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate

Cambridge International and IBDP English Teacher

Jens Vandevyvere

Mr. Jens grew up in Belgium, to move to Spain in 2011 where he discovered his passion for language learning and teaching. He studied English at the Spanish National University of Distance Education (UNED) and got his teaching degree from the University of Granada.  Mr. Jens has enjoyed teaching foreign languages for many years, and he is eager to continue to live and work in an international environment and to contribute to students’ development in a meaningful way. In his free time, Mr. Jens loves reading, watching, and playing sports, discussing politics, and going out with friends.

Mr. Jens believes that it is important to be more aware of other people and cultures around us and to learn to act responsibly in today’s globalised world.

erudito licėjus tarptautinė Vilniaus bendruomenė anglų kalbos IB tarptautinio bakalaureato ir Kembridžo mokytojas

Cambridge and International baccalaureate(IB) English teacher

Robert O‘Leary

English and History teacher -Rob received his Masters in TESOL education in 2007 from Herbert Lehman College in the Bronx, New York. He taught in the New York City school system for ten years when he rejoined the United States Peace Corps as an education volunteer in Ukraine. After two years in Ukrainehe continued to train teachers and teach in Peru and China. He returned to Ukraine in 2021 to teach at an IB school but was forced to leave when the war began in February 2022. He hopes to return someday. In addition to teaching, Rob enjoys traveling, running, and photography. This will be his first time living in Lithuania.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja lietuvių kalba pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate

Primary and Secondary School Teacher of English (Cambridge International) and EAL

Betigül Gökçekoğlu

Ms. Betigül is originally from Turkey. She has a Bachelor degree in English Language and Literature from Hacettepe University in Anakara. Additionally, she pursued her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a Teaching Qualification at Bilkent University in Turkey. Prior to her arrival in Lithuania, Ms. Betigül completed an internship as an IBDP English A and English B, as well as the Theory of Knowledge Teacher and received her International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Teacher Certificate. Ms. Betigül understands teaching as a purposeful profession. Her main aim is to create a positive and student-centered learning environment where each student finds joy as they learn. Ms. Betigül loves the outdoors and appreciates various forms of arts, especially cinema and literature.

Betigül believes that teachers should inspire students to be the better version of themselves.

erudito licėjus anglų kalbos mokytoja vilnius

Secondary School English Teacher

Indrė Douglas

Ms. Indrė is originally from Lithuania. She graduated from University of Leeds with a Bachelor’s degree in History and Classical Literature. In her studies she was reading, analysing, and interpreting all kinds of English, Ancient Greek, and Roman texts. Just before graduation, she wrote an academic paper about an early medieval source, which was a great experience and a good way to practice what she has learned at the university.  After studies Ms. Indrė worked as a translator in the UK and then had the opportunity to join a start-up company, where she trained various people and teams. This experience has allowed her to learn how to transfer knowledge in an effective and engaging way. Finally, she decided to continue pursuing her teaching career by working as an English teacher. To work as a teacher has been her lifetime dream, so Ms. Indrė is happier than ever. Currently she is deepening her knowledge of literature, language and history by studying for a Master’s degree in Classical Studies at Vilnius University. Ms. Indrė is interested in literature, art, and history. Also, she is keen on the issues of the environment and human rights. She tries to volunteer and help others whenever she can.

Ms. Indrė believes that through kindness and understanding our world will become a better place.

Erika Daukšienė

Secondary School English Teacher

Erika Daukšienė

Erika graduated from Vilnius University with a master’s degree in philology, and has accumulated 21 years of experience in teaching adults, students and graduates. She prepares them for the English state exam and the IELTS international exam. Erika is happy with the high results of schoolchildren’s exams. The teacher studied and obtained a Cambridge certificate and has been teaching according to the latest Cambridge methodology for 5 years. Had several years of practice and knowledge development opportunities in the USA and Europe. Since 2011, she has been running her own Language Studio, where she teaches in groups and individually. Teacher Erika has 17 years of translation experience. She is currently preparing a guide to English grammar and practice with tasks. In addition, she uploads the tasks created specifically for the lessons to the most popular English language teaching platforms and apply them when teaching students.

Erika believes that you need to inspire, believe and grow.

erudito licėjus pagrindinis ugdymas prancūzų kalba mokytoja tarptautinė komanda

French Teacher

Chloé Boyaval

French teacher holding a DAEFLE (Professional diploma in teaching French as a foreign language) and a Masters in History from the Université de Caen Normandie, France. Teacher also had the great opportunity to do a language exchange in Germany and an Erasmus+ year in Cardiff, UK. Teacher have lived and worked in a number of countries worlwide in the UK, Japan, Switzerland and recently Ethiopia. Chloe is always happy to share her culture and her language with students from around the world as well as learning from them. Her vision about teaching French is that it must be fun. The students must be in movement, they must communicate, share their own experience. Everyone has a voice, should use it and be heard. Everyone is important and teacher uses French to encourage them to believe in themselves.

Teacher believes that the teachers have to let the students express who they are and let their personalities shine. The lesson will be richer and the students more confident.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja prancūzų kalba pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate

French Teacher

Dovilė Kėdikaitė

Dovilė completed French philology studies at Vilnius University, after which she did an internship in Italy and worked as a French teacher. Later, Dovilė obtained a master’s degree in publishing and a qualification as a conference interpreter at Vilnius University. So Dovilė is not only a teacher, but also a professional translator from and into French language. She also cooperates with various film festivals and translates films from French and Italian. She worked for several large publishing houses as a curator and content editor for various publishing projects. Organized more than one event related to books. Raises two crazy boys and believes that children are our greatest teachers.

Dovilė believes that establishing a relationship with children is very important in a teacher’s work.

erudito licėjus pagrindinis ugdymas prancūzų kalba mokytoja tarptautinė komanda

French Teacher

Jurgita Daugmaudytė

Jurgita completed her master’s studies in French philology at Vilnius University, and in 2002 she obtained a PHD in humanities. Interned in France, Italy, Romania. For 15 years, she taught French and Italian languages, French culture and civilization, psycholinguistics at Vilnius University. Obtained the degree of docent, published articles on linguistic and didactic topics, published teaching aids such as Lituanien de poche (Pocket Lithuanian language for French, 2005), Lisons en français (Let’s read in French, Žara, 2008), Lingvodidactic terms and Special education terms co-author of the dictionary, together with the department of foreign languages of the Université de Quatres rivières of Quebec, Canada, created a Lithuanian language teaching platform for French speakers, participated in such projects as the development of an evaluation and test system, a sociolinguistic study of urban and home languages, worked as a French language DELF exam evaluator at the French Institute. Jurgita is also a translator – she has translated books from and into French, translates films and interprets in various other fields. A special area that has given her invaluable knowledge and joy in dealing with children (and especially children with special needs) has been interpreting for many years in the field of international adoption. Jurga has 24 years of teaching experience, cooperates with language schools and various institutions, teaches at the Academy of Arts, so she shares her knowledge with students of various ages and needs – both adults and children. In her work, she aims first of all to find out the needs and interests of students, to help them reveal their abilities, to turn the learning process into a creative, pleasant and interesting activity. For Jurga, constant improvement, creative inspiration, artistic self-expression is an important driver of life, so she studied Art Therapy, Interior Design, Writers’ Academy and other courses. Jurga’s life includes a lot of music (she sings in a choir, plays the piano), creative writing, travel and photography, she likes to decorate, restore, create a beautiful and harmonious environment, loves nature and strives to live sustainably. Out of love for people, Jurga volunteers at Caritas and other organizations – it’s a wonderful way to sincerely share not only your available spiritual and material resources, but also to grow together and improve in community.

Teacher believes that communication, mutual listening, promotion of students’ self-expression, awareness and creativity are important in the learning process.

Prancūzų kalbos mokytoja Brigita Misevičiūtė

French Teacher

Brigita Misevičiūtė

Brigita studies the language and culture of francophone countries at Vytautas Magnus University and is interested in the professions of pedagogy and translation. Currently also doing a remote translation internship at L’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie. She also volunteered at the Caritas, where she interacted with children, helped with homework and went on various trips together. In addition, Brigita has graduated from a music school. In her spare time, she is interested in a healthy lifestyle, reads books, does handicrafts and makes jewelry. Brigita is happy that she already has the opportunity to teach while studying in the 4th year at university, because it encourages her to be even more interested in pedagogy, improve and learn together with children. It is important for teachers that children would feel confident at school and would not be afraid to express their opinion and be themselves.

Brigita believes that the real teachers are children, from whom one can learn curiosity, understanding, creativity and many other invaluable experiences.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus komanda vokiečių kalbos mokytoja

German Teacher

Eglė Pečiulytė

At the age of 21, teacher was already teaching at the Department of German Studies at the Vilnius Pedagogical University, and at the age of 23, she completed her master’s studies with honours and refused… a doctorate! Because the desire to graduate from the university of life was much greater – Eglė was not impressed by the subject itself, but by the teacher, his personality, enthusiasm, and worldview. So, after gaining life experience, she returned to work at school and mastered various intricacies of teaching German, deepened her knowledge, and did internships in various schools in Germany, Austria, and Sweden. She really likes to participate in seminars, get new ideas and share experiences.

Eglė believes that teacher is the most important person for every child, next to their parents, so they pay a lot of attention to improvement and self-development. In addition, they will never let the fish climb the tree, but will try to dive together under its waters.

erudito licėjus pagrindinis ugdymas ispanų kalba mokytoja tarptautinė komanda

Spanish Teacher

Martynas Banys

Teacher Martynas, who has more than 18 years of experience in teaching Spanish, graduated from the Language Institute Buenos Aires in Argentina in 2003/2004, then worked in business with Spanish winemakers and taught Spanish to adults. During the summers, he worked as a guide, accompanying groups of Spanish tourists around the Baltic countries. Teaching Spanish is a meaningful activity for teacher Martynas, he always strives for the highest possible results.

Martynas believes that learning and accepting challenges should be every day. Teacher has two boys of his own and also learns from them every day.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja lietuvių kalba pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate russian

Cambridge English and IB Russian Literature Teacher

Anna Novikova

Anna comes from Saint Petersburg. She graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University and got bachelor degree in linguistics and master degree in history of European literature. Her working experiences combines both university teaching and school teaching. Anna worked at the Saint Petersburg State University, teaching English and introduction course of political science in English. She was German teacher at Saint Petersburg classical gymnasium № 610. Anna enjoys traveling, reading and of course working with children.

She believes that every personality is unique and a teacher needs to give students all the opportunities to reveal their talents and implement their potential.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus komanda pagrindinių klasių chemijos mokytoja metodininkė

Chemistry Teacher

Kristina Žekonytė

Kristina is determined to show her students not only the difficult and exact side of chemistry, natural sciences, but also to help them understand how wonderful it is to know what is going on in the human body, nature, technological processes. After obtaining bachelor’s and master’s degrees in natural sciences, Kristina in 2004 awarded the qualification category of a senior teacher. Since 2012 she has been participating in the evaluation of the works of the State Chemistry Exam, and since 2017 Kristina is a senior evaluator. Successfully prepares students for chemistry olympiads. The teacher is proud of 2018. after receiving a letter of thanks from the VU Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences for their interest in chemistry and excellent preparation of students for studies at Vilnius University. Kristina participates and represents Lithuanian chemistry teachers in seminars organized by Baltic chemistry teachers in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Kristina believes that the only way to be truly happy is to work what you enjoy most and enjoy what you do.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja biologija pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate

Biology Teacher

Martyna Jamantaitė

Martyna Jomantaitė grew up in the Molėtai district, surrounded by lakes and nature, so connecting her life with living nature seemed to be the right decision. She studied neurobiophysics at Vilnius University (part of her studies were at the University of Copenhagen). It is an interdisciplinary programme that combines the fields of neurobiology and biophysical sciences. She continues her academic path in the Master’s programme of Philosophy and Cognition. She started her teaching career by giving individual lessons to students: she taught biology, chemistry and mathematics. Martyna likes to observe and admire life, go hiking, read books, and visit art exhibitions.

Martyna believes that the world is small and we are big.


Geography teacher

Gintare Klimienė

Having grown up in Germany, studied in Australia and lived in Canada, Gintarė fell in love with geography by seeing the ever-changing but relentlessly alive face of the Earth. Long-term international experience not only raised her as a global citizen, but also directed her towards global problems, of which she feels the greatest passion for studying climate change. Having completed her master’s studies in hydrometeorology at Vilnius University, Gintarė continues to follow the path of justice for climate as a young climate ambassador in the international “Climate GameON” project. According to her, climate change, as society’s biggest challenge, teaches us to find a balance between our needs and nature’s capabilities. Gintarė integrates a sustainable lifestyle into the themes she teaches, so her lessons are topical and inspiring moments when navigating the daily challenges of the planet, looking for simple, everyday solutions on an individual level.

Gintarė believes that geography is the most universal tool that helps to discover oneself in the vastness of the world, to lose stereotypes and to open the door to the limitless possibilities of every young person to fulfill their potential.

erudito licėjus mokytoja informatika pedagogas pradinis ugdymas informacinės technologijos

Information and Modern Technology Teacher

Jūratė Valatkevičienė

Teacher of Information and Modern Technology, who has 20 years of experience in pedagogical work, has completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and also mathematics and computer science at the then Vilnius Pedagogical University. Jūratė is a Logo enthusiast, one of the pioneers of the Logo competition – Olympic and informatics and also informatics competition “Bebras” in Lithuania. Jūratė is a co-author of many textbooks.

Jūratė believes that the teacher’s job is to show the student the paths and opportunities, to support and encourage them to take the first steps.

Šiuolaikinių technologijų mokytoja Justina Rinkūnienė

Modern Technology Teacher

Justina Rinkūnienė

Justina graduated in international and intercultural communication at the Mykolas Romeris University and simultaneously worked at the School of Robotics. Now the teacher is an organizer of extracurricular activities for the development of STEAM competences and consults as well as conducts classes in schools to strengthen STEAM skills. Moreover, Justina has created the methodology “Discovering creative improvisation”, is a lecturer of creative improvisation training. Organized and adapted the “Pre-k for all” program for use in Lithuania, and later conducted training for education workers, introducing them to the use of the “Pre-k for all” program.

Justina believes that it is necessary to strive to cultivate a creator who will look for a solution when a problem arises, and who will accept challenges boldly and creatively. That is why in the lessons she pay great attention to children’s emotional well-being and the creative process.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus pagrindinių klasių fizinio lavinimo mokytojas

Physical Education Teacher

Frank van Lieshout

Physical education and wellness teacher comes from the Netherlands. From a very young age he was highly passionate about sport, outdoors and nature. He obtained a university degree in physical education and qualified to be a sports pedagogue. During 10 years of experience he has worked in sport clubs as well as different schools from traditional schools to outdoor and nature based schools and schools for children with special needs teaching children from the age 4- 21 years old.  Frank likes running, trail running and also obstacle running. He also has participated in both European and  World championships. Besides teaching in a school he also teaches adults an active lifestyle in the sport community he has founded in Vilnius (Sportive locals). His vision as a physical education teacher is to help children find the joy in doing sports by introducing children to as many different sports as possible including the new trends and non-traditional sports. Teacher believes that the foundation of success comes together with happiness and positive energy. 

Frank believes that “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you“.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus komanda tikybos mokytojas

Religion Teacher

Julius Mališauskas

In 2002 he graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University and acquired a bachelor of religious sciences. After successfully starting as a teacher, Julius continued to improve his knowledge and in 2011 acquired the Qualification Category of Senior Teacher. Julius is currently a member of the Methodological Group of The Teachers of Nicholas, All Saints, parish teachers, and st. Chairman of the Theresa Parish Teachers Methodological Group. They believe that the search for the meaning of life is specific to everyone and everyone is looking for what is filling. In his lessons, it is most important for him to find a connection with the student so that the student feels safe, open, and critical in the lesson.

Julius believes that whatever you do, do it from the heart.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus pagrindinių klasių muzikos mokytoja

Music Teacher

Violeta Serbintienė

Violeta Serbintienė – music teacher methodologist with 32 years of work experience in pre-school, primary and secondary education. The teacher obtained her qualification as a choir leader and music teacher at Klaipeda University. As a lover of theater, dance and music, teacher Violeta combined these art branches into the musical genre. The musicals “Please love my Lithuania”, “Your Anna”, “We play love according to Shakespeare” and many others created by the teacher were noticed and evaluated in republican theater competitions, shown in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, the Presidency, Trakai Castle, the Martynas Mažvydas National Library and other Lithuanian stages. The teacher is also active in international projects – in the Erasmus + project “Life on stage”, street performances created by the teacher and her students were shown in the squares of Madrid, Spain. Teacher Violeta also creates digital educational content – e-lessons used by the Lithuanian music teachers.

Violeta believes that believing in the child’s abilities, mutual respect and mutual responsibility, courage to be oneself, creativity are the most direct path to learning success.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus komanda pradinių klasių muzikos mokytoja

Music Teacher

Dovaldė Ulčinaitė

After graduating from the performing arts – jazz vocals – at Vytautas Magnus University Music Academy, Dovaldė has been working as a vocal, piano and music teacher for three years. She is graduated the composition from Jazz Academy in Lithuania. In teaching students of all ages, the teacher seeks daily positivity and shares it with others. Dovaldė is also a participant in several popular musical TV shows as well as a backing vocalist. The courage to stand on the stage and the excellent communication skills gained during the concerts, enables Dovaldė to teach her students by applying a holistic approach. During the lessons, the teacher strives for each child to overcome their fears, internal barriers and free themselves in a variety of senses.

Dovaldė believes that every child has an infinite desire to act, and the teacher must help to turn it into action.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja muzika pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate

Music Teacher

Jonė Janiukštienė

Jonė has completed bachelor’s and master’s studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater: performing arts (flute) program and has obtained the professional qualification of a Master of Music teacher. In 2022, she graduated from the educational leadership programme of the ISM University of Management and Economics and got a master’s degree in business management. She started her educational path 14 years ago and is consistently following it at the National M.K. Čiurlionis School of Arts. In 2022, Jonė was granted the teacher-expert pedagogical qualification category. Teacher is not only a member of the evaluation committee of international and national competitions, but also an active organizer of various festivals, concerts and educational events.

Jonė believes that experiences that music provides make the soul more open to everything – to beauty, to people, and to relationships with family or friends.

erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytoja menai pedagogas IB tarptautinis bakalaureatas international baccalaureate

Art Teacher

Asta Kiršienė

Asta graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Šiauliai Pedagogical University. Working for many years as an art teacher not only in schools, but also in art studios, she has accumulated extensive pedagogical experience working with children of all ages. It is important for her that children in art classes develop emotional intelligence skills, creativity and imagination. Asta tries to help us observe the world around us and it to convey in colours, lines or shapes. She encourages students to be confident and express themselves boldly in their works. In her free time, she not only prepares for lessons, but also does things she enjooys – participates in plein airs and exhibitions with works of silk and oil painting. The attitude is that a teacher must be a strong personality, constantly improve himself and be example for your students.

erudito licėjus etika mokytoja komanda

Ethics teacher

Rasa Najulytė – Patamsienė

Having graduated from Lithuanian philology and advertising studies at Vilnius University, Rasa worked in the field of public relations, but volunteering at youth creative camps, organizing educational events for children, and later working at a preschool helped her decide and realize her dream of becoming a teacher. Pedagogical studies at Kaunas University of Technology, internship at VU Faculty of Philosophy – and for three years Rasa has been happy and proud of her work as an ethics teacher. Rasa highly values the time spent with students and believes that ethics lessons should help to develop essential abilities – the ability to be Human. Critically thinking, empathetic, constantly growing and improving.

Rasa believes that Teacher’s work ceases to be meaningful when you stop growing in it.