įkurėjas - Nerijus Pačėsa

Founder and Head of “Erudito” licėjus

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nerijus Pačėsa

Under the leadership of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nerijus Pačėsa, the ISM University has become an indisputable standard of higher education and the pursuit of gifted graduates. During this period, the ISM University Community began to focus on qualitative change in secondary education – initiated and successfully implemented education programs “Students’ University” and “Teachers’ University”. The Master’s Program for Educational Personnel, Leadership in Education, which turned to be especially successful, was started under Nerijus Pačėsa leadership. All these initiatives were influenced by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nerijus Pačėsa conviction that the role of school in forming a sustainable society is the most important, and teachers must be strong moral authorities and constantly developing professionals.

The idea of ​​the “Erudito” licėjus has been contemplated and matured for several years, with the aim of creating a school that reveals and shapes the key competences, necessary for students’ future happiness and success, surrounded by inspirational people and a joyful environment, where passion for learning and the highest achievements can flourish.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus padalinio vadovė

Head of Vilnius branch

Gintarė Aldonytė

Gintarė has been working in education sector for the last 18 years. She was leading Study Services Department at ISM University of Management and Economics for the last six year. Her main focus was to create and improve main services within university: plan and implement all study administration processes, organize international studies, offer career services and ensure data management. Her previous experiences also cover admissions and sales processes, career services and business partnerships. Besides her main responsibilities Gintarė was a member of ISM Board, Senate, Ethic Committee, also took part in the Board of ISM Fund. 

Gintarė has double degree diploma in Master of Management from ISM University and Management and BI Norwegian Business School. Also bachelor degree in management field from Vytautas Magnus University and master degree in management from Vilnius University. 

Gintarė believes that the environment of university helped to become open minded person with growth mindset and motivation to learn. I believe in lifelong learning concept and that it is never too late to learn!

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus padalinio vadovė

Head of Vilnius branch (On maternity leave)

Ieva Daugėlė

Ieva is an expert in marketing, communication and public relations with professional experience, and alumni of ISM University of Management and Economics. She began her career in 2014 at Nestlé Baltics, the world’s largest company in the FMCG sector. She then joined the retail giant Lidl Lietuva, and plays a key role in the team which has developed and implemented a successful communication strategy for the introduction of the network into the Lithuanian market. After three years of successful employment in a German capital company, Ieva continued her career returning to Nestlé Baltics, where she held the position of Brand Manager for the Baltic countries. Ieva is a member of the Lithuanian Marketing Association, demonstrating not only excellent marketing but also managerial and organizational skills.

Ieva believes that the attitude that science is the ability to think and to search of truth for the truth itself.


International Programs Director

Brian Philip Brackrog

Mr. Brian is an equity-focused educator and social scientist with over two decades of international experience teaching and leading teams of teachers in exploring the many opportunities schools encounter as they answer some of the wicked questions of education. He has a MA in Education, BA in Social Science and a certificated teacher qualification from California. Mr. Brian is passionate about economics, design and the vital role that academic institutions play in helping to foster independent, resilient and adaptable learners empowered to shape the positive change they wish to see in the world. He has spent the last 15 years working in Rome, Berlin and London and is excited to begin a new journey in Vilnius with “Erudito” licėjus.

Brian believes that education is the greatest equalizer for promoting a free and just society.

erudito licėjus ugdymas mokykla privati tarptautinė IBDP Cambridge pagrindinis pradinis ugdymas

Head of Secondary Education

Alina Juškienė

Having obtained a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature at Vytautas Magnus University, and later a master’s degree in cultural management and cultural policy at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Alina worked in the field of higher education for more than 10 years. Having started her career at the European Humanities University as an executive director, she later took over the coordination of academic development matters and took care of foreign languages, study quality, science, project activities, and academic mobility. She likes change, innovation, challenges, so at the lyceum she will try not only to adapt and apply the accumulated experience and knowledge, but also to look for new solutions.

Alina spent a considerable part of her life abroad – she had to live in Austria, Belarus, Hungary, where she had the opportunity to get to know different cultures, customs, and communicate with local and international communities.

Alina believes that modern children are citizens of the world, erasing physical and psychological boundaries through knowledge, creativity, and achievements, and searching for answers to the questions WHAT? WHY? HOW?

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus komanda - Pradinio ugdymo pavaduotoja

Deputy Director for Pre-primary and Primary Education

Greta Lukošiūtė

Greta graduated from Mykolas Romeris University with a degree in social work and already during her studies she realised that working with children is an area where she sees her potential. In addition, she worked as a teacher in a private school in Vilnius as well as she held the position of the head of the school. During her work experience, she accumulated knowledge about comprehensive children’s education – from integrated educational activities, literature and reading, creativity education to field pedagogy, etc. She has participated in Erasmus + and NordPlus projects, during which she deepened her professional knowledge through internships in Scandinavian and British educational institutions. Greta is an active personality, so time in nature, hiking, travel – the best free time for her. At work, she tends to listen and understand and then advise and help.

Greta believes that no one was born knowing everything, so learning and improving is the goal of a lifetime.

Erudito licėjus Kauno ir Vilniaus komanda direktoriaus pavaduotoja bendriesiems reikalams

Deputy Director of General Affairs

Laima Pačėsienė

Deputy Director for General Affairs. Graduated from German philology studies at Vilnius University and earned a Master’s degree in English. Later, at Vytautas Magnus University, she acquired a Master of Business Administration degree. Laima is a creative person who is interested in design, art, music, design solutions that create an attractive and comfortable learning environment. Laima Pačėsienė seeks to ensure that the aesthetics of the classes and other spaces would meet the needs of each child. The environment in which students spend most of their day is very important in shaping a personality. It is important for students to feel good while studying, relaxing, as well as engaging in activities after lessons.

Laima believes that all children are unique.

Erika Vaškialytė

Head of Non-formal Education

Erika Vaškialytė

Erika discovered her passion for education when, as a student, she substituted the information technology teacher at the school she graduated from. Although she dreamed of becoming a programmer, she has been working in education sector for more than 15 years. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering and pedagogy at the Kaunas University of Technology, she developed her competencies in the Educational Leadership study program at the ISM University of Management and Economics. For the past four years she has been managing a private academy for non-formal education. Constantly looking for ways to enrich the educational process with digital technologies, encouraging students’ innovativeness, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Erika believes that every student is gifted, and it is the teacher’s duty to help discover this.

Rūta Petkevičiūtė

Coordinator of International Relations, Mentor of International students

Rūta Petkevičiūtė

Rūta is an alumna of the Lithuanian education program at the Brazilian Lithuanian School, a graduate of Vilnius University’s Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences, and is currently continuing her studies at Vilnius University’s Faculty of Communication. Rūta gained a lot of experience by actively representing students in Vilnius University’s student representation for four years, later she became the chairman of the student representation of this faculty. In 2021 June she went to South America. Rūta not only worked as a Lithuanian language teacher, but also contributed to the creation and dissemination of communication at the Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania in São Paulo, Brazil.

Rūta believes that international student exchange programs not only help to get to know ourselves and the world around us better, but also “open new doors” for a young person and create his future.


Education Coordinator for Secondary School

Rimantė Mitrikaitė-Vitkūnienė

Rimantė holds a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hotel Administration as well as Tourism and Recreation from Klaipėda University. After completing her studies, she worked in the tourism field in accordance with her specialization. She has extensive experience in the field of education, having worked for 14 years at ISM University of Management and Economics, where she was responsible for planning, implementing, and monitoring the international master’s degree program. A few years ago, she decided to explore a new area and started offering financial consulting services. Rimantė enjoys spending her free time actively in nature, is interested in gardening, and has a passion for culinary arts.

Rimantė believes that compassion is the driving force behind everything.

Ieva Gumuliauskaitė

Learning Systems and Resources Administrator

Ieva Gumuliauskaitė

Ieva holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering, but during her studies, she realized that engineering was not her passion. Therefore, she pursued studies in Lithuanian philology. For over 10 years, she has been involved in various projects, ranging from construction to cultural endeavors. Ieva enjoys writing, reading, and constantly learning new things. Currently, she is delving into journalism studies and attending smartphone filmmaking classes. “I am a curious person, perhaps that’s why working in the library seems the most interesting to me”, says Ieva. “In modern times, library activities go beyond just books, so my responsibilities sound different.”

Ieva believes, the library is a space that encourages learning, exploration, discovery, understanding, and selecting quality information or simply spending leisure time in an interesting way. “I invite you to create the high school library together!”

Erudito licėjus darbuotojai komanda infrastruktūra darbuotoja

Head of Infrastructure

Renata Malikina

For over 20 years in the sphere of private international schools, Renata has taken care of a clean, safe, aesthetic, and comfortable school environment. She was responsible for day-to-day work, ensuring a smooth and best practice-based operation of the school infrastructure – from catering services, a smooth organization of school events and celebrations to the provision, maintenance, and management of the infrastructure. Renata’s hobby and talent – professional sewing, embroidery and handicrafts – with her work she decorates and makes brides and colleagues happy.

Believes that attention to detail and the whole, and the needs of students and staff, are paramount in creating and maintaining an inspiring environment for education and school community.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus ir Kauno komanda Marketingo ir komunikacijos vadovė

Head of Marketing and Communications

Dovilė Juršytė

ISM Graduate of the University of Management and Economics and BI Norwegian Business School, has been working for 15 years in the field of marketing and public relations. After graduating, she joined the sales team at ISM Executive School and has led the university’s marketing and sales department since 2009. In 2015, she began working as head of the marketing and public relations department of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH) and initiated the introduction of the VILNIUS TECH brand. Dovilė is a member of the Lithuanian Marketing Association. Actively participates in educational professional conferences organized by the American Marketing Association, which inspires and allows you to try new things in Lithuania

“Experience in the universities helped me understand that working with teachers and students is a vocation and an integral part of my life. Working with academia has led to a better understanding of the very meaningful work that teachers do and inspires me daily to be a partner and share these activities for wider societies,” says Dovilė.

Asta Lipštaitė

Head of Marketing Projects

Asta Lipštaitė

Asta transitioned into the field of education marketing from journalism, a dream she had held since fifth grade. In 2004, she completed her bachelor’s studies in Lithuanian philology at Vilnius Pedagogical University and obtained a teaching qualification. In 2006, she excelled in the daily studies program of Lithuanian philology (linguistics branch) and earned a master’s degree in philology with honors. She worked as a journalist, executive, and chief editor at magazines such as “Moteris”, “LʼOfficiel Lithuania”, and “Laima” (“Laimė”). She also held positions at AB “TEO LT” in the Corporate Communications department and the Information sector as a process manager. Throughout her career, aspects of communication and information management always piqued her interest. After her maternity leave, Asta recalled the saying that when searching for one’s calling, one should remember what they enjoyed playing the most in childhood (school!). This discovery led her to “Erudito” licėjus.

Asta believes that we are all teachers to one another.


Marketing Project Manager

Gabrielė Kondratavičiūtė

Gabrielė holds a degree in Advertising Management and has obtained a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Through her studies and practical experiences, she has gained the following skills: researching and analyzing the advertising business environment, creating and implementing creative advertising solutions, designing campaigns, organizing advertising sales, and managing various projects. Having held the position of Employee Experience Specialist for the past two years, Gabrielė was responsible for employee experience enhancement projects as well as both external and internal communication within the company. In her most recent role, she discovered a passion for graphic design. Gabrielė is actively deepening her knowledge in this area and independently practicing by engaging in various external projects.


International Admissions Manager

Anne-Kathrin Potesta

Anne Potesta has spent over ten years working in the field of school admissions. She began her professional journey by studying Hotel Management in Berlin, Germany. After completing her studies, she enjoyed traveling and working in Australia for a year. She then joined an international IB school in Berlin as an Admissions Manager, dedicating eight years to this role. Recently, she relocated to London, where she has worked as a School Registrar in Admissions for the past four years.In addition to her professional accomplishments, Anne possesses a creative side and enjoys painting and drawing. She also has a passion for traveling and learning about different cultures. Anne takes pleasure in working with students and families from various backgrounds.

Anne believes in the power of education to enable young minds and provide them with a strong foundation to shape their own bright futures.

Gabrielė Orlovskaja


Gabrielė Orlovskaja 

Gabrielė has a bachelor ‘s degree in psychology. Has experience in working with early age children. During the studies, she had an opportunity to do an internship in one of the Vilnius schools, as well as in the Children’s Rights Service. Gabrielė is actively interested in child psychology and believes that every child must have space to unfold and properly drawn and communicated boundaries help the child grow.


International Programs Coordinator

Eglė Žemaitienė

Eglė holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Tourism Management from the University of Salford (UK). She nurtured her administrative and organizational skills through active participation in various volunteer activities and representing the student community during her studies. Her passion for teaching emerged during her master’s studies when she started working as a lecturer at the University of Salford. Currently, Eglė has accumulated over 13 years of experience coordinating student integration into study programs, organizing, administering, developing training materials, and conducting activity analysis. While working at Erudito Licejus, she aims to successfully apply the work experience gained in UK higher education institutions.

Eglė believes that that learning is a lifelong journey, as there is always another thing to learn.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus komanda Psichologė


Virginija Rekienė

Virginija began her professional path in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in advertising technology from Kaunas University of Technology. While studying, Virginija completed the emotional support training courses organized by Youth Line and began to provide emotional support by phone. A short time later, Virginija received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Psychology from Vytautas Magnus University. Since 2016, she has been working on various psychological studies, preparing scientific publications in the fields of stress resistance and adolescent psychological functions, while working with biological feedback apparatus, which helps teach individuals to improve their psychological and physical state. Virginia also provides practical training on stress resistance and depression recognition and provides individual counseling to children and adults. She is interested in science-based, effective methods of self-knowledge, and psychological support.

Virginija believes that “It seems quite obvious that the problem cannot be solved with the same thinking that created the problem” I.K. Berg and Ms de Shazer.

Daiva Ingrida Griškevičiūtė

Social Pedagogue

Daiva Ingrida Griškevičiūtė

Daiva, a neuroeducator, began her journey in education 12 years ago. She completed her bachelor’s degree at VDU in 2011 and her master’s degree at MRU in 2013. She is also a lecturer in the Dr. Maly Danino program “Lead a Child to Success” and gained experience in Israel in 2019. Additionally, she completed additional courses on working with children on the autism spectrum in the United States in 2021. Daiva continuously explores and enhances her knowledge in self-awareness, self-development, emotional intelligence, self-empowerment, and the development of creative competencies. She is a neuroeducator who completed her studies at the “Rafaelis” Institute of Personality Education in 2020 and integrates neuroeducation and art therapy methods into her work. She is an educator and lecturer on topics related to emotional intelligence and social competencies for both teams and children.

Daiva believes that “if you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney

Logopedė Edita Žalkauskaitė

Speech Therapist

Edita Žalkauskaitė

Edita speech therapist – special pedagogue. She completed  bachelor’s and master’s studies in history pedagogy at the Lithuanian University of Education. Later, she completed her master’s studies in special pedagogy at Vytautas Magnus University. After that she decided to delve into speech therapy and chose to study speech therapy at the Šiauliai Academy of Vilnius University. Edita accumulated work experience working as a special pedagogue and speech therapist in several kindergardens and schools in Vilnius. Edita is interested in children’s speech, language and communication disorders, their diagnosis as early as possible and science-based, effective methods of overcoming disorders. Searching for the latest ways of helping children, the speech therapist creates methodological tools herself and shares them with her colleagues.

In her free time, Edita is interested in photography and the HTML programming language.

Edita believes that the most important thing is to pay attention to the individual needs of each child.

Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus ir Kauno komanda, informacinių technologijų specialistas

IT Specialist

Martynas Gecas

Martynas is alumni of the Erasmus + programme in Finland, a graduate of Alytus College, currently continuing his studies at Vilnius Tech Faculty of Fundamental Sciences. Martynas gained experience in a Finnish company providing audio solution services to business customers. During his studies at the college, he became actively involved in activities and became a member of the laser performance team. After graduating from college, he joined the Alytus Plus media team and worked as an IT administrator.

Martynas believes that it is very important to be constantly learning and following the news, especially in the field of IT, which is changing extremely fast and constantly introducing innovations.