Pre-primary school


Pre- school Teacher

Virginija Matjošienė

Senior pre-school education educator with teacher methodist qualifications and 22 years of continuous pedagogical work experience. Graduated from Vilnius higher pedagogy school and in 2008 received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a teacher qualification from Vilnius University of Education. After acquiring the competence of the trainee practice mentor of pre-school and pre-school education – teacher, evaluator, counselor of student practice. Virginia focuses on the individual progress of each student by using inclusive education, which helps students experience a sense of discovery, experience, and success, acquire the basics of learning to learn and strengthen various competencies.

Virginija believes that childhood is a unique value when great foundations can be laid here and now for the abilities of freedom, autonomy, thinking, answerability, creativity.


Physical education Teacher

Regimantas Lukoševičius

Physical education and wellness teacher is a coach who has acquired a teacher/coach specialty and bachelor’s degree in sports degree at Kaunas Academy of Physical Education. After successfully working as a teacher and coach, Regimantas continued his studies at Vilnius University and in 2009, where he graduated with a master’s degree in business management. In 2009, he installed karate hall, one of the prestigious Vilnius schools, where he continued his career as a coach and later a teacher. Currently, Regimantas is 2 KYU (brown belt). In the latter period, Regimantas discovered Muay Thay, TRX, functional and other strength, endurance, and health-enhancing workouts, like pilate, yoga, which connects the body and soul, helps to relax. Regimantas is the LRS’s public adviser on sports and education. Participates in the activities of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RL, creating a wellness program for teachers. Regimantas is also proud of the excellent awards: Karate Kyokushin in adult competitions “Hall sign” prizewinner (2007-2008); Participant and winner of judo competition (in junior and junior groups); National Guard Service, Republican race, a battle barrier with firearm multiple prize winner and champion.

He believe that health is not everything, without health everything is nothing!


Information and Modern Technology Teacher

Jūratė Valatkevičienė

Teacher of Information and Modern Technology, who has 20 years of experience in pedagogical work, has completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and also mathematics and computer science at the then Vilnius Pedagogical University. Jūratė is a Logo enthusiast, one of the pioneers of the Logo competition – Olympic and informatics and also informatics competition “Bebras” in Lithuania. Jūratė is a co-author of many textbooks.

Jūratė believes that the teacher’s job is to show the student the paths and opportunities, to support and encourage them to take the first steps.


Arts Teacher

Viltė Pažėraitė

An art teacher who graduated from Falmouth University with a Bachelor’s degree in Animation and VFX. After graduating, she began the animation of the film “The Currency of Kindness” for the BBC Spotlight channel about Coronavirus Lessons. Viltė has given lectures to students about teamwork and public speaking. Also, organized events, volunteered in the Lithuanian School Union (LMS), where she was responsible for the organization, conduct, and design of the participants’ cards. Viltė also studied neurolinguistic programming, psychology, and public speaking at Toastmasters Club. Viltė hopes that she will resurrect the usual art classes for a new life through the expanses and beauty of the animation discipline.

Viltė thinks that everything is as it must be.


Religion Teacher

Julius Mališauskas

In 2002 he graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University and acquired a bachelor of religious sciences. After successfully starting as a teacher, Julius continued to improve his knowledge and in 2011 acquired the Qualification Category of Senior Teacher. Julius is currently a member of the Methodological Group of The Teachers of Nicholas, All Saints, parish teachers, and st. Chairman of the Theresa Parish Teachers Methodological Group. They believe that the search for the meaning of life is specific to everyone and everyone is looking for what is filling. In his lessons, it is most important for him to find a connection with the student so that the student feels safe, open, and critical in the lesson.

Julius believes that whatever you do, do it from the heart.


Music Teacher

Girmantė Bubelytė

After graduating from bachelor of arts at the Vytautas Magnus University, is continuing her studies at master of arts. She also attends jazz academy in Kaunas to deepen her understanding of music and practice new skills. Girmantė has 3 years’ pedagogical experience in teaching music at kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in Kaunas and now in Vilnius. She also gives piano and accordion lessons. Girmantė worked as a music therapist with kids who have special needs.

Girmantė is very happy to have an opportunity to work and share her professional expertise with young, talented and motivated students at “Erudito licėjus”.